Very serious question to put my mind at ease


Drinking I’mma going two have too start using the wrong words LMFAO

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This. Superior education does not a superior person make. Character is not demonstrated by spelling, but by intent and actions.

Sure, I wish people would proofread stuff before hitting “reply,” it would clean the place internet up a fair bit (auto-correct ain’t that smart, so a careful check before sending would help).

HOWEVER - the brain is a RIDICULOUSLY amazing thing. Absolutely unbelievable. And one of those things that it does (and life would be unbearable if it DIDN’T do this) is make sense of things that, on a micro level, do NOT make sense.



It’s even worse when you have written the text yourself, even if you DO proof it, your brain tends to read what you MEANT to write, not the actual words.

It’s an issue for the media today for a lot of outlets. If you’re not making money, the sub-editors who were there to do - among many other things - spot and fix errors in copy, have been sacked, and so you don’t have that “extra set of eyes” to catch things.

So yes, there are many reasons, some of which are the poster’s “fault” and some which very clearly aren’t, such as Safi’s first three reasons[1]. Do we want people in those categories to not post on the internet? To discriminate against them on the basis of education in the same way that people of colour were and are discriminated against for something they have no control over? Does that seem fair in any way?

Part of growing up is learning to cope with the things you can’t change and just getting on with it, and giving everyone a fair shake.

[1]Yes, I know this makes us Australian communists or socialists or something. So be it.



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It bugs me to. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I don’t know about you guys but I surely am waiting on my fat cells to let loose of a lot of water weight right now.

I need a woosh as bad as some posters need a spelling/grammar lesson.

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I was hoping you might catch the subtle jab there.

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I was trying… I was trying my best… I don’t need more pain and stress, my grandmother’s advice was to ignore the problem and move on, she has ignored me since and I think she has moved on from her problem which may or may not have been me. Either way, you got me there, I can’t even pretend that I noticed that. My head really hurts so maybe I saw 2 ‘O’s instead of one? That was subtle though, ‘to’ and ‘too’ don’t bother me that much but when somebody brings in ‘two’, I go insane with fury.

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I’m a very good speller, and I was a copy editor for 15 years, so I do notice. However, I don’t worry about it. I just regard it as human differences, and sometimes it’s even fun or cute. Loose that weight, sister! Halleluja!

MOST people can’t spell. So what? I don’t want them to judge me or get upset with me because I’m a dope when it comes to cars or other things. In fact, I often make mistakes when writing numbers down. You’d think it would be easy, but I just get it wrong somehow.

If you’re going to take it personally every time someone makes a spelling mistake, you’re going to have a very hard life. Sorry.

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Languages, both written and spoken, are evolving constantly. I figure as long as I understand the intent, I’m good. Two a point. :wink:

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misuse of accept and except drives me nuts.

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My linguistics professor explained that spelling is a talent. Some have it and others do not, so being annoyed with someone for spelling errors is like being annoyed with my drawing (which is terrible).

I found that made a huge difference in how I viewed these kind of errors. Do I notice? Yes, but I am able to move on without irritation.

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How about affect and effect? :slight_smile:

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Another thought or two:

I’ve belonged to several support groups and information-sharing groups. All of them have included people whose religion or politics–or maybe their sense of humor or their use of the f-word–were offensive to me. But I’ve learned to overlook all that, focus on the purpose of the group, and take what I need and leave the rest. To me, this is a valuable group for people of all talents and walks of life who want to learn about or support others in a keto lifestyle. It isn’t a popularity contest or a spelling bee or a political rally.

I was looking online for dance moves, and happened upon a thread where strippers discussed a certain move. There were about 20 posts in the thread, and not a single spelling mistake. Of course there’s no reason why strippers shouldn’t be able to spell, but I was impressed!

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Grammatical errors bug me too but I try not to “loose” my cool when I see them again and again.

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It used to drive me crazy. Now I make it a game in my head. When people write loose weight, I say “that’s right, set it freeeeee!” Makes it easier to deal with lol


To tie this back in to keto, if you constantly stress and feel anxious about other people’s grammatical errors, that’s going to flood your body with cortisol which will raise your blood sugar and affect your ketogenic state.

To quote that annoying ice-based Disney animated musical, “Let it gooooo!” :slight_smile:

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Hence the reason why - don’t stress

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You’re totally right. I may joke about this subject but I honestly don’t think less of people who are not the best spellers and I don’t think the OP does either. If she’s anything like me, we once got called out for these things during english courses and seeing others do this brings back that memory.

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@juice thanks for making this excellent point. I was thinking about that same paragraph as I was reading these responses; thinking, I’m so grateful our brains can cope with misspellings, and make sense of the world around us.

I know several here, who English isn’t their first language, but I’m thankful they don’t let that keep them from posting, because they usually have some of the most profound thoughts I’ve read.