Very serious question to put my mind at ease

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

Why do so many people write “loose weight” instead of “lose weight”. Example, “I need to loose some weight” instead of “I need to lose some weight”. It’s driving me insane, I try to be motivated by people’s stories but all I can see is that extra ‘o’. Is it an American thing? Please, for the sake of my sanity, don’t write that you want to “loose” weight.


LOL. I hear you but your brain might explode if you don’t stop noticing misused words and grammatical errors. Have you been on the internet??

Oh, and it may be an American thing, but it’s still in error.

(Allie) #3

Their, there, they’re… bad grammar is all around.

(Cindy Ward) #4

I see it all the time too. Or should I say “to?” Because that’s another one that happens quite a bit. I can’t help seeing the errors, but I don’t let them bug me.

(Scarlett Hyde) #5

I “lose” my focus everytime I see somebody misuse a word, I am restricting my daily internet dose because of that. I was always exposed to the classic ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’ to the point I built a sort of immunity to it. However, when I wanted to lose weight, I had no idea how hard it could be, compared to the horror of seeing a “loose” in regards of weight, cutting back my carbs was a piece of keto-friendly cake. It is painful, it is horrendous, why must one insist on doing so! Surely they have seen countless blogs on “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT” not “HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT”. Why must one make me suffer!

(Scarlett Hyde) #6

My sister once used “two”, I have no idea how one can screw up so bad but I didn’t interact with her for a week before my mum forced me to interact with the heartless being of pure evil. How do you even use “two” instead of “too”!

(bulkbiker) #7

Could be that the excess weight is loose… i.e. jiggling around so they want to lose loose weight…? Just a thought…

(Scarlett Hyde) #8

I thought of that as well, but then they would write, “How to lose ‘loose’ weight”, wouldn’t they?

(bulkbiker) #9

One would hope so… but then again… humans…

(Karen Parrott) #10

We can’t spell and spell check doesn’t catch it. I caught another blogger slamming me rudely on my spelling mistake and I was embarrassed. She did it on her blog. She could have emailed me privately. Passive aggressive much?

Just let the person know, nicely. Or stop reading them. EZ

(Scarlett Hyde) #11

I think from now on, everytime somebody complains about a misfortune, I would just say in a very monotone voice, “Ah yes, humans again.” That would be very efficient.

(Scarlett Hyde) #12

Yes, at this point, I just stop reading, I would never shame them about it because the topic is actually interesting, their dreams and how they achieved it is inspiring, it would be extremely rude to just reply with a rant on how to spell lose, especially as with weight, it is a very sensitive topic and it just doesn’t feel right replying to a heartfelt post with, “It is spelled ‘lose’, get it right”.


You think y’all are distressed by this loose usage of lose/loose? I was a newspaper editor for 37 years.

Thus pour grammer and wurd yuse drive I up the wahl.

I also think spell check programs, as well as cell phone thumb typing, sabotage proper usage.


I blame autocorrect. It often changes my correct word to an incorrect one. It drives me crazy! I have noticed many people using loose instead of lose and it may be almost as troubling as incorrect usage of their, there, and they’re. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane Reed) #15

Another favorite is “alot” for “a lot”. Drives me nuts.

(mags) #16

I wish you hadn’t posted this. I shall be seeing lose/loose forever more. I am already hyper sensitive to there/they’re/their and the variety of toos. Oh and the horror of hear/here. What we need is a desensitising programme. And don’t get me started on the difference between UK/USA spelling :roll_eyes:

(Brian) #17

^^^^^^ This!!!

Drives me nuts, too. I’ve even had it go back and recorrect me after I’ve corrected it’s autocorrect. UGGHHH!!!


There can be any number of reasons. A few off the top of my head:

  • English as a second language
  • Less than ideal educational opportunities
  • Learning difficulties
  • Pure spite

(Scarlett Hyde) #19

I think you mean the difference between USA and the entire world…

(Scarlett Hyde) #20

You just made a part of me die and I cannot and will not ever revive that part of me. Thanks, I didn’t need that bit of sanity anyway :)…