The Five Stages of Keto Eating

  • Disbelief: Can it be true that this way of eating removes cravings, comes with no feelings of deprivation and still has you lose weight? Can it be true that it corrects metabolic issues and has you feeling great? How can we have been told for years to stay away from fat and fill up on grains and carbs?! I’m not sure about this, but I suppose I will try.

  • Elation: It is true! It is incredible! I feel so good! The weight is coming off almost without effort. My health issues are reversing! I am getting off my various medications. This is fantastic!

  • Personal promotion: I can’t stop talking about it. I must tell my friends and family. I must post pictures and comment on Facebook and Reddit. At parties I must tell anyone who will listen how great eating fat is!

  • Irritation/anger: How can major health organizations, governments, medical associations and other groups not be embracing low-carb keto eating? How can they still be peddling outdated information that is keeping people sick? How can they continue cutting off the feet of people with diabetes, or cutting away stomachs of the obese, but not investigating the use and rational of low-carb keto eating? How can the low-fat, calories in/out lies and misinformation still be proliferating? This is outrageous!

  • Advocacy: I must do my part to help spread the word wider than my personal circle. I must give my doctor credible and well-researched books and articles. I must help correct the misinformation. I will ignore the old guard and do my utmost to distribute good, accurate information far and wide.


(Cathy) #2

So true!!! Now, almost 14 years later, I rarely talk about my way of eating and never preach. I use to be so opinionated and not afraid to share them. Generally a pain in the arse. Feels good to let it roll now.

(Chuck) #3

I just tell people including my doctors that I eat low carb. And that I can’t eat grains , and definitely not wheat and oats.

(Ohio ) #5

Great write up here.

I will say I have given up on Advocacy

I’m the neurotic epileptic babbling on about ketosis to alcoholics. The more I say, the crazier I appear. Never mind the fact I’m grounded in science and they are bathing in superstition.

I don’t recommend anyone ever advocate the keto diet, unless someone has thoughtful inquiries.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

I recently watched a couple of videos by Vinnie Tortorich, the trainer and fitness coach. I think it’s less of a problem now, but he says that earlier on, he had to stop talking about keto and tell his clients simply, “No sugar, no starches, no grains.” That, they could deal with.

(Robin) #7

Same, except I just say give up sugar. If asked.
Then if they continue to engage, I’ll say more.

(Ohio ) #8

Baby steps!

(Jennifer M Worth) #9

Currently in stage 3 and this is so accurate it’s scary!:point_up_2:
Trying so hard not to preach this thing to all the girls at work. They have already gotten tired of Jdub and her new “diet”

(Chuck) #10

If someone asks about my weight loss and slimming down, I tell them that I eat low carb foods and I don’t eat grains or starchy vegetables, and I stay away from sugar. I don’t say keto because at the level of total carbs I eat I don’t consider that keto. I allow myself up to 75 total carbs per day, but I am averaging just less than 50 carbs per day.