Slowly putting weight back on

(ash) #1

Not super worried as I’m not long into keto since end of March. But I’m slowly putting weight back on, a few challenges ect has helped. Noticing that I’m gaining when I go back normal eating. Considering doing OMAD. Keep hearing conflicting views on it though, I’ve seen it isn’t very helpful? And some say it is? So conflicted. If I do it, it’ll be mostly meat like burgers with bacon, eggs and bacon. Fatty things where I don’t have to worry about adding fats. Do we have any OMAD carnivores that do well with it?

(LeeAnn Brooks) #2

Why not start with 2-3 days a week at OMAD and see how it goes?

I was only doing 1-2 a week because I had a hard time eating more than 1000 calories in one meal, but lately I think I could easily pack in more.


The general consensus is that OMAD is good for maintenance but can be tricky if you’re trying to lose weight. However, folding in some OMAD several days/ week as LeeAnn mentioned might be perfect. You’ve heard Megan Ramos talk about mixing things up? She recommends some OMAD, some feasting, some 40-hour fasts (or just the alternate day protocol, which is 3 days/week of 40-hour fasts - which I think has a similar result of keeping your metabolism up while you get the benefits of IF).

(Ken) #4

You won’t gain fat if you don’t overcompensate glycogen. Make your Carb intake less frequent, to prevent overcompensation. If you eat carbs one meal, skip’em for the next two. It gives your glycogen levels a chance to drop.

(Omar) #5

I think the trick is in not letting your system figure out what diet clock you are on. This force the metabolism to be on all the time.

If I do OMAD for example all year the metabolism will figure out the diet clock and slows down once in synch.

So the idea as you mention is to do different types of fastig.

(Karen) #6

Just back from vacay where I indulged in some carbs. Yep, it’s a no go. I created Fatkins! There are those, mostly in maintenance , who do OMAD, but there’s a gal here recently who seriously lowered carbs, did OMAD and broke a plateau.


(ash) #7

Any links? Haven’t heard of her protocols

(ash) #8

That’s pArtly why I’m transitioning to all meat as the carb count will be extremely low!

(ash) #9

I just loved the way I felt while doing OMaD bacon!

(ash) #10

ThTs why I want to do mostly meat, I think I’m missing carbs I’m Taking in.


Don’t allow your weight to creep back up. Its demoralizing and its a slippery slope. Nip it in the bud now. I suggest fasting until it comes back down. Then find a protocol that keeps it down. The only way to tell determine that is by n=1 experimenting.

(ash) #12

Thats why I’m trying to figure it out now while it’s new rather than later.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #13

I found I can eat a lot more bacon now.:yum:


There’s nothing to figure out right now. Just fast. Experiment after you’ve lost the weight you’ve gained.

(ash) #15

Its not that simple, I’m trying to get my pots disease under control. I’m high risk of fainting. I have to be very careful with fasting right now, especially when just normal eating I’m dizzy with low blood pressure. Auto immune diseases makes fasting trickier


You’re right, fasting isn’t for everyone.
I apologise for my generalization and oversimplification.

(ash) #17

Oh no worries, I still fast but I have to be very careful. And typically have to be working up to it. I can fast 48 hours ish but not often. Just a bit trickier. But I can handle 24 hours which is why I want to try implement OMAD.


Re Megan Ramos: just look up her episode on the 2KD podcast.

(ash) #19

Will do, thank you.