School kids obesity going up

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I don’t know what makes it acceptable to so many kids to make them feel okay with their weight. I know that my entire life, I wanted to lose weight and live a happier healthier life. Nowadays, I see so many kids in school who are very fat but they just don’t seem to care. I’m not in any way attacking them or whatever, I am still in school and the things I have to overcome in my school is too much. First of, you are not allowed to bring in your own lunch - that is specific to my school and unless you suffer from diabetes or something, home packed lunch is not an option. This meant that when I was doing juicing and I had to drink a juice at lunch time, I would sneak it with me to the toilets (only private place) to quickly down it and then put it back in my locker. Nowadays on keto, I just don’t eat at school, and if a teacher asks, I would make something up on the spot so they don’t get suspicious. Makes it seem like a crime, doesn’t it? According to many staff, carbs are very important and etc, if I don’t have a doctors note then there is no chance I can bring my own food or skip meals. I have epilepsy and I heard that keto is good for treating epilepsy but I’m straying away from my main point. My main point is this- why is it so hard for schools to acknowledge health, when I do get hungry during school, I can’t eat a thing because everything is either not halal or packed with carbs. Vegetarian meat is filled with beans and etc so that’s a no. I see kids chugging a litre of Lucozade along with a pack of Pringles and teachers won’t bat an eye but as soon as someone mentions a diet of some sorts, they go on extreme concerned mode. I was talking to a girl once about the BRAT (Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast) diet for when you have stomachaches and my teacher almost went insane when she heard us. She didn’t hear the stomachache part and she thought I was on a diet of those foods and got extremely concerned but she sees kids on a daily basis eating nothing but sh*t and doesn’t care. Moving along, there are many clearly obese kids in my school and they don’t seem to care at all, I’m not sure whether they just try to seem more confident but i see on many occasions, kids just falling into the ‘fat person’ stereotype and make jokes about themselves, constantly eat and smile and joke when I can clearly see that they themselves are not comfortable. Only one girl so far told me that she wanted to lose weight but she just “loves food too much” and we actually had good conversations about food and losing weight and etc. If I could give advice to obese school kids, it would be this:
Don’t :clap:t2: feel :clap:t2: embarrassed :clap:t2: about :clap:t2: wanting :clap:t2: to :clap:t2: lose :clap:t2: weight.
Even if it means that you are acknowledging that you are fat, you are accepting that you want to change, don’t live a double life, I know that it’s hard, when I was younger, I always kidded myself about just having bigger bones and I refused to acknowledge my weight in public. I would act normal, eat what other stick thin kids eat which is basically fuelled on sugar and etc. That’s all, I just needed to rant, there are a lot of stereotypes going to fat people and most are true. Despite the fact that I am very obese, I actually am quite strong, and at the school gym today, so many girls came up and asked if I needed a demonstration on the “weights” section. I had a perfectly good form (gym teacher clarified) and I can see other thin girls really struggling on their form or getting the concept wrong and they are just ignored, I just politely refused and continued to do my thing. This may seem something stupid to be proud about but it was just today, I found out my school had a gym and excitedly, I asked the gym teacher if there are clubs where I can come to work out. Turns out, you can pop in every Tuesday and Thursday as long as you are with someone so that’s amazing, solves the problem of paying to go to the gym and a few years back, I would have rather died on the spot than asked the teacher publicly about something to help me lose weight - to me that would have been acknowledging my weight in public which for some reason, I was so afraid of doing. Anyway that’s my rant over.

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This has been a very interesting experience for me, because I never really loved food. There were meals I thought of as my favorites, but for the most part it was all just a chore.

Not long after starting keto, my tastes changed (not to mention knowing how this food was changing my health), and now I absolutely love food!

It’s really hard to describe just how much my attitude toward food has changed. Maybe that’s just me, and my n=1 experience.

It all started with Barney the Dinosaur. No kids EVER lost a game on that show! They ALL HAD to win. :disappointed:

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I think this should be the wedge to let them get off your back. Keto is perfect for epilepsy, but it’s got to be strict.

In the past it was easier to identify who the fat kids were, I was one of the two overweight ones in my class after 10 years old. Now there’s so many that it’s become the new normal. You wouldn’t rail against the normal now, would you? That would be crazy. :crazy_face::exploding_head:

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Yea, in my next epilepsy check up, I’ll be asking my doctor for a note for keto. Last epilepsy check up I was 100kg and I sort of can’t wait to see her reaction to my 12kg loss, I’m 88kg at the moment and just a couple of years back, 10kg was a huge amount of weight to lose, in fact, it was the amount of weight I had to lose to be healthy but it seemed too much. I’m kicking myself now, if I just started back then, I wouldn’t have reached triple digits. In my old school, fat was the new normal, in this school though, there are loads of thin kids, not healthy but thin so people direct their concern towards the fat kids. In the complete wrong way, they are concerned that the kid might get anorexic because of lack of comfort in their body so they try to keep the kid away from diets and etc, the classic, “you’re not fat, you’re just curvy - and that’s good!” Keep in mind, I go to a girl school so I hear that a lot. Teachers would be a lot more comfortable with a skinny kid living on energy drinks and sh*tty food than a fat person going on a diet - then they get concerned about the food triangle “you need carbs in your diet! It’s impossible to live on only 20g carbs a day!” and etc and etc.

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Fantastic results!

Good luck with the doctor! If he balks, I can recommend fasting through lunch which is what I did through most of high school…

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Thanks for sharing your story Scarlett.

When I was a kid, everyone played outside. Whatever sport was in season, we played it and we played all day long. Now when I drive through my neighborhood streets on a Saturday, you would think that there were no children that lived here. On the contrary, there’s lots of kids near where I live but they are all hostage to sendentary activities… X-box, PlayStation, the Internet etc. And the processed junk that is available now is astounding in its diversity and accessibility.

With these two variables firmly embedded into western culture, it seems there is no end in sight to the trend of obesity, health problems and shortened life spans. That’s a big reason why I feel like keto and this forum are a refuge from the madness and why I really enjoy posting, sharing and reading here. Maybe, just maybe, we can help others save themself too.

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Exactly! I am still a kid but when I was younger, my mum would ban us from the internet and as a result we would go insane with activities - we would go swimming and pretend we were sharks and would have underwater fights. Boxing and wrestling were huge for us too and we would incorporate them with trampolining and have flooring matches. I think the only thing that was more painful than fun was deadarm matches which basically was punching each other in the arm until one person gives up in pain. That left some bruises. Nevertheless, it was fun. And if only we ate healthier, we would be really healthy kids.