Ready to Throw in the Towel

(Edith) #42

You wouldn’t happen to be heading into the perimenopause years? Perimenopause really seems to be messing with my sleep. :weary::sleeping:

(traci simpson) #43

54 and YES!!! UGH!!!

(Tove Reiman) #44

So update!!!
As of today I BROKE MY STALL! I’m five pounds DOWN! It’s taken me since NOVEMBER - But I finally did it. 180! The lightest I’ve been in probably 15 years!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Your encouragement and support was a GODSEND! I can’t say thanks enough. I will try my hardest to do the same for others that are in the same place I was.

I think I did it by cutting alcohol…sadly I will miss that a lot. I was drinking low carb beer but something wasn’t working. I also watched my sugars for the last week and I suspect those things made the difference for me. My blood sugar this morning was 93 while fasting, which is better than it has been.

It’s a Great Day to be KETO. :smiley:

(Marianne) #46

Congratulations on breaking your stall; doesn’t it feel great to lose weight!

I really haven’t had much trouble staying away from anything so far, however, we went to a wedding last Friday and I drank all the champagne at the table that nobody claimed. Now I am craving champagne. I was thinking today that I’d like to go get a bottle of brut and drink the whole thing over the weekend. Will have to check out the carbs.


Congratulations, Tove!

I was thinking about this thread the other day but didn’t have a chance to post. I hope your downward trend continues in the timing that you want, but if not you can keep in mind the “new normal” idea, which is that we - everything about us: our habits, our identities, our hormones, our many physiological patterns - sometimes just need time to adjust to a big change.

Losing 50 pounds and completely re-vamping the way you eat is a BIG change. It’s an amazing, wonderful, healthy change but it’s still a big shift, and your system needs to adjust. You’ll need time until your identity fully lines up with that new size, until your hormones have settled around that new weight, until your new eating pattern is second nature and fits in seamlessly with your daily rhythm and your family life. At some point you realize you’ve gone weeks without even thinking about it. Then the next adjustment generally comes easily and naturally, and you drop more weight to settle at your next size.

TD;DR I think that stalls sometimes mean we need give our minds and bodies time to fully catch up to a change, and often they don’t respond to logical intervention because there are so many things happening under the hood that we can’t fully (and maybe don’t need to) understand.

(Tammy Arrowood ) #49

I feel like I’m
At a stall and I’m not sure why. I’m
Down 40 pounds since Jan 1. I’m doing strict keto. I’ve been doing fat bombs to get the healthy fat in. Does anyone have ANY kickstart hacks? In need of ideas.
Tyall Nurse Tammy :heart:

(Ilana Rose) #50

Yes, drop the fat bombs for a start. Your body won’t ever use it’s own fat as long as you are feeding it enough exogenous fat. The fat bombs are really only intended to get you over the hunger hump of the first few weeks. You shouldn’t be trying to hit a fat macro at all. Think of it as an upper limit for days when you are starving for some reason.

(traci simpson) #51

I’m still not having any scaled positive movement. It’s very frustrating. One day I feel bloated and fat and another day my stomach is awesome looking. I’m walking/lifting 5 days a week. NO cheating, eating more meat and fat than veggies. Today, I stopped using HWC in my coffee during my fasting hours. I’m only eating between 12-6 NO MATTER WHAT. I’m so frustrated with it all.

(hottie turned hag) #52

@Diygurl19 I’ve seen your posts on this and wonder wth! Sounds like you’re doing all correctly. Has to make you mad. Could it be an endocrine issue, perhaps thyroid?

(traci simpson) #53

Dunno? I’ve asked my Doctor to order a TSH, A1C, T34 and T34. Maybe something will show in that.

(hottie turned hag) #54

So annoying. If there’s something endocrinologic afoot better to know and address.

(Doug) #55

Traci, that sounds great. :slightly_smiling_face:

Understandable. It’s harder when you’re not far off from your desired weight. You’ve been eating keto for 3-4 months, right? For many of us, improvement in insulin resistance is a long process, a slow process. I’m sure your routine is doing good things for you, and I’d like to know what your A1C is - there may be a clue there.

(traci simpson) #56

Yes, I think I started Mid April. Hopefully, the Dr. will write an order so I can get my A1C checked.

(traci simpson) #57

I looked back to last year’s A1C test and it was 5.6% and my TSH was 1.88, total
cholesterol was 201. “Bad” cholesterol was 111 and “good” was 73. It was mentioned that 40 was the goal. I know I’ve been listening and reading about Keto and cholesterol.

These results were in 2018 - pre keto.

(Jane- Old Crone) #58

So, that’s only 2 months. I would say give it more time to get fat adapted. Hang in there and KCKO!

(Ellenor Malik) #59

The physiological insulin-resistance is not in fact an insulin resistant state. Instead, it’s a phenotypically insulin-sensitive state where the dawn phenomenon (morning cortisol increase) is unmasked because of the skeletal fat preference you mention (GLUT4 downregulation) making it more difficult for your body to use the glucose it’s just dumped into your system, and for some people perhaps a missense-mutated glucokinase that wouldn’t show up on a higher-carb diet. Go on a walk, not a run, then have a piece of animal flesh. Being on a low-carb, probably not keto (I’d estimate something like 45g carbs, nowadays mostly from lactose but previously from diverse vegetable sources and for a time the valproate I was taking concomitantly) diet for just under two years, I’ve not noticed any emergent diabetic conditions except once during a long fast where I became hyperglycemic during a bike ride and it was just not a good day overall (that was after the infamous chickpea incident)

(Ellenor Malik) #60

Do I need to do the reverse Friedewald equation to work out your triglycerides or are you going to tell us? >.>

Also, there is no bad or good cholesterol, and the lipoproteins are only called bad and good because of sometimes useful (not in the case of low-density) correlations with metabolic states favorable to heart health or disease.

(traci simpson) #61

I don’t know what that first sentence even means!?!? :nerd_face:

(Parker) #62

As a true coffee lover, this cracked me up. I know for a fact that coffee doesn’t do a dang thing to my state of ketosis. I’m still in fat-adaption, so dropping a high amount of ketones (really super high; I’m one who can easily eat 50g of carbs a day and stay in ketosis). I drink an ungodly amount of coffee a day - like, 4 to 6 cups or more, normally.
But, I don’t get nearly enough deep sleep, according to my smart watch. So, there’s something interesting.

@Tover3 I am impressed with the healthy changes you’ve made for your body. Now to keep reading and get current…I hope you’re figuring out your stall. :hugs:

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #63

Agreed. I personally prefer the term “glucose-sparing,” but the majority appear to be against me here.