Ready to Throw in the Towel

(Tove Reiman) #21

My Dr is young and isn’t completely sold on Keto. However, I like him very much and I’m gradually winning him.over, teaching him about it. He’s just not that educated about it.
I do like the idea of looking for patterns! Thanks!!!

(Tove Reiman) #22

I have to say that I am completely overwhelmed by the response and support. I’ve spent so much time being hard on myself and you’ve all helped me see so many positives. I can’t thank you all enough for taking time to help me out. I will pay it forward by trying to encourage and support others like you’ve done for me. Thanks. :gift_heart:

(Robert C) #23

Better and more sleep is attainable if, as the OP (@Tover3) wrote, lots of caffeine is going down the hatch and shift work is involved. Both have solutions - drink less coffee and only earlier in the day - move to a non-shift work schedule or make a longer term goal of changing careers (especially to a less stressful career).

What is adding 10 or 20 years (and better, healthier more vibrant years) to a person’s life worth? Hanging on for retirement but, not living long enough to use it could be a fool’s errand.

Your situation may be different but, I do not think you can conclude that you cannot control or change your sleep issues until after you have read the book “Why We Sleep” (Matthew Walker PhD).

This book covers sleep very well (the audio version is almost 14 hours) by both supplying tips for more and better sleep along with giving you a detailed understanding of just about everything related to sleep (for example, why some people are morning people and some are evening people and why you should know which you are).

This book is to sleep and Dr. Jason Fung’s “The Obesity Code” is to understanding hormones and weight loss.

(Ann) #24

Hi Tove, I’m fairly new to this forum so I’m still scanning thru many topics and issues and
I tend to reply to those topics that compels me to reach out. I, too have been on Keto for about 6 months. Have lost 45 lbs and off all my meds (although my doctor doesn’t know):roll_eyes: That’s another story.
I’ve stalled much like you but what got me thru those moments was me thinking.
How do I feel right now?
How did I feel before?
Am I healthier now than before?
Do I see the world in a new way?
At times I feel like Neo in the Matrix…Since discovering the science behind Keto and Healthy living I find myself “decoding” what all the misleading information out there.
Look around you, you can see why and how many adults and sadly children are obese. YOU have the power now to stop that from happening to you.
If someone tells you today that you can no longer lose weight on Keto would you revert back to your old ways?
Do you remember how you felt and how uncomfortable you were in your clothes?
Wearing clothes to hide your bulges instead of clothes that you would like to wear?
We’ve all been there. Celebrate your lost 50 lbs. As 2 wise dudes once said, Keep Calm and Keto On…you’re doing great whether or not you lose an ounce or not.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #25

Some of this may duplicate other posts, though I hope it all adds something to the discussion.

Firstly, female hormones have an enormous influence on how women lose fat. Just because you appear to have stalled doesn’t mean that keto isn’t working for you; in fact, I’d say it’s definitely working, because you’re not gaining. I lost sixty pounds in 2017, and my weight has been stable since then. But although I’d like to lose another sixty, I can eat as much food as satisfies me without gaining. Plus, my blood work is completely normal for the first time in decades. Yeah, it would be nice to be another sixty pounds lighter, but my girth no longer dominates my life. Just being able to get down on the floor without having to first plan how I’m going to get back up is amazing—not to mention going up and down stairs!

Second, it is possible to be still be losing fat, but putting on muscle and getting stronger bones. These changes can cancel out, as far as the number on the scale is concerned, so look for other signs of progress, such as clothes getting looser. Added muscle and denser bones are good things, so don’t concentrate too much on the scale number; it’s the fat you want to lose, not weight per se. The easiest, quickest way to lose weight would be to have a surgeon remove a limb, lol!

Third, ketone numbers often decline when we become fat-adapted, because the body is using them more efficiently.

Fourth, if your blood sugar rises somewhat, but your HbA1C stays low, you are experiencing a normal state called “physiological insulin-resistance,” in which your muscles are refusing to take in glucose (because they are burning fatty acids instead), thus sparing the glucose for cells that absolutely cannot do without it. If your HbA1C is low and your ratio of triglycerides to HDL is under 2.0 (when measured in mg/dL) or 0.9 (measured in mmol/dL), then you are doing great.

Lastly, it is possible that food-intolerance problems or “hidden carbs” are interfering with your fat loss. People often find that eliminating dairy, or nuts, or certain vegetables can help. Also, in this connection, eliminate all processed foods from your diet. By this, I mean more the carb-laden stuff that comes in a box, not so much processed meats such as prosciutto or bacon—though sugar can show up in anything, these days, God help us. If it comes with a nutrition label on it, scrutinize the list of ingredients for sugar you didn’t think was in there, and search on these forums for “names for sugar,” because they sometimes try to disguise it under a better-sounding name, such as “agave nectar” or “evaporated cane juice.” But it’s still sugar. Also, eliminate vegetable oils from your life. Cook with butter or tallow—and if you don’t keep kosher, lard and bacon grease. The reason is that the oils all contain far too many ω-6 fatty acids, which cause inflammation. (The seed oils—avocado, coconut, and olive—fine, however.)

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #26

Not to contradict you, but to add to the confusion: Coffee also enhances fat metabolism. Go figure!

I have learned two extremely important things about coffee, from these forums:

  1. Coffee is deadly and will kick you out of ketosis.
  2. Coffee is great for ketosis.

(Can you tell that where I’m concerned, the saying about mugs and cold, dead hands applies? :slight_smile: )

But seriously, two things are clear: firstly, that the jury may still be out, where coffee is concerned; and second, when they talk about coffee’s being bad for keto, they never mention caffeine, and nobody ever says that tea is bad for keto. So if it’s the caffeine hit someone is looking for, switching to tea might be an option.

(Robert C) #27

Actually, I was sort of trying to call out the difference between use and abuse.

A couple of cups soon after waking (when cortisol is already spiking) won’t do much harm and will provide (I think) some benefits in terms of weight loss and (likely also) autophagy.

But, coffee at lunch, coffee at 2 PM to keep awake, coffee before the evening drive home etc. might keep one chronically stressed and any of the other benefits are completely mitigated by putting the body constantly in that defensive mode - as well as setting yourself up for bad sleep.


I pretty much had the same situation, nothing changed from when the weight was flying off but I was stalled indefinitely. Started tracking macros and noticed I ate a lot different than I though I did which was interesting, but I also learned that me eating to satiety had me UNDER eating for a while and after having my RMR checked I knew that I had (for the second time) slowed that thing down. I also did a ton of fasting and pretty confident that had something to do with it. So my macro tracking was opposite of most, as mine was to make sure I was eating enough, I lift weights 4x week and do cardio usually 2x, still didn’t matter. I’ve started reverse dieting again and I believe it’s starting to get my RMR back up. You’ll figure it out.

(Robert C) #29

Just wondering, was that a lot of IF or EF?


Started as the usual 16:8 stuff, then started doing multi day fasts for a while, then OMAD. Tried to never do the same thing for too long and always tried to keep the body guessing .

(Tove Reiman) #31

I love your outlook so much. I will make sure to start asking myself those questions when I start to doubt myself. THANK YOU!!!

(Tove Reiman) #32

Thanks so much for the info - all stuff I wasn’t sure on and you explain it very well. I’m going to screen shot the above and save it to show my Doc.

(Jane- Old Crone) #33

I’d like to say that you’ve made an amazing transformation so far to lose that much weight and all those pants sizes. I have Hashimoto’s and my fasting blood sugar is often quite high. My thyroid numbers vary wildly and it is very difficult for me to lose weight. I’ve destroyed my metabolism by severely restricting calories to lose weight several times in the past, and now I’m paying for it. It has taken me a while but I’ve started to learn what my body wants, namely very, very low carbs. Keep trying different things to tweak your diet. The people on these boards are always full of good suggestions and encouragement. Most of all, don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle! KCKO

(Tammy Arrowood ) #34

As a Nurse of 26 years, I totally understand hun. I’m the same way. My metabolism is so different than my 7 sisters. I started keto on Jan 1 2019 and right now I’m down 2 sizes in clothes but my scale has gone down but not fast . BUT I go by how I feel and the SUCCESS in my clothes fitting and wearing a SMALLER size . Just go day by day. And put the scale away that is what I do. I DONT focus on the scale AT ALL. my lab work is where I see my HARD WORK PAY OFF along with my new clothing size. DONT GIVE UP just go ONE DAY at a TIME. LOVE yourself for the PROGRESS and HARD work you have dedicated yourself to already . As a Nurse I can tell you that men have different METABOLISM than women and lose TWICE as FAST and that will NEVER change. It’s in their DNA and how GOD made them .so HANG IN THERE!!! YOU GOT THIS​:guitar::star::musical_note::boom:


I understand your frustration completely. Last year I lost 50 pounds, and gained 20 back since Christmas. Been doing keto for over three weeks, and have seen no weight loss at all. It’s horribly frustrating.

But—I’m not having low blood sugar episodes and I can skip a meal pretty easily. I do blood tests for ketosis, and I’m barely hitting numbers that show I’m in ketosis, but I AM hitting them.

I HATE starting the summer 20 pounds heavier than I was last summer, and having to buy all new bathing suits(again!) but at least I’m thirty pounds less than I was the summer before. Maybe this is as good as I’m going to get, maybe it’s an ok weight for me as far as my body is concerned.I’m also short(5-1) and weight 144 pounds right now. My low at Christmas was 123. I weighed 112 in college, so maybe that’s too low for me, I don’t know.

Just know that you’re not the only one in this situation, and I’m also having to consider changes I don’t want to consider, like cutting out nuts, or dark chocolate or blueberries. Or, heaven forbid, cheese. I have a sister who weighs much less than I do and we spend a lot of time together, so I know what you mean about wanting to kill your husband lol.


Try being patient with your body. You lost 50+ pounds in a four month period. That is a lot in a short period of time. Your body needs time to adjust. Your body (and you) need compassion.

That said, I would eliminate nuts and dairy for at least 8-12 weeks. That means none. I found that helpful. And when I went crazy over this wonderful grain free granola (nuts and coconut), I added a few pounds over a month or so. I added cheese also. It’s difficult to limit cheese and nuts because they are highly palatable and we tend to overeat such things.

Edited to say that I felt like I needed to eat those things for a period of time. It seemed like my body was needing something. Now I’m eliminating them again. And there will come a time when I add them back. But it’s all ok as I feel great and want to continue the journey, following my body’s lead.

(Jennibc) #37

Are you on hormonal replacement therapy? That could be an issue right there. I was fortunate in that when I went through the change, I told the gynecologist I wasn’t interested. My step mother developed breast cancer after HRT and I’d rather deal with menopause than cancer, so it was a firm no. My symptoms were fairly minimal because I’d already cut grain from my diet. The only time I had hot flashes is when I’d fall of that wagon and have cookies or cake. I am willing to bet if had I adopted this way of eating prior to that I would have had an even easier time.

If it makes you feel any better, it took me a LONG time to lose the 113 pounds I am down. Some of us take longer, but it’s worth the time and effort. The reason the slower rate of loss doesn’t discourage me is because overall I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally. When I go weeks without dropping anything, I focus on the other benefits - clearer skin, emotional stability, better outlook, better focus. Our minds are very powerful and what we tell ourselves about the situation at hand has a dramatic impact on our level of happiness and satisfaction. I know this because I didn’t used to believe that, and I suffered terribly for it. I sound like a broken record on this forum with all my book recommendations, but it’s because I used to be in a very dark place and I came through it. When someone makes a radical shift like that and sees how much better life can be, he or she wants to share it with everyone, well, if she is a decent person she does :grinning:

I love this guy’s blog and this week’s post is especially on point.

Hang in there, you are not alone.

(Candii) #38

I know it’s been said, but it bears repeating. You lost 50 lbs and have maintained that loss. That, in of itself, is amazing!! You are doing great work, even if you don’t feel like it. Keep going!!
PS. My husband also dropped a lot of weight with half hearted keto and I am still struggling along. Let’s keep at it! :grinning::grinning:

(Marianne) #39

It’s natural to become discouraged sometimes; that’s not the same as being a chronic complainer. I know feelings are subjective, however, I think a men’s 34 is small, even for a woman. You listed so many other milestone than your 50 lb. weight loss (which in itself is incredible. You’ve made some huge lifestyle adjustments which are truly noteworthy - quitting smoking, quitting beer drinking that was another thing you really enjoyed, staying on this long term in spite of a stall (and maintaining your weight!), etc. - all of this while you have a lot going on in your life. Imagine all the amazing healing going on inside your body.

Although I haven’t experienced a stall yet, I’m not losing as fast as I would like. I would love for this weight to be gone - now! Have to keep reminding myself what a blessing keto has been. I think back to how horrible it was to be out of control for years with no predictable end, and ashamed of my appearance, with no viable solution in site. Now I eat really delicious food, am free from cravings, and don’t think about food, what I’m going to binge on, or being obese every minute of every day. That helps me.

Good luck; here’s seeing you around! :blush:

(traci simpson) #41

I very well indeed can say that. I read his 12 tips for healthy sleep and believe me, I do and don’t do everything correct at bedtime and I don’t sleep well at all.