Re-injury tennis elbow

(Vladaar Malane) #1

So, apparently I deceived myself into thinking my tennis elbow was healed enough to start working out. When I did rings workout focusing on straight arm strength it put too much pressure on my tendons and have aggravated it such that my elbows have started making popping noises again when I straighten my arms, and they are inflamed. Weeeee. I hate, hate, hate taking a break and not working out while I heal.

Seems there’s no other way around it though. I think I’ll attempt to keep working on my core, legs, cardio and lots and lots of mobility exercises icing it down each night as well. I’m going to try to refrain from working push/pull days for at least 3 weeks. I have a really hard time figuring out how long is long enough before I start working out again. But last time I only gave it a week and half. I only had a minor case, where it barely hurts compared to some others who have very painful versions of it, so I didn’t think I needed more than a week and half. Oh well live and learn.

(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

Give it two or three times the amount of time to heal, so that you can be good and sure of not causing any further problems. The good news is that a ketogenic diet promotes healing.

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I’m still resting, it feels great now.

I purchased gmb rings workout plan, as mine is thrown together from youtube videos and theirs is structured progressive program with proper warmups and cooldowns. I believe is the website for the program if any are interested. It costs more than I’d like, but then again it’s created by a former gymnast not a youtuber so paying for that quality.

I think doing that program when I start back up next week, instead of my thrown together plan will also help me avoid future injury. That and keeping my ego in check when it comes down to what I think I can do vs. what my body really can do. LoL. I know there was a country song about that somewhere.

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Now that is hard, lol!

You mentioned warmups—don’t skimp on warming up, would be my advice. It will be great to hear how it feels when you start up again.

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Weeeee, started back up again yesterday. But have adjusted my workout to be one half repetitions and sets and plan on maintaining that for first month.

My silly tendons and joints just appear to be weaker than perhaps the average 20 to 30 year old starting the program. So I’ll build them up over the month doing half of what is recommended.

So, still doing videos of myself to work on my form, but no point in uploading to youtube until I complete the month of rebuilding my joint/tendon strength.

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Ok, so I have had issues with tennis elbow and since waiting a week or two and starting back up didn’t seem to resolve, I decided instead to do something different. I waited 2 weeks, to let them heal up, then I forced my ego to chill, and did a solid month of 50% of normal workout. The last work out I went 100% again and felt fine. I guess I needed that month to build up the strength in my tendons and ligaments before I could go full on. Not saying it can’t reoccur, I have to really auto-regulate my workout and pay attention to what my body is saying. However, I think it really helped doing this.

(Central Florida Bob ) #7

Have you looked into physical therapy for that? There are things you can do at home, but their theory is that tennis elbow is primarily from muscle imbalance between the front and back of your forearm.

It worked for me. I used to get tennis elbow fairly frequently, but simply extending your fingers as wide as they can go and up, then clenching a fist helps. There are guys that sell a physical therapy device that’s a ball with rubber bands to loop onto every finger and it adds resistance to that finger exercise.

Disclaimer, I have nothing to do with this company at all, except their Handmaster helps me.

It doesn’t seem to be necessary for the inflammation to be completely gone to get benefit from this.

An online physical therapy source is these guys.

Hope that helps!

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That handmasterplus is interesting. I have been doing mobility exercises as they say it generally is a issue with wrists or shoulders.

I did pullups the other day, and I barely feel a little sore there. However, I don’t know if that means it’s 100% or if it could be start of something worse. I may look into that hand thing and PT just in case.

(Vladaar Malane) #9

So, I took up CFLBob’s advice with the handmasterplus you can get on Amazon. It’s quite an mind blowing idea of working on the extension muscles for your grip. I never did and makes total sense on how that inbalance in muscle strength can cause tennis elbow. I have been using all week now, and love it. I look forward to doing pullups now with no pain from tennis elbow.

I even emailed the handmaster plus doctor as he didn’t really have a set/repetition layout in his instuctions and after the normal, make sure your cleared by a doctor before you start liability disclaimer he told me the below which might work for anyone else who is interested in correcting their muscle inbalance.

Do these 3 exercises 1-2x daily only to a comfortable fatigue , which is different for everyone (maybe 30 seconds, may be 2 minutes). Do not overdo. It is a good idea to rest every 3rd or 4th day, but remember DO NOT OVERDO any exercise. Your goal each exercise if to retrain the length and balance of these muscles and re-establish blood flow and lymph drainage. Consistency is much more important than intensity in elbow rehab.

  1. Hand open hand closed exercise - this is our standard Handmaster Plus exercise…

  2. Lateral Forearm exercise - (both 1 & 2 exercises are available here:

  3. Figure 8 Exercise - VITAL training for anyone in fitness or grip-related activities (**best tennis elbow exercise training and rehab exercise I have ever used)