Please look at what I'm eating and offer suggestions!

(Kirk Wolak) #62

As someone who WRECKED their metabolism…
I am reminded of Dr. Boz “Keto is not a diet, it’s a specific Chemistry”
And frankly, you don’t have to measure ketones, but I believe you should.
Also 20g carbs per day is OBSCENELY HIGH for ME! I count TOTAL Carbs.
I target 0-5g/day (if I don’t, I cant really stay in Ketosis).

I strongly recommend Dr. Boz and her books. Keto Continuum explains it PERFECTLY as a continuum. And it’s great to re-asses… Where am I at in my Keto Journey.
Oh, I need to eat every day, but not every few hours… Okay…

I agree with so much that everyone else has written. Seed Oils have to go.
I had to drop ALL vegetables. IR => Carbohydrate Intolerance…

It will change over time. But, in all honesty, I’ve been at this 4yrs. My carbs can go a little higher, but only for a short stint!


(Robin) #63

Nice to have you back. I’m a mere baby at this woe (17 months) and still have much to learn. Thanks for swinging back around!

(Bob M) #64

@Sailboarderr and @CaptainKirk show you the dramatic differences we can get with low carb/keto. I personally find myself more toward higher protein, slightly higher carb (sometimes anyway), lower fat. But I think both are valid approaches.

(Bill Kieger) #65

Soooo true Bob! We are all of the same origin, evolutionarily speaking, but all so slightly, or not, different. For years I would never have considered going above 20gm net carbs. Now, I still track macros but don’t flinch if I’m approaching 60, though average between 20 and 40. Never out of ketosis so I quit checking. For me it all came together when I set my minimum daily protein level at 1.8gm/kg of my ideal weight with no upper limit. I don’t look for fat but also don’t fear it. Absolutely no seed oils, ever(easy because I don’t eat out much). For me, it works marvellously. Everybody has got to individually figure out what works for them, we are all the same but with different chemistry inside. It’s been a long fun rewarding strange trip I plan on continuing to the end. And it’s very easy now, really don’t have to track anymore, but I do like to see where I’ve ended up at the end of the day. What started as work years ago is now just simple living… and the health improvements/benefits have been miraculous…

(Bob M) #66

I see this a lot in the debate between higher protein (sometimes with higher carbs, but still low carb/keto) and higher fat. I saw a Twitter conversation for people who advocate (and eat) higher (animal) fat, and one was recommending taking bacon and wrapping it around cream cheese. I could easily eat 50 of those and still be hungry.

We sometimes make bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed peppers. I now only make these for special occasions, such as the Super Bowl. Why? Because I can eat the whole pan(s), AFTER I’ve already eaten dinner. And I’ll want more.

When I was testing higher saturated fat, I would eat 10% fat yogurt + cacao chunks + high percentage chocolate. I got zero satiety that I could find and was still hungry afterward.

On the other hand, people say they get hungry after eating lower fat, higher protein. I’m eating beef heart and eye of round for “lunch” (my first meal, finishing at 11am), both of which are lean. I won’t be hungry again until 7 pm or so.

So, it just depends on the person, and I theorize other factors (such as exercise, muscle mass, possibly other stuff I’m not considering).


If the food is too low-protein, I am like Bob. I just can’t get satiated with such stuff (unless I eat insane amounts, probably). Fowl protein doesn’t work either for some reason.
(But if it’s very very high-fat, unsustainably so, it works differently. I had no hunger/satiation problems on lowish-calorie 1.5 days fat-fast and 9 hour egg-fast but maybe it was just the shock to the system… And no way I would do them for much longer.)

But if the food is low-fat, I would miss my calories and I automatically stop eating protein around 200g (I mean protein, not protein source, of course, no idea why anyone think it’s a good idea to call something else than protein protein when it’s not clear that it’s something else). 200g protein isn’t enough for me without a substantial amount of fat so I stay hungry or get hungry soon. Though it’s hypothetical for a single meal as I can’t possibly eat more than 50% protein, it’s already annoyingly low-fat food for me. But I tracked a lot and whenever my day had much protein like over 3g/kg for LBM but too little fat, I got hungry again and again until my numbers became right.
If I eat enough calories and protein and my fat is around or over 50%, it’s fine, my body doesn’t seem to care if it’s 50% or 80% or whatever. Only my tastes (and my minimum calorie need for satiation per day) dictate to be around 60-70% most of the time. I easily could go higher-fat if overeating is okay (almost all my fat sources are not satiating, they just boost my calories). It’s not okay at all so I stay there. Going lower would be harder for various already mentioned reasons.