Please look at what I'm eating and offer suggestions!


Number of meals are very individual. I must do OMAD, for example or else I will eat way too much, I can’t avoid that.
I imagine the OP has a high enough energy need to be okay with 2 meals especially that it’s clearly not like my case where a small, 1200 kcal meal typically just makes me hungrier :smiley:

But OMAD is perfectly fine if it suits the one in question and one doesn’t need to be fat adapted or in ketosis to do it, many on high-carb do it too, it’s individual. My fasting abilities didn’t get any better when I went keto and got fat adapted, in the contrary for a while when I got satiated way too easily, fortunately that passed. Now I can do OMAD most of the time, not all the time with any amount of carbs though it’s usually way easier on higher-carb.

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@Ifod14 my thyroid values were all within normal range about 5 months ago when I had some blood work done. I had my Thyroid taken out about 1990. After taking awhile to get the Synthroid dosage correct, it pretty much has stayed that way. I think the dosage has only been changed once.

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lol. My scale has become my enemy!!
I also made my Mayo out of olive oil and used a food processor. The first time I made it it didn’t turn out. I forgot to pour the olive oil in super slow. The second time it turned out perfect.
Thank You for your advice and words of encouragement!!

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If you have a hand mixer, you can use that too.

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I’ll definitely check out the dietdoctor website more than I have. I’ll occasionally find myself there when researching something but haven’t really spent a lot of time there. I love success stories. They give me hope. Thanks!

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There are a lot of recipes on line but their all similar. Some only use lemon juice or ACV for something acidic. I didn’t have white wine vinegar so I substituted ACV. I put egg, lemon juice, and ACV in a food processor and mixed on high. Then SLOWLY pour in oil while still mixing. (Slowly is the key word, especially if you don’t have an immersion blender. I forgot slowly and my first attempt did not turn out). It should continue to thicken and look just like Mayo. With the processor going I added dijon mustard and salt to taste. I noticed others add all kinds of spices. I may try that when I make a batch… which will be today because I have to ditch my Hellmanns per the advice of serveral forum members. If y’all hear someone crying it’ll be me.

  • 1 whole egg
  • ½ tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp white wine vinegar
  • ¼ tsp dijon mustard
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup avocado oil, or light-flavored olive oil

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I have also used MCT oil in my home made Keto mayo. A nice option if you can tolerate MCT.

1 large egg
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon red or white wine vinegar (I used distilled and ACV without issues)
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, or more to taste
1 cup (240 ml) neutral flavored oil (ie. Avocado or MCT)
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, optional (not optional for my preferences)

You can do this in a blender, or use an immersion blender in a jar. Definitely be sure to slowly drizzle the oil into the mix.

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This is how make mayo. Though our immersion blender came with some plastic measuring “cups” (several cups tall, actually), which is what we use.

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That is one tool I don’t have. Will look into it.

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Oh Hellmans, you were good while you lasted. :pensive:

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There are a number of mayonnaise recipes in the Recipes forum. They are all worth trying. I particularly like the bacon-grease version. Yum! :bacon::bacon::bacon:

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Yes, @robintemplin, it was. lol
I thought I had salad dressing figured out. Just enough Hellmanns mayo to get my blue cheese crumbles to stick to the lettuce… :smile:

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And homemade tastes even better than Hellmann’s!

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I made the mayo. and it turned out good but definitely not Hellmanns. I added a lot more dejon mustard than the 1/4 tsp the recipe I used called for. I added to taste. This was the second time I made it using my food processor and it turned out great, just a little messy. The opening at the top where I was pouring my oil in allowed some drops to come out. Why didn’t I use my hand mixer? I thought it might be messy. I might better rethink that. As you can tell I’m no expert in the kitchen. I’m definitely not like @Digital_Dave. I’m enjoying looking through his recipes.
If anyone makes some with different seasoning besides dejon mustard and salt and it taste good, please share.


Hi Sunshine339. I see lots of people have recommended ditching the Helmann’s, so I’ll echo their concerns too. So much research is now available on the dangers of processed vegetable oils and the havoc they cause. If you want some yummy store bought mayo give Primal Kitchen’s line a try. Delish! Made with avocado oil.

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As already mentioned, there are quite a few tasty mayonnaise recipes in the Recipes forum. They are well worth checking out.


If you’re speaking about ‘My Recipe’ thread, I hope you enjoy them. I love making up new stuff, and put them here for anyone who wants to try them, as well as keeping record of them for myself. Cheers. :+1:

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I am talking about your recipes. I bet your family loves having you in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!!


You’re quite welcome. Feel free to post any you make, or any ideas you might have. … Um, I also have a Cheese Cake Thread after I created a Keto-Version of my recipe I made years ago. … I’ve been making Cheese Cakes for many years, so it was inevitable I make a Keto-Version when I switched over.

If that’s something you might be interested in? :slight_smile: If so, the links’ below… Other’s here have made some and really enjoy them, but like with any treats, moderation is aways needed with those.

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Haven’t been on here for over 1 year. Saw your post and recognized something that struck home to my personal experience. LCHF for years, blood work looks great, but totally plateaued at 15#'s above ideal. Started looking into protein leverage. Google Dr Ted Naiman. Works great for me, after 4 months I hit my goal weight and have been there for 8 months now.
I am lacking the satiety gene, never full, ever, runs in the family(not literally but we all can clear out any buffet anywhere)
When LCHF, I was WAY overdoing the fat. Now I aim for 40% minimum calories from protein, don’t worry if I get up to 40-50gm carbs, and my fat settles in around 44ish%, based on a 2,000ish calorie day. Never out of ketosis(hardly ever check anymore)
Previously my fat was at 70% of calories. I was burning the fat I took in vs burning my own fat.
So, concentrate on maximizing protein and eating nutrient dense foods(fat has minimal nutrients per calorie, fat, just fat, just sayin).

I’m just one, and it works great for me. I’m not demonizing fat, will still have heavy cream in my coffee, just not every day anymore. I’d rather burn off my fat than burn off the fat I’m eating. Now in maintenance, way closer to 45:45 protein:fat in percentages of calories… Food for thought :blush:
Great resource, The P:E Diet by Ted Naiman.

Good luck.