Please look at what I'm eating and offer suggestions!

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Live long and overuse that sucker.

Best quote of the day, anyone?
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Those sound like some quotes of the day, there! :vulcan_salute:

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@PaulL Why don’t you start the trend of someone other than me sharing quotes! I thought I asked for submissions at the first, but I seem to be talking to myself.
As per usual.


It’s individual but I would advise to eat some good protein, whatever suits you. I always ate high-protein but I did vegetarian keto first and now I am close to carnivore on my good days :slight_smile: It always ate very much animal protein for me as I find those very nice and satiating and well, it’s tricky to depend on mostly/only plants if one goes quite low-carb… But whatever floats your boat!

Oh I have fats to lose too (less than you, though) but I still need pretty much fat or else I feel starving. Protein isn’t satiating alone, I can do 220g and it’s still nothing without all the fat. But the fat:protein ratio and amount and everything is quite individual. Even the type matters, not all protein satiates us or feels the same.
We don’t necessarily need to eat less on OMAD than on TMAD or with 3 or 5 meals though that’s the point in my case. I overeat if I have too many meals. But a tiny OMAD meal just can’t work and if it’s too little, even if we are never hungry, it’s bad. But what is too little, it’s not clear. I would think 1200 is little for nearly everyone and you don’t need such a huge calorie deficit. Even without much activity, your bigger body has a higher energy need, you even must have extra muscles to carry the weight but even fat has some energy need, just not nearly as much as mucle…
More extra fat can provide more energy from the reserves but I still wouldn’t risk slowing my metabolism with eating super little. Even getting the nutrients is harder if you barely eat (1200 kcal is, like, nothing to me but I am biased and never could go that super low). But you have reserves and I am sure you don’t want to lose fat slowly as it would take way too long and it’s realistic to do it at a nice pace in the beginning at least (though some people never can do it with a proper pace, poor souls).

So there are no fixed numbers. Veggies are carbs, zero is perfect for many of us, others like them or even need them, seemingly… Keep your carbs low enough, that’s it. And get your nutrients from somewhere.

It’s perfectly fine to eat very much fat and protein for an OMAD meal, I need my 100-200g for satiation and I always had big meals but I am aware people can get shocked seeing my numbers sometimes, even when I eat so well and know I must lose fat that way… It’s probably some weird idea about portion sizes, I never had that. You need nutritious and substantial enough OMAD meals.

My OMAD meals are between 1400 and 2500 kcal (mostly 1600-2000), eggs, meat, little else on a good day :slight_smile: I can’t see this so very much (especially my normal OMAD days below 2000 kcal… I can’t expect more than a super slow fat-loss as my energy need isn’t much but all day satiation is very important and I need this amount for that) but some people consider 20oz meat a too big portion (10oz, even! or 6-12 eggs!), I can’t understand why if one does OMAD and doesn’t have all those carby side dishes… It’s surely not too big for my needs but the meat must be fatty enough (or accompanied with other things, I usually use many eggs) or else it’s a tiny meal, factually, looking at the macros… Of course if you eat enough other things, you can go way lower, I lived on 0 meat for many years and I ate high-protein high-calorie with lots of nutrients.

So if you have some weird ideas about portions… Or that you barely need food/fat if you have lots of excess fat… Think again. It may be not true.

Oh I have no idea how you need to eat with your conditions, I am not knowledgeable about that at all. This was a general thing, I am pretty healthy, not perfectly, sure but who is? :slight_smile:

Good luck, you do things great, even too well calorie wise :wink: Not everyone can just stop having treats and not eating much on keto! I know I couldn’t :smiley:

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I was going to post a quote, but it had nothing to do with keto, so I didn’t. :pleading_face:

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@Sunshine339, You could start by cutting back on the vegetables/salad and eating more meat, eggs, etc. Also, as others have said, eat 2 or 3 meals. Best wishes.

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As long as it’s positive and or funny, go for it.

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But you’re having so much fun! :grin:

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OK, Polly, no more Hellmans. LOL
I did make Keto friendly mayo and liked it. I just didn’t use it fast enough and had to throw most of it away. I’ll make more. Thank You for taking the time to help me.

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Thank You KetoType2 for sharing. I’ll definitely quit eating low daily calories. 50 pounds in 9 months is awesome!! Congratulations!!

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WOW, Marrianne, Thank You for taking the time to share so much awesome advice!!
I was worried that my limited weight loss was from not being able to really exercise like so many here can do. After reading about your experience concerning exercise I feel better.
I definitely need to get my Hubby to hide the scales. lol

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I agree, Joey! Everyone here has taken the time to share wonderful advise and I certainly am going to use it to fine tune my Keto journey. THANKS!

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Thanks Laurie and again to EVERYONE for helping me correct some things that I could improve on.
My take away is no more Helmanns. Increase my calories by eating more protein and fat and quit stressing over keeping calories down… Listen to my body and it’ll tell me what I need. Eat below 20 carbs and the lower the better. Ditch the scales. Go back to TMAD. I’m going to do this because so many suggested it. I really wasn’t having a hard time eating OMAD. I’ve never been a breakfast eater and usually ate my first meal of the day around 1pm. But OMAD wasn’t working as far as weight loss goes so I’ll try TMAD. Apparently I’m not fat adapted and this may help… And everyone’s body is different. I have to figure out what works for me.

This is an awesome place for Keto support. I feel like I’m not quite so confused after all your advice. Thanks, again!

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Thank You, Shinita, for taking the time to help me.
Yes, I was confused about amounts. As far as treats, I don’t have them in my home. It’s just my Hubby and I and he supports me. If they were here I probably couldn’t say that I don’t have a problem with treats. lol
I think I was able to lower my calories and go to OMAD because my mind is made up that I am going to get healthy no matter what it takes. I’m100% all in. I keep thinking what if I’m one of the few who can’t lose weight on Keto…
Hopefully that’s not going to happen!


900-1200 is complete starvation for somebody that weights 278, normally I’d warn about slowing your metabolism, but your T3 is controlling that so that’s slightly less of an issue for you, but not enough food either way. Are all your thyroid values in normal range with your current dosing? That one jumps out at me. I’d dump the idea of TMAD and OMAD and eat normally. At your weight given the muscle mass it takes to move almost 300lbs around all day your metabolic rate should be around at least 3000cals/day, which is why I asked if your thyroid values are all “normal”. Lotta docs really suck at that one.

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Teresa, I’m so glad that this thread has helped you make sense of things. You’ll be fine.

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Wow, have never tried this. Can you share your recipe?

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We are so pre-programmed from a lifetime of conventional dieting and “nutritional advice,” that most of the keto principles seem counter-intuitive. You will learn all of these things through experience and time. For now, believe in it; you will begin experiencing your own results soon. I lost 70 lbs. in a year and a half, and it only took me that long because I had started drinking champagne every day in retirement, which for the amount I was drinking, had a lot of carbs. Stopped that and all but ten lbs. has come off. In addition, never in my life had I been able to keep weight off. Coming up on three years and I am stable or even inching closer to my goal.

Honestly, I am so excited to hear about your journey! Please keep posting! :hugs:

Oh, PS, if you have a chance, check out Much of their content is free without subscription - and they offer a 30-day free trial membership with absolutely no strings. They are a not-for-profit, and totally legit. If you do decide to subscribe, it’s only $10/mo. I used to pay more than that to WW every week, and double if I missed a week! I’ve given them thousands over the years!!! Anyway, when I first started, I think I read all of the “success stories” on dietdoctor three times over. These people had lived exactly what I was living and had come out the other side, transforming themselves. They said (and people on this forum), that it was easy, and I believed them.

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Oh, girllll!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: This makes my heart sing!

Honestly, I think we all may have felt that. Be gone, devil! :innocent:

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I make my own mayo out of olive oil. I used to use a stick blender and mason jar and had good success at first and then kept breaking my emulsions and was so frustrated at a cup of olive oil wasted!

I bought this little guy - small, so doesn’t take up much space and has a hole in the top to pour the oil in. Perfect size for a cup of oil. I looked it up and I paid $35 for it - it is now $50! :scream: Haven’t had a single batch fail in 18 months.

I use it for other small batches that need grinding, chopped, blended.

I agree with the others to go to TMAD, increase your protein/fat and reduce your veggies.

Good luck! Some people take longer to start losing weight on keto after the initial water loss but just know you are healing inside even though you can’t see it or the scale doesn’t show it. I call my scale the lying-liar-who-lies!!!