Please look at what I'm eating and offer suggestions!

(Teresa ) #1

I am 64 yrs old and female. I weigh 278. I have no Thyroid so therefore I take Synthroid. I have a bad back so exercise is walking/ housework. I am IR. I know my metabolism is screwed up. I have been on Keto for 6 weeks. I have no problem sticking to less than 20 daily carbs, although occasionally I go over a little because I miscalculate. I never snack. I never eat keto friendly treats. I had lost 8 pounds by the second week and in my reading of many post here I understand that was probably water loss. I have lost nothing since. I can tell A LITTLE that I’ve lost in my clothes, maybe. After three days of TMAD I started eating OMAD. I have no problem doing this. I am never hungry. The ketosis strips showed purple the second week. My one meal is: Always green above ground veggies and a salad. I use two TBS of full fat Hellmans Mayo on my salad, which is lettuce, celery, cucumbers, banana pepper rings, occasionally crumbled Blue Cheese. I eat another veggie like green beans or cabbage. I eat about 7 to 8 ounces of meat, fat eaten. (Pork chops, hamburger patty, beef, dark meat chicken). My calories run 900 to 1200. I use cronometer to keep up with what I eat. I always have more fat than protein. I’m not sure if I’m doing OMAD correct. I have read many post on this sight, listened to Dr. Fung, Dr. Berg, etc… How many calories should I eat with OMAD?
The only thing I’m sure of is less than 20 grams of carbs a day. I’ve read that you eat 3 to 7 oz of protein per meal eating three meals a day. How much for OMAD? I’ve read eat 20 to 40 grams of fat per meal with three meals a day. How much for OMAD? Veggies 7 to 10 cups per day. How much for OMAD? As you can see I’ve read too much, thought too much about it, and maybe trying too hard. I’ve got to make this work and I’m committed to do what ever it takes. Please help!!

(Eric) #2

My first comment is that you are probably eating too few calories despite being under 20g of carbs. Calorie restriction is not required and having your caloric intake too low can send a message to your body that you are in famine mode and hold on to the weight. Normally I see people eating OMAD having a large amount of calories in that one meal usually equal or slightly below what they would eat in a day. It’s hard to say what your daily calories should be on OMAD and usually the recommendation is eat until satiated. I realize you said that you don’t feel that hungry, but it is possible that your hunger signals are “broken”. I will defer to some of the longer term ketoers here, but I have never really restricted my calories and vary between 2500-3000 calories a day, occasionally I go lower than 2500 if not really hungry, but these days are exceptions. 900-1200 sounds extremely low and may be something you want to look into increasing. Just my 2 cents.

(Teresa ) #3

Thank You so much for responding. I felt that I may need to increase my calories but wasn’t sure how much due to the fact that I can’t work out, ride a bike, etc… I know that I have to change my old mind set, CICO. My dilemma is what do I eat more of to increase my calories? I don’t want to eat too many fats because I have enough fat on my body that needs to go. I can eat more protein but would also need to increase fat if I do.

(Robin) #4

Ditto everything @evinced said I believe your problem is that you really aren’t eating enough calories, as crazy as that sounds. I am 67. I have lost over 60 pounds in about 17 months and am closing in on my goal weight of 150-ish. I need to eat 1300 calories a day to continue slowly losing or maintain.

I also started with low calories, like you… because that’s what I have been told all my life. Well, your body will hang on to more calories to make up the difference. So… although it seems counter-intuitive, add more calories. And if you stay under 20. Carbs, you’ll start to see those scales start moving.

If you are like me and have gained and lost many times, or starved yourself to lose weight… your body doesn’t trust you. And why should it? You need to feed it enough to feel satisfied and it will begin burning fat. Trust me. I would start around 1800. Sound crazy? What do you have to “lose”? Just the weight.

Stay in touch. You can do this.

(Eric) #5

I would say, don’t be afraid of having more fat. Depending on the day I have as much as 75% of my calories from fat and have gone from 342lbs when I first started to just under 260lbs and still going. Usual suggestions are keep your carbs 20g or less, have 1-1.5g protein per kg of lean body mass(I may be a little off on this number) and fill in the rest with fat. I know it may sound counter-intuitive, but you can definitely lose fat while eating fat if you are keeping your carbs down etc.

(Teresa ) #6

Thank You, Robin! I’ll increase to 1800 calories.
I know everyone is different and I have to do what’s good for me, but I need some guidance on where to start.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #7

I don’t count calories, because I follow Dr. Stephen Phinney’s advice to eat to satiety. The first couple of weeks, I continued eating the same quantities as I ate as a carb-burner, but then one day, I found myself unable to finish lunch, because I simply wasn’t hungry. Had to put half a plate of food away for supper.

Since then, my appetite has been pretty well-regulated. Some days a bit more, others a bit less. I just listen to my body. Suddenly, about a year and a half into the diet, I found myself no longer wanting a meal in the morning. Nowadays, I break my fast around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., and then have supper quite a few hours later.

Thank heaven for Dr. Phinney’s advice, because I’d never be able to do the diet, otherwise.

(Teresa ) #8

Thank You, Eric! I’ll figure out my protein by the formula and quit being afraid of eating fat.
BTW, congratulations on the weight loss!

Robin, congratulations to you, too, on your weight loss. Thank You both for responding so quickly. I was getting discouraged.

(Teresa ) #9

Thank You Old Baconian for your response. I’ve considered following close to your eating schedule and go back to TMAD. I like OMAD but maybe it’s not working for me.
I’ve read on this forum where other members have said OMAD is not the best for some to lose weight. Some say it should be used closer to maintenance.
Does anyone have thoughts on this?

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #10

If you go to fewer than three meals a day, let it happen naturally. You may eventually surprise yourself, but the body prefers to be allowed to proceed at its own pace, and resists when we try to force it.

(Teresa ) #11

Thanks to all of you so very much for your responses. I am going to take everything each of you suggested and change things around compared to what I’ve been doing. I’m NOT going to give up!
Thanks again for taking the time to help me!

(Robin) #12

Glad you found us. Good luck taking ALL of our advice! We are a diverse group, but a family nonetheless. You got this!

(Polly) #13

Hi @Sunshine339

The thing which leapt off the page of your original post to me was the Helmanns. I have fought hard to exclude Helmanns from my diet because it contains industrial seed oils which really are a major problem in my opinion.

This short YouTube video has Dr Paul Mason addressing some of the problems with industrial seed oils

Nina Teicholz has also written extensively on the subject.

There seems little point in fixing most elements of our diet if we continue to eat the one totally non-food item which causes inflammatory cascades and is a catalyst for metabolic disorder.

(Polly) #14

Oh and then there is this not so recent article

(UsedToBeT2D) #15

Yes, I was eating about 1800 cals per day and went from 220 lbs to 170 lb in about 9 months.

(Marianne) #16

I haven’t read through this thread, so I know others will give you great suggestions, however, here is what jumped out at me:

Soon to be 63 here. There are many of us on this forum who are over 50/55, so you are in good company.

The beauty of keto, at least for me, is that exercise is not required to lose weight. I detest most exercise (especially cardio), and never did anything other than gardening, housework, etc.

That is the key. If you can get it below that (comfortably), even better.


I would be careful here, and go back to TMAD or even three/day for 3-4 weeks. You likely aren’t fat adapted yet, and you want to fuel and heal your body at this time by giving it what it requires - fat and consistency. Keep the carbs low. It’s not forever; I’d allow that for yourself and enjoy it while it lasts. When you get to the point where your body naturally “rejects” the idea of a meal (it will), then don’t eat until your next scheduled meal.

Throw them away; they are meaningless and if you are eating to plan and keeping the carbs low, you will be in ketosis. These things (and weighing yourself), can really mess with your head and your progress. Use your clothes and appearance to be your indicator of weight loss. Other than a starting weight, resist the urge to get on the scale. It can be quite liberating.

I’d do pretty much the opposite - eat bigger portions of meat and protein and get more natural fat. Don’t count calories and don’t be concerned about them. Eat clean (not processed keto food), and right now, I’d make sure you are getting in at least two ample meals a day. I believe your calories are way too low. Your metabolism may slow because this is not sustainable and it will start to preserve energy. “Bring no harm to the host,” which is the consequence when you calorie restrict.

I’d continue eating them if you like them, however, I’d cut back the amount that you are consuming. Have them with fat - either some sort of dressing or steamed with salt, butter and/or bacon grease. (We also melt some bacon grease and pour it over our meat for added richness.)

You can’t read too much. Information is good and weigh it out in your mind after learning more and reading here. Each of our plans is individual; there are only guiding principles, no magic formula of one size fits all. If you are concerned, bring your questions here. People will respond immediately. It’s difficult when you are new as keto is so different than conventional dieting - however, it can be so easy!!! Please believe that you can actually eat well, without exercising and counting calories. Just eat cleanly and keep the carbs low. Honestly, believe it, relax and let each day unfold without obsessing about your “diet”. Stay active here and we will help you! You got this!!! :blush::innocent:

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #17

Marianne’s post is filled with excellent advice. As she says, each of our plans is individual. There are no rules, except the advice to keep carb intake low, so as to lower your insulin level (all the good things happen when insulin is low), get enough protein, and don’t fear fat.

The rest of the advice you will get is in the nature of tweaking the diet for maximum health. So do what you can, and don’t worry about what you can’t manage.

(Robin) #18

Absolutely agree… If you start out needing 3 meals a day, that’s what you do. You are trying to find your balance, so you start where you are and concentrate on limiting carbs. You will probably eventually find yourself leaving one of those meals behind. Your physical appetite will guide you. No reason to be drastic and startle your system. Emotional appetite (cravings) should also greatly lessen after carbs are under control.

Some of us began our journeys using apps to track our macros (fat, protein, carbs) and calories. I used Carb Manager, but I know there are others that may do more than that. I liked it because I could plug in my current weight/height and my goal weight and it told me how many calories to start with. As my weight changed, so did the calories. I could also decide how I wanted to break down the percentages of macros. I set mine at 5% carbs, and then I played around with the percentages of fat and protein. I entered every food I ate and the amount (you can search by brand, etc) and the app did the work for me. It was like a coach in my pocket. But many folks here never used an app. And after I got comfortable with my diet, I quit using mine. Today, out of curiosity I checked yesterday’s days intake and I was well within the parameters. Carbs are way under 5%b these days. But it took a year for that to happen naturally…meaning I followed my body’s lead.

(Joey) #19

@Sunshine339 You’ve gotten wonderfully actionable active above so there’s little of value I can add.

I just wanted to CONGRATULATE you for heading off on this path that will change your health (and your life) in a meaningfully lasting way!

The key is to “stick with your plan.” And the best way to do that is to feed your body what it actually needs (which you’re doing now) and not to starve it (which you are now refraining from doing) so that you can comfortably and happily stay the course - and not feel miserable along the way and simply give up.

Keto eating should be a pleasure - it is NOT a hunger strike.

Best wishes! :vulcan_salute:

(BTW, I agree about the Hellman’s mayo - which I always loved - so check out the avocado-oil based mayo products (no soybean oil) as they taste great and have virtually no carbs.)

(Robin) #20

@SomeGuy…. Wait, what? I had NO idea there was a Spock Hand emoji option! I am about to boldly go and over-use that sucker! Thanks!

Best quote of the day, anyone?