Pet owners, what do you feed your furry, scaly, feathery or hairless friends?

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I would gladly be ruled by them, if they need someone who has thumbs to turn things for them, then I consider myself perfect for the job. I have a Master Degree in thumb wrestling and spend countless hours working my thumbs out to open new jars of almond, cashew or peanut butter. I’m basically the perfect employee!


LOL. Used to have an instagram page but life happened and now I cant remember email/log in etc…
theres some more pix on the daily walk thread.

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My guys have complicated dietary requirements (one needs to lose weight, one needs to gain, one is sensitive to chicken and poultry, one has low potassium). They are fed a combination of high quality dental biscuits (all of them are susceptible to gingivitis), high quality balanced commercial wet food and majority balanced (80/10/5/5) beef based raw from Pet Zest in Adelaide. It’s preservative free.

Anyone feeding their cats solely kangaroo mince from the supermarket please revisit that- it’s not remotely complete and the preservatives negate the taurine. I’ve heard of way too many cats developing serious health issues because they were fed exclusively on that rubbish.

Some really great articles below about the healthiest possible diet for cats by a vet who is NOT in the pocket of the commercial pet food companies.

Cat tax below:

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I had a friend who fed her three cats raw fish and all 3 of their back legs became paralyzed (temporarily)? Could be the type of fish though?

Good News from PETCO (anti-cancer):



Try orijen. They do some freeze dried. Good ingredients, Expensive though… probably cheaper to just feed filet and foie gras

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@MooBoom are 2 of them Tonkinese?

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@x-Dena-x Well picked! Three of them are, the white one is a Burmilla :blush:

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Tonks are one of my favorite breeds of all time. You don’t see a lot of people with them. Thwy have such sweet dispositions and sooooo soft.

Very beautiful. Give them a pet for me :heart_eyes:

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They are my favourite breed ever. We love them so much they have kind of become our surrogate kids.
Hug complete! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Anybody have chickens? its very difficult to find eggs from free range chickens.

(Jennifer) #31

We give the doggos Grain Free dry food, raw meat, and meat leftovers. I work for a kitchen where we get a lot of chicken scraps (the fatty and cartilage bits that they don’t put in our Chicken Salad), so they also get those.

My cat will only eat dry food (grain free) and Friskies Gravy cans or Tuna. I’ve tried giving her meat (raw and cooked), and she turns up her nose. Ah well.

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We have 4 dogs and 3 cats, which as a matter of evolution, are supposed to be pretty much Keto eaters :slight_smile: We believe that the grains and other cr@p they put in animal foods is not any better for them (maybe worse) than it is for us ! So, that in mind, my GF is really trying hard to keep the animals on a more natural Keto diet too :slight_smile:

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Raw is best no question. One of my daughters feeds raw.
I cook for my partially toothless shelter alum chi. Meat of varying type, a starch of varying type, always red salmon and hardboiled eggs, canned pumpkin all in a batch then into small Tupperwares that are frozen and defrosted as needed, then whole fat plain yogurt and baby food meat added to each meal when served. No treats.

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We have a guinea pig, her name is Whiskers (she was a gift to my now 18 year old daughter back in August 2017, so we have had her almost 2 years. She was very small when a baby, but now she is very large.

I will nag at my daughter to take a picture of her and email it to me so I can have it on this computer and upload it later. She is very soft and cuddly and friendly and very fluffy. Her colouring is white, caramel, some black and brown, she is adorable.

She eats a head of romaine lettuce per day, raw carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, apples, Timothy Hay, “Gourmet GP food” (from Walmart that is actually called that), GP husk carrots I buy for her to gnaw on and eat over time, GP Pellets, and we change her water bowl daily (she never liked the drinking bottles for them to drink out of, but drinks from the water bowl).

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Hubby and I are currently pet sitting a lovely old cat with diabetes. It just about kills me to feed him what the owner feels is a suitable diet, then inject him with insulin twice a day. “He’s not your cat, Mary. He’s not your cat…”

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Moo Boom, those are some very interesting and beautiful kitties you have there :slight_smile: What breed are the first two ?

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Thanks @FishChris!

Mimi (the white cat with black eyeliner) is a Burmilla. My other three are all Tonkinese, all boys. Ollie with the blue cross eyes is a chocolate point coat type, Axel the grey cat is a blue mink coat type and Baxter (aqua eyes) is a chocolate mink coat type. :blush:

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Wow ! Those sound pretty exotic. Never even heard of those. We have 3 cats, buy only one isn’t a mutt… We have a Turkish Van. She’s a sweetheart and she really loves me :slightly_smiling_face:


I have 2 dogs and have been using raw food for about 7 years. They LOVE their food. Natural instinct in the uk although there’s others.