Pet owners, what do you feed your furry, scaly, feathery or hairless friends?

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Since we’re all very educated on what we should feed ourselves to be healthy, I’m just curious as to what you feed your pets. Hopefully, we’ll get a kitten (or kittens) soon (when we do, get prepared for an avalanche of photos) and I’m planning on feeding them the best food for an obligate carnivore which is a raw meat diet. Anyway, post a picture of your furry little buddy and just state their diet.


There are a few really long threads on this topic if you use the search bar - keto for pets, etc.

For one of their meals per day I currently am buying Canadian-made Smack organic raw dehydrated, available on Amazon and pretty pricey (but it’s a longterm health investment for my animal friends), and is a good mix of high protein with organs and meat and berries. Also use soaked Instinct or Acuna or Origen wild/human grade meat dry food. Plus, I feed them raw organ treats and sardines on sunday once a week - that’s about as raw as I go, as my schedule is too crazy and my freezer storage too small to manage much non-dehydrated raw food! A combo of 5 ferals (same family) and two indoor-outdoor cats :cat2:

Cats need a certain amount of organ meat for taurine and other good reasons - I’ve been appalled at how many ‘healthy’ cat foods don’t include organs or aren’t human-grade meats.


They don’t eat raw meat or cooked meat, unless it’s something they caught. But they like the dry food without grains. They’re very picky about wet food. The younger cat only eats the sauce, the black cat only eats the expensive types.

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I didn’t even notice the black cat in the background until you mentioned him/her! They both look so stunning though!

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Ah yes, our freezer space is also quite small. I wish I could find some freeze-dried raw cat food here in the UK but so far, no such luck. We have those drawer style freezers and I think if we move some of the frozen veg, we should have enough space for around 2 weeks of cat food.

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Raw chicken legs for dog, roo mince for cats. All thriving on it.

This is just a gratuitous thread to post cute pics of our pets, right? Some pics old and new.

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Yup, that’s basically the point! Also, oh my God, they are all so ultimately cute that I honestly want to fly over and just rob all of them!
I take it from the pictures that you sit on the floor while the royalty take the sofas?

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The royalty go where they like, although their Mum doesn’t like them going outside (fear of snakes, we live in rural Australia). The humans occasionally get to sit in a chair when the royalty are feeding. :joy::joy:


The dogs have there own chest freezer :rofl::rofl: (No, really!)

100% raw, mostly tripe, duck, beef, offal, turkey necks, assorted bone (my butcher gets me whole cow leg bones!) eggs (chicken & duck) turkey, lamb, game mix etc.
The Mastiff is 4 years old and a very fit 100kg and the Shepherd is 9years, about 38kg and acts like hes 4.
They eat about 3kg a day between them.

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Oh my God!!! They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I don’t think I even read what you wrote, I just immediately scrolled down to the pictures… I’m honestly really hoping they have an instagram account with those beautiful poses… do they?
If they do

I n e e d i t


I did try mine on mice/chicks from pet shop (the ones intended for reptiles). One scoffed them, the other ignored them and my OH objected. Wouldn’t allow me to buy any after the first lot.
One of those has now departed, but the other still going strong and now I’m single again I have children who like the usual junk so no freezer space for mice.
Socks (tabby and white) does supply himself with fresh raw from time to time :rofl::rofl:

Spike is the black one. He’s the biggest cat I have ever seen outside a zoo. Even vets have commented on his size. Luckily he’s a bit of an soft apath so doesn’t get into fights. He’s been suckling on that teddy since I first got him at about 6 weeks old. Too young to be away from mum but it was us or the bottom of a pond. (People like that really make me angry!)

The tabby was Tim. Unfortunately i had to have him put to sleep a few weeks ago as he had an autoimmune disorder. He was such a lovely little thing and only 18 months old. My chest was his favourite spot. Such a pain, couldn’t do anything with him there. Miss him so much.

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The bearded dragons get bugs and assorted veggies.

The snakes get mice/rats.

The cats have a grain-free kibble available at all times, but are fed raw chicken or rabbit (meat and/or organs) daily. Also eggs. Occasionally fish, but not often.

And the dog gets beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and rabbit. Plus dry kibble available. She’s a light eater though.

I am keeping kibble as part of their diet b/c you just never know what might happen.


Just posting a few that I miss. Cats have an awful tendency to be hit by cars.

The grey cat would cuddle up against me, under the blanket. I will forever regret letting him play outside in summer.

These two were the most patient cats I’ve ever known. They’d let my daughter and her friends wrap them in blankets and carry them around like dolls. The female also liked to eat bread and cake. And she loved to play fetch inside the house.

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I’m so sorry for your loss, Tim looks so beautiful, I’m sure you loved him to bits.
Is it all black cats who look so sleek or is it just Spike? I’ve seen many black cats but I can’t remember whether they looked as sleek as he did. All of them are absolutely gorgeous and they all look so content that they found the purrfect slave.

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Oh Gosh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise how discriminatory my title was, I’ve changed it now. I freaking love all reptiles especially bearded dragons, my brother and I really wanted one and spent ages doing research and begging my mum. My brother had the privelege of stroking a bearded dragon’s beard and he absolutely loved it (I was just mad that I missed the whole thing). I’ve also wanted a snake but I dont think my mum saw a snake as a fitting pet for a 6 year old (plus, she’s scared of all reptiles). So we only had the privilege of being owned my a cat.

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Yes, I know what you mean, we had a beautiful black and white cat, Felix (she’s a girl despite the boy name), who would be so patient towards us, she let us pick her up awkwardly, she would wake us up for school by licking our nose (even though she has already been fed, she would still wake us up) and was so gentle whilst being a funny little cat who would climb glass roofs and then meow for us to bring her down. She also passed away in a car accident, and I was absolutely devastated. I’ve decided to keep our future cats limited to the garden my cat-proofing my garden.


@xScarlet thank you.
I did love him. He was too young to go really but it wouldn’t have been fair to him to make any other decision. Even my 10 year old autistic son said that.

We’ve had various black cats over the years (5 in fact and 4 not black ones) and they always seem to be sleeker and shinier than other colours. Thinking about it, the same was true of the goats we had too, black ones sleeker than the others.

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Here are Giles and Chad plotting to take over the world:

They eat lab blocks, baby food, and uncooked pasta, with an occasional treat of pork or chicken bones, and sometimes mealworms.

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I noticed no mention of feathery :angry:

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OH NO!!! And I should know better! We had over 6 birbs in our lifetime!!!

I’ve also mentioned hairless for the raw chiken cats and doggos.