Period after starting keto?

(Liz ) #3

I have seen several women on this forum discuss the same phenomenon. I don’t have ready access to the threads but if you search you’ll likely see what I mean.

(Katie) #4

Keto is healing for hormones. Cholesterol is made from fat, and is important for hormonal health. Shawn Myner talks a lot about this in her podcasts.

(Joan) #5

Thank you. I was pretty worried for a while. I sure don’t miss having those!

(Lisa Stevens) #6

Same thing happened to me yesterday after 6 months of keto. I had just made it to a year without any period or spotting. I’m 56 too. WTF is right.

(storm.higgins) #7

I haven’t had mine for about 8 months. Prior to that they were inconsistent due to stress & constant yoyo dieting. I started Keto 6 Days ago & within 3 days I got my period. My understanding is that fats help regulate hormones. In my opinion that is a good thing :).

(Bunny) #8

Higher cholesterol (makes DHEA —> androgen) from higher dietary fat and no glucose (low glucose or the brain is burning ketones for fuel?) to block brain and body from utilizing HGH[1] which in turn creates more DHEA (androgen from nerve cells & adrenals) then you get estrogen (estradiol) from aromatase conversion[2], then the period starts (again). Same thing happens to the men so this is not exclusive to the gals. [my best guess]

[1] from pituitary gland; primary fat burning {oxidative breakdown} hormone creating fuel i.e. ketones from liver to brain…

[2]How you can block it! You only need to choose one (1) of them!

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(Amber Davidson) #9

So interesting. On day 9 of Keto. Have had light period for a couple days.

Generally have eaten low carb for a couple of years after watching “Perfect Human Diet” and “Fathead”.

I guess the extra fat and lower protein IS doing something to my hormones! Awesome! Cept I like not having visits from Aunt Flo!

(Melanie Armistead) #10

Bizarre, mine has started play up. Despite being on the pill, I’m getting them 2-3 weeks apart. Always had a 28 day cycle before this (27-29 days when not on the pill).

(Samantha Tiller) #11

I’m having the opposite ? Since 7 months on Keto my periods have stopped and haven’t had one since December 2017? I’m 49 and it could be perimenapause as have hot flashes too? Just worried it’s because of Keto it’s stopped ? :grimacing: I’m seeing my doctor next week but don’t want HRT. I’m taking sage tablets but not much difference … anyone experience this ?

(Joan) #12

I’ve not heard of that, but could be that I just never paid attention. I know keto diet really changes your body. I was in a panic when I got my period, missing it must be equally worrisome. I googled ketogenic diet + menopause + period and I got information that put me at ease. I hope everything works out.

(Samantha Tiller) #13

Thank you for your reply Joan.

It could be just that I am starting peri menopause and unrelated to keto ? I’ve researched but not found much about it … I’ll speak to my doctor.

Thanks again

(Camille Yeager) #14

Pretty much the same thing happened to me, I’m 41, and have an IUD, so my period has been almost non-existant with that. However, 5 days after starting keto I got my period, and it’s been back monthly since (I’m 3 months in)

(B Jacob) #15

This is the first time I have read about this. I suppose women who have had ablations probably shouldn’t do keto?

(Joan) #16

I just looked at it like my body was healing, periods didn’t last long. I feel much better now after doing keto.

(Linda Moreno) #17

I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) in 1999 ( I was 21) and hadn’t got a period since 1998. I’ve been on keto for 2 weeks and I got my period, I’m taking this as my body is healing. I’ve never been able to conceive so I’m definitely going to visit my ob and hopefully he has good news for me. I am beyond surprised this happened after 20 years (I just turned 41).


Same thing happened to me. I’m 50 and haven’t had a period in 2 years. I’ve been on keto for 7 months and last week my breasts were tender, I was bloated and cramping and low and behold I got a period. I’m stressed about it but after reading your post, I feel better. I will get it checked out. My period was A full blown period but I’m on my 8th day of period and still spotting. Just wondering how long your period lasted and if you got it again in the following months. Any input from women who have experienced having a period after menopause after keto would be appreciated.

(Joan) #19

Good Morning, I think in total I had 3 periods after starting keto. They were completely normal periods just like I had forever, on time and normal flow. Scared me tho! At the time I was without insurance so I was sure I was going to die. I knew my body was stressed but I didn’t realize how stressed until I got my period. Years of working out so hard, my job being very physical and demanding, living on no sleep and normal daily stress had taken it’s toll. I watched many Dr. Bergs youtubes and he kept saying that you need to get healthy enough to lose weight, so I figured that was part of the healing process. Hope this helps, it’s very scary tho…


That makes me feel a lot better. I’m really active and feel great but everything I read said getting your period after menopause is never normal. I was happy to find that this has happened to women on ketogenic diets. Are you still keto? I don’t think my husband and I will ever go off of keto. We love dr berg and dr Ken berry.

(Joan) #21

I had heard that about periods after menopause being a bad sign and I had a doctor that told me once any unscheduled bleeding isn’t good so when I finally found something online about it I was so relieved too. I think my husband and I will always stay on keto or at least low carb. His dr had been trying to get him on high cholesterol meds and he’s tried them and he just doesn’t do well on them. After eating keto for a while his blood tests all came back perfect, cholesterol was in perfect range, and he had lost 10lbs, the dr even said he was impressed.
Dr Berg has helped me so much and Dr Barry as well.


That’s great Joan. Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it.