November 2018 ZornFast


Hope you receive the call you’re hoping for. :+1: … and sure you can Fast on until you want to break! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I do too.

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Hope that third call comes through.

Loved hearing about all the support Kevin had gotten from so many people.



WOW!!!.. Prayers for the both of you.

I too have had stress knock me out of an easy fasting regime. I thought it was just in my head, but as you explained, there may well be other components.

I’m out at 116 hours. The Queen made some faux potato salad for us, and I had some a few hours before my scheduled break-fast. This was prolly my best fast in months, and a pretty decent re-feed.


Oh, and I loved KCKO … Keep Calm and KIDNEY On!!!


EDIT: It’s just potato salad, with cauliflower instead of potato. But it was truly excellent, and not a horrible way to start a careful re-feed. Just not how I’d planned it.


Yep, this is what I do, plus I add eggs. Simply call it Cauliflower/Egg Salad now. :slight_smile:

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I broke my fast at 120 hours. That’s exactly 5 days. The 120th hour mark happened to come at midnight last night. We couldn’t sleep so we watched movies andbaked a pork belly LOL.
We did get a third phone call. It’s a very complicated process they’re going to call us again tonight at 11 p.m.
…he’s still a possibility.
Take care guys. I’ll try to drop in and let you know what happens but I always post a general statement on my Facebook page and no doubt when it finally happens the two keto dudes will let their public know.
I’ll set up a new ketogenic forums group fast about a week before the third Thursday of the month so people can begin to Gear Up. Maybe I’ll set it up sooner

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Thanks for the updates.
Congrats on hitting the 5 day marker. Just you, doing you. :slight_smile:
Hoping it works out well for Kevin. Give him a big hug from all of us in the forum.

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No transplant this time. The donor became unavailable altogether. I really need to learn to pace myself. I’m exhausted. Lol



My Grandpa used to say that. It was nearly cursing for him.

I very much appreciate the update, Brenda. Hopefully, that will change soon!!!

My best to you both…

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LMAO Classic

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So sorry this didn’t work out. Will keep fingers crossed another donor will appear.

Much love to you and K.

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Ditto…That’s a great idea! Good for you…something to emulate this season. :slight_smile:

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I feasted well the last two days. Two meals Saturday, three meals yesterday Sunday. Started another 5 day fast last night at 11 PM. I’m currently 24 hours fasted.
Interestingly, it’s easier this time. The first day is normally hardest for me. I’ve even experienced euphoria today, which only normally occurs well into my second day.



How I wish everyone could experience that.

But alas… so few people EVER will try to fast, much less extended fast

I’m thankful that I can do it–and I do, regularly. It isn’t exactly EFFORTLESS in the strictest definition, but it is pretty danged easy. And with practice, it is mighty liberating! Freeing me to not have to think about FOOD for a while, not to mention buying and cooking it.

Oh, and clean up.

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^this! I get so much more done in a day without always doing dishes! (Also the cooking and prep). But it’s the dishes that i always notice taking up time. Probably because I love cooking and hate dishes!

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I’m going to go ahead and open a December ZornFast topic and continue my crazy unusual (rare, never before attempted) back to back 5 x 2 fasting scenario there. 5 days fasted, 2 days feasting x 4.
(only for one month so as not to risk slowing my metabolism)
I just had an RMR by the way and mine was excellent. In normal range with 2200 burned at rest! Plus I clearly showed a ketogenic metabolism within 1% of range. In other words, perfect.

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