November 2018 ZornFast


Well, just over 96 hrs. … But not hungry at all and no issues still, so think I will just go ahead and wait until tomorrow night and make it an even 120 hr Fast. Plus I need to break tomorrow in case we do something over the weekend. So it’s been a pretty good week. :slight_smile:

This does just that when I eat Eggs to break a Fast. As well as any type of Nuts. I find if I eat either, I will get the system cleanse within the hour following the meal. … But so far, these are the only two items I’m aware of that cause this for me. I find that a small Salad, 30-60 minutes before a meal works pretty good for me.

Oddly, I’m feeling great at the moment, and I actually had this very issue on the last meal I ate being starting this Fast. This was a first for me, and I’m thinking it was either too much Butter, or maybe the large amount of Fat that was on my Steak? Or a combination of the two? Not really sure, but it was a first.

Either way, I wasn’t sure how it would effect my Fast this week, having stomach issues, etc. But it hasn’t? :slight_smile:

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #123

If you do take in some calories, IDM recommends 300 or less. This will keep you in a fasted state for many of the mechanisms we want such as preserving lean mass.

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Hour 90 : 05 and all is well. My boyfriend fasted 73 of the hours with me, and when he broke his fast last night he got take out so he wouldn’t fill the house up with cooking smells. But tonight he’s frying yummy smelling things and it’s a little bit difficult, but I only have one day left and I’m determined to make it.

(Brennan) #125

96 hours in and off to bed (if I can sleep) just got a mad rush of energy. My brain feels like it’s running on high octane fuel!
I think I’ll stick to the planned 5 days.

Edit: I don’t think the blur feature worked from my phone. Removed references to that which shall not be named on a fasting thread.



:+1: … Just over 100 hrs. and still planning my break, which I think will just be a Big Spinach Salad with some Fried Steak strips, Mushrooms and Pepperoni thrown in. :slight_smile: … Great Fasting this week everyone!


I’m at about 96 hours at the moment. Not hungry at all and feeling all the positives I get with virtually every extended fast.

I expect to break-fast around 120 hours at bedtime tomorrow night. It helps me to sleep better, and not overeat when I re-feed at bedtime.


And @Brenda that’s good to know. (about the IDM recommendation of capping fasting intake @ 300 kcals, I mean)

I really appreciate your valuable expertise on this forum!

(Brennan) #128

Slept like a baby, 8 hours, woke up and hit the chin up bar! Best sleep I’ve had in I don’t know how long.
I did dream of scrambled eggs though so it might be a good idea to break it tonight as planned.

Hope you all have an amazing day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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103 : 33

Now that I can see the Finish Line I know there’s no reason why I won’t get there. I plan on eating after 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.


I don’t get along very well…eating that early in the day. I have the tendency to eat all day if I start that early. Then, especially if I’m starting a re-feed, I just feel all bloated and NASTY!

@Brenda, I’ma try your 2 ounces of MEAT when I finally break-fast and go directly to bed. Methinks 120 hours is suitable penance for how BADDDDDLY I behaved during the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.

I (usually) give myself moderately high marks with my fasting skills. BUT I COMPLETELY SUCK at my Re-Feeds…at least 80% of the time. :neutral_face:

I must hone this skill, if I want to live out the rest of my appointed time in this newly improved mortal coil. I want to turn the keys in to this unit, in better shape than it was during most of the last 5 decades.

Why look like a blob of blubber…and be all slow, miserable and painful…when you can feel like Superman most days??? I ain’t never ever going back to 330+.


And if’n it takes a fast or two (or six) each month to stay right here, then so be it.

(Brennan) #131

I’ve been averaging 75 item reviews a day for a week. This morning I knocked out 56 in two hours! Fasting brain is awesome!

Edit: oh and I’m 108 hours in now :grin:


I totally agree: Fasting Brain is awesome! @Brennan, don’t you wish the NON FASTERS…THE NO WAY NO HOW, NEVER EVER FASTERS could experience it???

I do believe it doesn’t work like this for everyone. But after 4 or so days, I don’t want to quit. It is almost euphoric.

I’m somewhere around 108 hours in also.

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I love this guy. Does anyone else love this guy? LOL


HA! It’s only because you don’t know me!!


Well, I’m about to break here shortly, at 120 hrs. Feeling great and felt great the entire time. (But I don’t usually have many issues while fasting anyway) … But glad to hear everyone else is still rocking their Fast! :slight_smile:

Think I will wait till week after next to put in any more Fasting. Especially since my Anniversary is a week from tomorrow, so we will definitely be going out that weekend to eat some dinner. Well done everyone! :+1:

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You ride a bike.
You are dedicated to keto.
You transformed your life.
Win. Win. Win.

What’s not to love?


:thinking: Hmmm, that all sounds so familiar! :smile:

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Awesome! Bikers FTW! I ride a dualsport, @goldwingnut rides a GoldWing,

@Digital_Dave you?


2007 HD - Fatboy… and yes, I mean the bike. :wink: :smile:

(Brennan) #140

Calling quits at 118 having some bone broth with coconut milk now and I’ll start my feast in an hour round about. Had an amazing week and fast, really looking forward to the next one!

And I prefer my death traps to have 4 wheels just a little Audi TT Quatro for me!

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I realize I’m an n=1 guys, but I’m on day 5 of a fast and planned to break it tomorrow morning.
Not sure I can make it. Why?
My partner Kevin and I are literally at home waiting for call #2 from the hospital. I cannot even begin to describe the shot of adrenaline I got from the first call which was to tell us there may be a kidney tonight. (For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend Kevin is on the transplant list as his kidneys have failed due to damage from T2DM. He reversed his diabetes with the ketogenic diet and fasting, but kidneys do not heal. Read his story at , in addition, the men who started this forum, the 2KetoDudes Carl Franklin @carl and Richard Morris @richard , have had Kevin on for their Thanksgiving special podcast two years in a row. 2017 and 2018 just published Monday. Give them a listen.

This is my quandary: if I KNOW the chain of events that causes hunger under stress, why can’t I control it? Talk about having first hand experience for my IDM clients! Within 30 minutes of the transplant team call, I became very hungry, thinking became unclear, I even felt physical energy lessen. I am uncomfortable. It’s like someone stole my mojo. Stomach is noisy, headache is threatening, feeling cold.
WTF. Trying all my tricks to get back on track. But I’ve never experienced this level of stress before.
I know some of you will say, just break the fast. I don’t want to. Lol. Maybe I’m stubborn? AF? HAHA

The effect of stress on the body:
Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol blocks the function of insulin. Insulin is not able to shuttle energy into cells. We become lethargic, we even become physically cold and thinking is impaired. As a result, more insulin is released. This rise in insulin causes a release of the “appetite and hunger” hormone grehlin.
Domino effect of stress.
VERY difficult to fast under these conditions.


I persevered. 3 hours later I was back to fasting comfortably. 11 hours to go. We’re waiting for a third call. If it comes in the middle of the night, I may eat. I’m okay with that.

Managing a fast during life’s stresses is doable, but honestly, extremely difficult. I leaned on my fellow IDM educators for support, and they were stellar. They understand this phenomenon is real.

Support is everything on this health journey.
Keep Calm and Kidney On