My Keto, low carb journey


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The only reason I weigh myself as I do is because I have to chart my BP, heart rate and weight daily for my doctor, and I send the chart to my doctor each Sunday evening so he has it first thing Monday morning. I do it as a way to hopefully get off my prescription medication. So far so good, I am off all but on BP medication and it has been reduced to the smallest dose possible. The scales i use tracks the aids in the clinic almost to the tenth of pound. My next lab work is mid March, then my face to face isn’t until late June. All I keep hearing from his email response from my weekly charts is that my BP is good but he is disappointed that I am not losing weight fast enough for his liking. I keep reminding him that I am weighing at the low end of what I weighed my entire military career. I will drop down as I have before but it is going to be a painfully slow process in his eyes, for me it is just a matter of facts. I am more interested in the size and shape of my body, mostly waist and belly.

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I am experimenting a little with my smoothies, a little more liberal with the carbs, not enough to go over my total carb limits but enough more to add a little more fiber. The extra fiber seems to be helping my stomach. I am also experimenting with a little more protein and a little less fat. So far it it seems to be working out well. My weight isn’t tracking as much as my body measurements.

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Is it just me? I can fast and not feel hungry, but as soon as I start eating I just want to continue eating until after my dinner meal then I can turn of my eating like I never wanted to eat in the first place. I will say this I am not over eating and I am not craving anything that I can put a finger on. I seldom if ever eat my whole daily budget.
Like today I have already fasted well over 18 hours and I still don’t feel hungry, but I know as soon as I eat anything I will want to eat until after I have had my dinner or last meal for the day.

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I am making progress, while I still can’t wear the jeans I want to wear I have lost more around the waist and I am closer to buttoning the jeans. If I keep making the progress that I am now, and with warmer weather coming by the time we return from the cruise so I can start daily hiking again I should see even more progress by May and June. This is a journey not a race.


I am a bit different but somewhat similar.
I call myself a natural intermittent faster, I did it way before I learned it is a thing.
I get hungry eventually but even that hunger is cuter than what I get after some bites… And if I started to eat, I must have a full-blown meal, it’s impossible to stop early when I am the hungriest.
After my meal, it depends and it would be long and probably unnecessary to talk about the possibilities. If I am lucky, I am fine for almost a day, so perfectly satiated that I simply can’t eat without force. That’s good as that is the only state where I can be sure I won’t eat.

Hiking is nice, I miss my longer tours, I should resume doing those…

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I have fasted without realizing it most of my teenage and adult life because I didn’t see the need to eat breakfast. Navy boot camp was the first time in years I ate breakfast and that was because we were woken up and marched to eat. After boot camp I returned to my eating nothing before about noon. But when my second wife and I married, she is a believer in breakfast but luckily I am an early riser and my wife is a night owl so I get away with not eating until close to noon, and I insist on not eating dinner later than 5:30 or 6pm. And I don’t eat after 6pm and very seldom before 10am. So I guess it is my norm and not so much fasting for me .

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The effect of eating something and then becoming hungry has been known for centuries. It’s not for nothing that cooks invented the term “appetiser.”

It makes sense, in evolutionary terms. If food is a chancy thing, you want to be able to stock up on energy, even if you’re not particularly hungry when the food becomes available. But the ability to be satisfied also has value; we can’t be out hunting all the time. These days, with food available around the clock (in a lot of places, at any rate) and most of us on a high-carb diet that interferes with satiety, this works to our detriment.


I hated breakfast as a kid because it made me super hungry and unfocused around 10am… Without breakfast I was fine until 2pm. (Surely I had to be bigger for that as Mom didn’t let me skip breakfast as a small kid. And my memory is spotty anyway. But I remember these.)
But I knew people who actually got sick after their Mom forced them to eat… I wonder if it was just the breakfast or the type of the breakfast, surely eating buttered bread with sugar cocoa caused problems people who would have been okay with a good breakfast… I know that keto breakfasts are horrible for me too. I hate breakfast with a passion and it doesn’t matter who says what, I am not a small kid anymore so I ate whenever and whatever I want/can. I often stop and think how lucky I am that I can choose my own food. There are limits but I am fine enough with those.
My first meal is often lunch (around 3pm) but unless I have somewhat easy satiation on carnivore, eating that early means I probably will overeat. So I try to push it later and my body is often on board. If it wants food, it gets food so I need its cooperation.

Makes sense but it’s amazing how different we are regarding this.
Some people (like my SO) takes ONE tiny bite of anything and gets hungry and needs a big meal immediately.
I can eat a tiny bit without problem but only very little or else I am the same.
But apparently some people can eat an apple without becoming SUPER hungry (it is an item that generates huge hunger in both of us)… Or is it just fiction? We see this everywhere, even a hobbit got an apple for second breakfast in The Lord of the Rings…
But even if one needs a full meal, the size varies greatly. And the restriction on the macros. I mean, you can give me a huge meal of carbs and fat and I will stay hungry, I need a lot of protein for satiation. But it can’t be chicken as 1 kg chicken leaves me hungry too… It’s amazing how different we are.
Of course, carbs satiate some people wonderfully… While they tend to make me hungry even if I just ate a lot of fatty protein… How my body works I can’t comprehend. Carbs still provide energy but mine typically acts like it wouldn’t be the case (but it uses it up I am sure). In the past it felt it considered it negative energy so raising my carbs always raised my fat intake as well (I don’t have that anymore as far as I know). While the body recognizes carbs as fuel and gets satiated accordingly in the case of many people…

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I normally eat at about noon then at between 4pm and 6pm then I am finished eating until noon the next day.

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Yeah I remember issues with breakfast too. If I skipped it it felt fine, but when I had it, by mid morning my stomach would be growling really loudly :flushed:

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My body just doesn’t want to give up and let me get below 208, well as long as I can see that I am slowly losing the belly fat and the fat elsewhere I am okay with what the scales say, even if it can be somewhat depressing not seeing the scale progress. I wouldn’t bother with the scales if it wasn’t for my weekly reports of my weight and BP that I have to email to my doctor. But they are important if I want to get off the rest of the prescription medication.

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As I believe has already been mentioned in this thread, body recomposition is something that does occur on keto. So if you are both gaining lean mass and shedding fat mass, it’s understandable that your scale number might not change. And here’s how to think about it: Would you rather stay the same weight and look—say—thirty pounds thinner, or lose thirty pounds and look just as fat?

Doctor Phinney tells of one study he did in which all the women lost about 14 pounds (or kilos, I forget which), except for one woman, who lost half that. So he took her to get a DEXA scan, and it turned out that she had lost the same amount of fat as all the other women, but had simultaneously gained enough muscle to offset half the weight of the fat. That doesn’t sound like a problem to me, unless the scale number is an absolute priority that overrides all other considerations, such as metabolic health and strong muscles and bones.

My experience is that I lost 80 lbs./36 kg of fat over the course of six or eight months, with no hunger and no calorie-counting. But there was a further period of body recomposition, during which my weight remained stable. But at Christmas 2017 I received a pair of pants that I could not get on past my butt. But around Christmas 2018, I tried those pants again on a whim, and they fit just fine. And yet I weighed the same in 2018 as I had weighed in 2017. To me, that’s a sign that keto was working as advertised.

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I’m always amazed .

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I’ve never seen that. Great way to make a point!


I can well believe in body recomposition. There’s been no change on the scale, or even a gain of 1 or 2 kg, but that’s probably just normal fluctuation as my weight tends to fluctuate from 50kg to 52kg, but several members of my family have pointed out I’ve become both slimmer and streamlined in the same process. Which is great news to me because of my lipoedema. For someone who doesn’t have lipoedema I imagine you get even more of a transformation, as keto turns your body over time to a lean mean fat burning machine🙂
I am fully committed to this WOE, carnivore in my case, as it not only comes with so many benefits, but the food is so incredibly delicious. I never enjoyed my high carb, low fat WOE like this.

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Yes I am definitely losing inches from my belly, waist, and upper thighs. And my weight is stalled out at 208 ± 1 pound. I am not concerned about the scale as long as I am seeing improvement in my clothes. Now my doctor and his head nurse is a different story they don’t seem to understand that I can be losing fat and inches without seeing movement on the scales. Any my BP is definitely improving to the point I am constantly well below the so called magic 120/80 .


Sigh. It’s a normal thing though, they should be aware of that… Plateaus too but body recomposition as well, I just watched a video from someone I trust regarding weight training (not eating :smiley: he drinks skimmed milk, we haven’t much common ground, to put it lightly) and he talked about losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time, the body is amazing and can do it if there is enough fat to do so.

Anyway. Your weight is the same while your clothes get looser and not because you was swollen with water before… Changes clearly happen… I would be pleased, the direction is right! :slight_smile:

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These are important non-scale victories, on which you are to be congratulated! :+1:

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Yes I sure believe it is a huge win. As I have said before I am now weighing at the same weight I did when I graduated from Navy Boot Camp, and I stayed at this weight my 8 years in the Navy. I need to trim my belly, waist, and upper thighs a few more inches to be able to wear my uniform. But I am confident that over time that will happen.