My Keto, low carb journey


(Chuck) #102

I understand both, nothing may work, but I intend on trying the shock treatment. My body reacts at times to overeating to break plateaus, and sometimes to longer fasts, and sometimes to eating less than normal, it has always been a guessing game and trial and error. And after a mild gain this week it may even be ready to break the plateau. I never know until it happens.


My body is simpler regarding fat-loss. I merely need to eat little and I lose fat, otherwise not according to my experiences. Too bad eating little isn’t my style but I have good ideas. Avoiding plant carbs is one of the few keys for my multi-lock problem.

(Chuck) #104

My rules are simple no grains, no root vegetables, and little sugar as possible and stay below 50 total carbs.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #105

When I joined the forums, it was a common remark that three weeks of the same weight doesn’t count as a stall. Three months, on the other hand, is more like it.

Two things to bear in mind: first, the progress of fat loss is not linear, and it may even involve some ups as well as downs. Second, it is possible for our body composition to change on a well-formulated ketogenic diet, and therefore progress may not actually be well-represented by the number on the scale.

You might want to add starches to that list, as well. Just stick to leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, and you should do well.

(Chuck) #106

What else is starchy other than potatoes. That is what I call root vegetables. I will have some fruit at times as a dessert as long as I have room within my 50 total carbs. The only starchy vegetables I will eat at times on a limited basis is squash.

(Robin) #107

Are you at all interested in going to 20g carbs? It will mean limiting your fruit and veggies even more, but might be worth a shot.

(Chuck) #108

I go that low at least 3 times a week.

(Allie) #109

General rule as a guide is that any veg that grows below the ground is starchy.

(Chuck) #110

I will be on Vacation from about February 14 until the first of March. It is cruise time for our 20th anniversary. All I have promised myself is that I will do my best to keep my carbs low, my rules of no grains will be a definite and if at all possible no potatoes. But I make no promises on fruit.


It could be my motto or something…

(Bob M) #112

Potatoes aren’t bad as long as they aren’t fried – for me. For some reason, I can eat half a fully loaded baked potato (with butter and sour cream), and not have a desire to eat more. Same with mashed potatoes.

But fry them up as french fries, and I can eat all of them and want more. Especially with ketchup.

(Chuck) #113

I am the same, but as long as I have weight to lose I am staying clean of anything more than a bite or two of potatoes of any type.


Almost only fried, completely crunchy potatoes are good potatoes to me… :smiley: I don’t eat any kind but some non-fried one would leave me unsatisfied (or I just would need a lot. I quite like potato soups, I have two very different kinds but I need half a pot or something. I just never cook them anymore. it’s not like I need or desire them).

Most of us probably wouldn’t eat one bite of potato, we would just want more :slight_smile: Pointless to me. But many other carbs (like fruits)? A tiny is just perfect. If I can’t stay away completely.
So I can understand eating a bite if one can pull it off. Even I did that a few times, it wasn’t good (as the relative I visited make it with ingredients I don’t like) but it calmed down my rebellious freedom-fighter inner self. And I better keep it satisfied or else some worse carb eating would happen at some point. But I think it is in the past now. Potatoes were my big favs but I pretty much forgot about them for years in the beginning of my low-carb and while they tried to make some comeback later, it never really happened. I merely had a few potato-y days per year for a while.

(Chuck) #115

I had a sense of discipline pushed into my soul from a very young age, by great grandparents, grandparents, mom and dad, and eight wonderful years of military service. The deep sense of discipline, patience, and belief system.


I think I am quite undisciplined especially regarding food and I like it :slight_smile: It suits my core personality.
But I can eat tiny amounts of nearly anything because training suits me too somehow, I was very driven to change my eating habits softly. I probably could eat a little amount of potato if I wanted, it’s just not worth it, zero is way easier and better for me.
And if I decide to eat potato, that’s so super rare that I don’t keep myself back then. But as I lost interest, it’s never much anymore. Still not one bite, that’s almost always pointless.
But it’s true that carbs can mess with our “control” and some of us refuse to use willpower when it’s about eating. I am lucky my taste and preferences changed.

(Chuck) #117

I was raised to eat what was on my plate, it never hurt me until I was in Navy boot camp where we were given mostly very high carb meals. I gained about 60 pounds in 11 weeks. And have had weight issues ever since. Well I did have about a year while on the Atkin diet that I was normal weight. I have a lot more riding on me sticking to low carb this time, I am off all medication after about 30 years


I think I was raised to never ever ever ever throw out food but it suits me perfectly so yep, I still do that. Seems the polite thing to do and under normal circumstances and with proper planning it does no harm.
I always cleaned my plate, that did no harm either. My overeating happens when I have my 13th plate/cup/bowl/piece, actually. I eat biggish meals, a plate is nothing (though I always wanted to figure out what I can do with a plate. not very exciting though, surely I can put 10000 kcal onto a small plate too. but my small plates are way more modest, obviously, that’s why I need multiple ones).

Yeah, high-carb doesn’t satiate all of us. My SO is fine with it, he gets satiated almost by anything similarly. In my case it’s very different so I inevitably overeat on high-carb, especially fat but my carb intake is high too, of course… It just couldn’t make me fat alone. But I had some control on my food and that might have helped even with my very bad idea of how I should eat.

I just can’t wrap my head over such things but I heard similar things before.
I overate all the time and gained 2 pounds a year, lucky genetics. So curious about my macros back then but I never tracked. But considering how unsatisfyingly low 200g fat seemed later on low-carb (I missed fat a lot :frowning: I keep myself from eating as much as I want as my basic attitude since the beginning. it’s not too bad but sometimes tiresome) and I have some memories… So I am pretty sure I ate VERY high-fat and quite high carbs though it wasn’t as high as in the case of many high-carbers as they usually eat less fat. I got the bigger part of my energy intake from fat, it was instinctual. I really, really, really love fat. And protein. My ties with carbs always were weaker but I have my favs among them too.

Sorry, I always feel quilty I have these comments here, it’s your place and I should react to your things, it’s just hard to do. Thanks for your patience.
And good luck to both of us! I had some overeating days again and start to lose my patience and it just reinforce my carnivore February plans.

(Chuck) #119

It seems from my experience that grain, most specifically wheat that causes me to gain weight like crazy. And you combine wheat with sugar and I am totally out of control. If I leave grains out of my diet it takes a lot to make me gain weight. But until I get my weight to where I need it I am going to stay as strict as I can. But for our cruise I am going to relax to a point. I more than likely will eat small amounts of fruit, potatoes and rice. But bread, and other foods with grain is off limits. I am still close to to thirty pounds from where my doctor wants my weight, I am somewhere between twenty and forty pounds from where my weight thoughts are at this point. My wife says that once I lock myself into something that nothing pulls me from it, I am hoping she is right.

(KM) #120

I don’t see that you’ve mentioned it, do you drink alcohol? I’ve found I can have a couple of drinks a week and stay on course with ketosis but cutting that out will break a stall.

(Chuck) #121

I seldom drink any alcohol. On special occasions I may have a good dark beer, or a glass of wine. I prefer dark German beers but make do with Samuel Adam’s logger or Sam Adam’s Octoberfest.