My Keto, low carb journey


(Chuck) #82

Yes I honestly believe my body is adapting this time last year I couldn’t stand the cold, this year is somewhat warmer but not that warm and I don’t need much in the way of coats or sweaters. I have swapped coats for vests this year, even back at Christmas when we were down in the single digits.
Also before I switched to keto I could eat everything in front of, now my stomach tells me enough is enough.

(Chuck) #83

In order to heal,
You must stay away
from what broke you.

This is so true even in our eating habits

(Chuck) #84

The low carb keto lifestyle has not only changed me weight wise but also mentally, I feel so much better about myself, I want to wear nice clothes and go out in public again.


Yes, that’s why I wrote what I wrote, I substracted 1000 kcal from a very typical energy need (actually, from mine) so I got 800-1000 kcal. It’s even worse for some. Most people don’t have a huge energy need even when they have plenty of fat to lose.


Wow, good for you! I would lose fat nicely if I could eat that little on average! Or at least often.
I ate as much on keto as before (while trying to eat as little as comfortably possible as always): 2000 kcal, sometimes more. Sometimes much more. But 2000 is good for most days on the right diet.
Carnivore changed things (sometimes I eat little - but not too little -, sometimes I eat normal, sometimes very much) so I really am curious what it will bring longer term.
I don’t think I ever binge without carbs. Or with carbs, nowadays… I just have days with bigger hunger and appetite and slower, harder satiation. High-cal days (like 4000 kcal, I always had this upper limit. it’s not easy or healthy to go over) feel normal and maybe I even need them. But they are definitely fun when they are normal and not starving, Unsatiable Hunger days. But I usually stop earlier then, maybe at 3000 and just wait for the hunger to stop, fasting is amazing, it takes away hunger under normal circumstances.

1500 is just too low for many of us. It’s definitely a bit too low for me, no matter how I eat as far as I could test it but I managed 1600 for days on carnivore, that feels realistic, not every day but often. But I will need experiments :slight_smile: My weekly average never was below 1800 I would think. It’s already super low for me and requires a bunch of various tricks. Keto isn’t enough.

It obviously only starvation for some people. We have all very different energy needs. It shouldn’t be starvation to me as it’s only a small deficit, perfect for fat-loss but it feels starvation (on keto too, usually, it’s just too little food for me, apparently) so I wouldn’t go that low ever. I suppose exercise is vital to my fat-loss but it’s even more important for my health and well-being so I do it anyway.
But 1500 is too low for many people indeed. WHY people think that men should eat 1500 and women 1200 for fat-loss? It’s insane.


Of course it may bring mental changes :slight_smile: Isn’t it cool?
The bigger benefits my flirting with carnivore (though it’s more serious now, still not perfect) gave me were mental, namely my attitude to food (I think many ketoers had this changed for the better). I already felt pretty okay physically.

And if someone even loses fat, that’s even better and easily bring multiple changes in life. I imagine. Never was even remotely slim.

(Chuck) #88

I am taking my weight/fat loss one day at a time. And one small decrease at a time. Yes I do have a vision of my ultimate goal in mind but I can’t allow myself to just focus on it, if I did I would get discouraged and give up. So I am only focusing on the spare tire that I still carry around my middle. And right now with our cruise coming up the middle of February I am focusing and planning on how to handle my meals and what I can and can’t eat. Some find it stressful but I am trying to make a game out of it.


I like challenges and experiments, they are fun :wink: And thinking about food is my hobby I suppose…

(Chuck) #90

Not sure why, I have looked back over my food log, but I had a dizzy spell this morning and had to break my fast early and eat something to ease the dizzy spell. It shouldn’t been lack of calories from yesterday, or too many carbs or sugar because yesterday was a zero carb day.
I thought at first it was my blood pressure, but it couldn’t been more normal this morning, and my heart rate was my normal rate. I use to get the dizzy spells when I went too long with out eating something when I was doing high carbs. But this is the first time since going keto and fasting. I stopped my fast this morning at 17 and a quarter hours when I have been doing 18 to 20 hours all last week. My doctor emailed me at said I can stop my last medication so I am prescription drug free as of tomorrow if I don’t have another dizzy spell.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #91

Is it possibly from hypovolaemia? If you weren’t drinking enough and weren’t keeping your electrolytes up, that would do it.

(Chuck) #92

I don’t think so but I guess is possible. I always have water or unsweetened tea with me, and drink a lot at least 128 oz. A day .


I only have dizziness on very low-carb (it means I should eat despite the lack of actual hunger feeling), never had them on high-carb. I ate a ton of high-carb, I was very satiated almost all day and even when hungry, dizziness never came.

Dizziness can be a sign of low sodium but that’s almost impossible for me. It’s basically always “need for fuel”. A very useful sign for me.

But that’s just me, surely there are zillion potential reasons for other people.

(Chuck) #94

Well I am back on what I call my 208 plateau. I have been here before several times the first was most of my Navy career. The next time I remember was 2011-2012 when it took months to break it. But at least this time I can see that I am still losing inches something I didn’t pay attention to back then. I don’t believe I am going to be able to wear the jeans I wanted to for the cruise but I will be able to some day soon. But this time I am learning from past experiences as well as making new experiences to hopefully prevent being here again. I have yo-yoed to many times. Losing the weight then thinking I could go back to the way I ate before the diet, well diet no more this has to be my lifestyle.

(Chuck) #95

Thinking about trying a few days of as close to zero carbs as I possibly can to see if I can break this weight stall .

(Robin) #96

I often lost inches while my scale was “stalled”.

(Chuck) #97

Me too and that isn’t a true stall. I am on a plateau that is my major one. It is what I weighed for my 8 years in the military. I have been here before, the last time it took almost 3 months to break.

(Allie) #98

How long have you been stalled?

(Chuck) #99

About 3 weeks at this time but I don’t really want to stuck all winter and early spring. Last time I was here it took at least 3 months to break.

(Allie) #100

Three weeks is nothing, you can’t just assume it will be the same as before when your body and life are completely different.


Yep, 3 weeks is short but if you have a good idea that may help, why not? :wink:
I actually plan to do the same, not just for fat-loss, I really wanted to try out extreme low-carb for longer, it just didn’t happen in January. I was pretty low but not always extremely low and that may matter. My main goal is more energy but of course, breaking my stall (it’s about 11 years now if we doesn’t count stress gain and temporal waves) would be nice.
But who knows what else this change could bring? :smiley: I can appreciate anything positive.

I actually go for extreme low non-animal carbs only, I don’t really care if I eat 5, 20 or 45g animal sugar, it all seems fine to my body. But I actually plan to be modest with my dairy too, I just won’t put any serious effort into it, if I want dairy, I will eat dairy. I already learned to eat it in moderation, most of the time.
I want simplicity too, that’s a nice thing to have as long as I don’t get bored.

Good luck, hopefully it will help you with something soon including your stall, true or not :wink: !