My Keto, low carb journey


(Chuck) #21

I fast daily from 18 to 22 hours, my weight is dropping the way I like slowly and surely.


Isn’t 20g below the essential amount…? :scream: IDK but I always considered 30-40g the bare minimum for normal sized humans, I surely got that number from somewhere but I don’t remember.

And below the realistic one too. How on earth does one eats so little? With being super careful, yeah. But people really think that taking huge efforts to avoid any fat (and they get only 20g in the process but they must be super good at it then) is healthy? I would expect eating disorders and suicidal/homicidal thoughts to pop up here and there… It doesn’t seem living to me. And that’s just the mental health.
And I am open-minded, I have no problem with someone eating 1000g carbs if it suits them, low-fat may be quite fine for many people but 20g?!

(Chuck) #23

I don’t pay attention to the grams, I pay attention to percentages , I make sure that my fat intake is between 65 and 70% of my daily intake and that my total carbs are less than 10% and normally 5% or less of my daily intake, the rest is protein. I stay as far away from sugar as possible.

(Allie) #24

It’s really not uncommon in some circles.
I’ve even known some crazy people aim for zero fats :flushed: Guess that’s what the mainstream brainwashing does, people still believe fats are bad :pensive:


But fat. Is. ESSENTIAL…

Wow, @cvkemp, you can pull off 10% carbs? I never could, my 40g net carbs in the beginning was 8% but we all have different ketosis carb limits and energy intake. Now I have 1-3% but it doesn’t really matter, 5% from animal sugars isn’t nearly the same as from plant ones, apparently :wink:
I focus on protein (to keep it as low as I comfortably can, around 130g) and calories, mostly, my fat percentage matters little but due to my taste, protein and energy need and other things it’s usually best, easiest, safest at 60-65%.

(Allie) #26

Well we know that…


Didn’t humanity, like, always know it? At least since very long? And modern people really should. It’s not a secret…
I know some people are fatphobic, people have all kind of weird thinking and eating disorders but I mostly just see people wanting to eat low-fat and that alone isn’t necessarily bad.

I don’t know why I am shocked, fruitarians are even worse, ditching fat and protein alike (I suppose there is a little from the latter, almost none from the former, I think of the only banana way here, obviously one can eat fatty fruits too)… They are one step from light eaters, those don’t get sugar poisoning and die quicker at least…

But I try not to talk more about such insane things.

(Allie) #28

Things are changing now, people are waking up.

(Chuck) #29

They have to wake up, the advice that is being given to patients, and the general public is killing people, with so many different diseases it is criminal.

(Michael) #30

Aye, in the end, most of my weight has come off from fasting, and just stays low while on keto/carnivore at the new weight. Fast a week, lose 12 pounds, regain 6 on refeeds and maintain a 6 pound lower new weight (as an example).


One wonders if that’s the point - killing people.

(KM) #33

I think it’s more like, “keep people as sick and dependent as possible without killing the flock of golden geese created.”


Good point, as that seems to be much more successful, and has been going on for a long time.

(Allie) #35

Businesses want customers, whatever the industry.

(Chuck) #36

You all have echoed my thoughts, about the golden goose, population control, and intentional.

(B Creighton) #37

Chuck, welcome to the forum!.You must have a pretty good build. I am 6 ft, and got up to a size 40 and 218 lb. First, I did the anti-potato chip diet for a year and lost 18 of those pounds. After that, I just drifted in my usual diet and lost only down to 195, and was still size 38. I decided to do keto - very close to Atkin’s style. I lost down to 182, but then started gaining weight because I was lifting. When I quit keto, and ate more carbs and even desert, my weight first went up to 192, but I retained my new size 36. I started walking a good bit, and then lost another 18 pounds. That all happened in about 6-7 months. So, it can be done. I intermittent fasted 3 days a week with only an evening meal and protein smoothie. One thing I tried to do is NOT lower my calorie intake significantly, so as not to slow my metabolism. That is easy to do by increasing fats since they have 2 times the calories as carbs.

I got my waist down to size 34 and 175 pounds, so it can be done. It felt good going and buying shorts I would wear in high school or college.

The Atkin’s diet is essentially a keto diet, and is approx how I did keto. I prioritized the protein, and even found it difficult to eat all the protein I set a goal for. I mostly just ate whatever fats came naturally with my protein, although I did start using a coconut oil fat bomb to break my fast on my IF days - I counted that up this year at about 900-950 calories… I too aimed for about 50 gr of carbs per day, although when my strength gains stalled, I increased it just a little. At that point I was only showing trace keytones on my pee strips. I ate virtually all the cruciferous vegetables I wanted on keto after my protein entree. After about 10 months I am still within 2 pounds of my new low weight. One of my main goals is to not get on any prescription meds. American doctors generally just are treating/managing symptoms and not returning you to optimal health - that is up to you. I have changed much in my WOE. I switched out a lot of cheaper foods for better quality and a little less quantity. I now get grass fed lamb at Costco, and grass fed beef at Sam’s club or other. I buy wild salmon or cod. I buy wild shrimp - even the little salad shrimp work, and I can get those for about $8/lb. I haven’t found a healthier source for my chicken or pork as of yet. When not doing keto, I pay an extra dime/lb for organic bananas, and an extra ,40/lb for organic celery(celery is one of the “dirty” crops). If I eat bread, it is now organic as well. This may sound expensive, but without the junk food, my grocery bill hasn’t seemed to have gone up too much, and in the long run I will save money without prescriptions, copays, etc.

(Chuck) #38

At my heaviest in 2010 I weight 285~ pounds. This morning I am 209 and wearing a comfortable 36 waist jeans and size large shirts. I started this time at 240 and an uncomfortable 38 waist jeans 2x shirts. In 2017 I was 188 to 192 and was wearing 34 waist jeans and medium shirts. And my dress jeans, wrangler cowboy cut jeans were 36 waist. I feel comfortable with staying with the 50 total carb diet and just seeing where my body settles at. When I was on the Atkins diet I went from about 240 down to 165 in about 18 months. But I was in my mid thirties and working very long hours and when I had time bicycling 2 to 4 hundred miles a week. My build is weird. I have always had large thighs and calves, my arms are skinny and my chest so so. Growing up on the farm, my exercise was hauling hay bails, picking cotton, chopping weeds and doing what ever else was needed to keep the farm alive. My responsibilities was the farm animals, cows, pigs, chickens, and even ducks. My dad had me racing on a figure eight dirt track on four wheels that we designed and built from scratch. I started the racing at age 10 and aged out of the juniors at 16. From there I went to the drag strip. I was drafted and went in the Navy three days after my 21st birthday. To be honest I was n much better shape going into boot camp than coming out of it. When I came home on leave I was asked about my boot camp experience and I said it was a vacation. Boot camp introduced me to high carbs and I believe my weight down fall. Going into boot at 167 and coming out at 220, and not having as much energy as I had before boot.

Also I have always had a larger belly than I would have liked. My mom blamed it on her side of the family. My dad always right up to his death reminding me of a weight lifter, large arms strong chest but even by his words chicken legs. And I have always be the opposite.

(Chuck) #39

While my weight loss is a very slow progress, way slower than I read elsewhere, considered no progress by many. I see changes and improvements that don’t show up on the scales. When my old eyes can notice the difference in the mirror in the mornings as I take my daily weight, then my BP. My BP is slowly dropping to that ever important normal level, my waist is becoming smaller, my thighs, and calves are smaller and even my feet. Maybe it is my age but the small changes really do add up. I have to go for now to my Monday morning men’s meeting but I have other thoughts to bring up.

Some other improvements are in my dry skin, dry eyes, and even my vision.
Also, I have lost 31 pounds and don’t have any issues with loose skin. I have even noticed that the bags under my chin is gone. And most importantly I want to wear nice fitting clothes and not my baggy sweatpants, and sweatshirts. And growing up in Texas I have always preferred wearing boots, with my calves reduced in size I can now comfortably wear my boots. And I most importantly feel younger and more energetic.
The very first book I read about Keto was by a doctor that was using Keto to help her mother control her cancer, and the comment that stuck out for me was that she recommends to throw the bathroom scales in the trash and concentrate on the health improvements.

(Allie) #40

This is where the real magic is seen, too many people obsess about the number on the scale (which is largely meaningless) and mistakenly think they’re not progressing when in reality, they’re progressing perfectly.

(Chuck) #41

Well my smoothie this morning was my traditional except for a whole small banana, I need potassium as it is low for me, I would have preferred a half avocado instead but didn’t have one convenient. I have room in my plan for today to offset it in my food choices for the rest of today.