My intermittent fasting low carb journey


(Chuck) #162

While I don’t eat anywhere close to the number of calories that I am told I should eat, I do eat all that I feel I can eat. And I am eating more calories now than I was when eating high carb meals. I find there are days that I don’t feel like eating at all and then there are days I seem to stuff myself.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #163

That sounds about right, then.

The only caveat is that years of cutting calories can sometimes condition us to eat less than we really need. If you think that might possibly apply to you, a forum search on “reverse dieting” ought to give you some ideas for dealing with that.

But again, you might want to examine your diet closely. If the quantity of nuts you are eating is enough to keep you out of ketosis, then either you are getting more carbohydrate than you realise, or you are insulin-resistant enough to need to restrict your carb intake even further.

The good news is that both situations are fixable. We can help you look at your food for hidden carbs, and insulin resistance slowly abates over time on a ketogenic diet.

(Chuck) #164

I am not eating more than a half handful of either walnuts or pecan and walnuts together. I am sticking to less than 50 total carbs per day, which is working for me. I know my body well enough to know that this plateau is due to what my body remembers from my Navy years. While stuck at this plateau, I have lost 2 inches from my belly, and and inch from each of my upper thighs. I have gone from a loose fitting 38 jeans to comfortable 36 jeans, and I can even fasten my 34 jeans but they aren’t comfortable enough to wear yet. I really don’t care if I go below what I weigh now as long as I am slimming my belly and upper thighs. I am now able to touch my toes with ease. And I am able to tie my shoes without feeling like I am losing my breath. Weight loss isn’t always the best measurement, I learned that many years ago.
By the way I had an argument with the head nurse on my doctor’s office I explained in no uncertain terms that I will take a trimmer body over weight loss any day. And that I don’t have much faith in BMI charts due to it not taking into account percentage of body fat, bone density and muscle mass. I saw a Navy friend get written up because he was “overweight” when the guy was less than 6% body fat. He bet it by get a water weight test that measured true weight and showed the fat percentage. Ever since then I don’t have much trust in the charts.
By the way my percent of body fat is 22%, I am hoping for about 16%. At my age that would be great.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #165

That would indeed be great. Good luck! From everything you’ve posted, you are definitely on the right track.

(Bob M) #166

You’re 22% body fat and wearing size 34 pants? How tall are you? Are you muscular?

I ask because I’m 5’8" and relatively muscular and wearing size 34 pants, but still obese by BMI.

I had a DEXA scan, but it was a long time ago. I’d love to get one now, but they’re expensive and I have to travel to get one.

(Chuck) #167

I am overweight at 208 pounds, I am 6 feet. My 34 jeans are uncomfortable at this time but just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even get them up over my butt. I would have to be 180 to be normal BMI, I just don’t think I will ever get that low. I don’t consider myself muscular, just solid. I grew up on the farm doing everything that needed to be done. I was throwing 100 pound hay bales by the time I was 10 years old. And didn’t way but about 100 pounds. I went in the Navy at age 21 weighing 167, and after 11 week of boot camp I was up to about 210. At that time weighing 210 I was wearing medium shirts and 32 waist jeans. I can now wear a medium pull over shirt, and a very comfortable 36 waist jeans. My goal is to wear my cowboy cut wranglers. If I keep going the way I am I should be able by June to wear them.

(Robin) #168

You’ll get there. Not as fast as you may hope, but it will happen. I have lost 20 pounds since I went into maintenance mode about a year ago.

(Chuck) #169

I am at a plateau, at the weight that I was my 8 years in the Navy. As long as I am losing the fat around my belly I am happy to stay at this weight. Now my doctor wants me down to the magic BMI weight of 180. It may happen but I don’t think it will.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #170

Have you thought about getting a DEXA scan done? It might be useful, if you can find somewhere that won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

(Robin) #171

Although… Losing an arm and a leg is one sure way to lose significant weight.
Just sayin’…

(Chuck) #172

I maybe an old man but it sure does feel good to my ego to be able to wear my really nice clothes, and to be able to wear my shorts and nice fitting pull over shirts without seeing a huge belly hang over. I am not even close to the weight I was when I was able to wear these clothes before and that is what amazes me. When I was able to before I was about 15 pounds lighter then I am now, so it must be right then I have lost fat and gain some muscle. I will never complain about it either. I told my doctor in the email that he got Monday morning that I will continue to give him my BP readings as normal but I am not going to do daily weight checks. I will weigh myself only on Sunday morning and only record it if my weight changed enough to warrant it, he didn’t disagree. I am doing weekly measurements and that is definitely proving to be more accurate measurements of what is happening to my body. By the way my weight is stable at what I weighed when I graduated Navy Boot Camp and my measurements are slowly coming into line with what I was then. It is like keto is turning back the clock.

(Robin) #173

Love your new pic!

(Chuck) #174

Thank you I was so proud of the fact I could wear my nice clothes again.

(Chuck) #175

Another notch taken up in my belt, my jeans are fitted loose I should be able to wear my size 34 jeans soon. Oh I was down below 208, down to 207, not much but almost every day I am noticing changes. This time next week we will be in Galveston Texas preparing to take our cruise, I can’t wait.

(Chuck) #176

Well as of this morning I believe I have maybe broken my plateau, I was down another half pound. I am now as my previous journal records show at a point below the 208 pound mark that I started losing weight fairly quickly. That really isn’t part of my goal except that I want stay of all of my prescriptions medication.
I seem to be naturally calorie cycling this past couple of weeks. I will eat at are close the my maintenance level of calories a day or two in a low then I want feel like eating much for a few days and fast even longer than I normally do. I wish the weather was better so I could get out on the trails and burn off some of this energy. I can only take the exercise bike for so long.

(Chuck) #177

I have decided that I am going to see what happens and if I can be successful at not logging my food and micronutrients while I am on vacation and our anniversary cruise. Wish me luck.


Good luck! :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I resume my tracking tomorrow, it feels so strange not having any idea about my macros. But it was good to take a break, I regularly need that.

(Chuck) #179

I am sure I will return to my logging after the cruise, or I many log while on the cruise if I have internet. But I am planning on not being able to log.

(Chuck) #180

Well I am not complaining but my body is still fighting to stay at the 208 plateau but my belly and waist keep transforming by shrinking. Like I have said weight isn’t my priority, shrinking the belly is, and that is still happening in spades.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #181

I don’t remember if I’ve used this one on you yet, but here’s a thought I always encourage people to consider: Would you rather look thirty pounds lighter and be the same weight, or lose thirty pounds and still look just as heavy?

I like that you appreciate losing the inches. For me, that’s the important part; the actual number on the scale is not as relevant. If our weight is what it is because we’re fat, that’s one thing. When it’s the same number because we have stronger muscles and healthier bones, that’s very different. But I’ve encountered people who were so focussed on that number, that when it didn’t change, they couldn’t see how they were benefiting in so many other ways.