My intermittent fasting low carb journey


(Bob M) #366

Have you found your jeans to be … weird? I’m not sure if it’s the material, the cut, or what, but I can fit into all my work 34s (none of which are jeans)…but I can STILL wear one pair of 38 jeans, and have pairs of 36 jeans that are tight on me.

Or maybe work pants are advertised as being 34s but are really 36s?

(Chuck) #367

It all depends on relax fit, normal fit, or slim fit. Then there are my wrangler cowboy cut jeans that are slim fit with a boot cut lower leg fit for wearing cowboy boots. So yes they vary greatly now days.

(Chuck) #368

With the Fast5 I am finding as long as I eat within my limit I can eat just about anything I want. But I am still staying away from anything with wheat and oats. I still believe in staying away from fast food and highly processed and refined foods. But I am enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat of all kinds and seafood. I find that when I hit a new low weight then I immediately see a rise in the scale then a slow decline to a new low weight. This is something my body has always done. I learned many years ago to look at the trend and not the daily scale readings.

(Chuck) #369

Well my body seems to have settled on weighing between 201 and 204. Which is okay with me, as that is the weight I was when I graduated from Navy Boot Camp. Even with the weight stall I am still slimming down in the waist and thighs. So is it really is a stall or just a reconditioning of my body. The Fast5 is becoming my daily routine except for Sunday and Sunday is becoming a fast between 17 and 18 hours. I also believe with the longer daylight hours it is helping, now if the weather will just clear up and give me some dry weather and warmth. I am staying naturally with carbs below 75 per day. And my calorie intake is stable at about what I believe is a reasonable amount. Even with the wet weather my activity is up and allowing for enough exercise to be considered a very active person for my age. I am still not able to comfortably wear my jeans that I want back in, but I check once every week and I am making progress to getting back into them.

(Chuck) #370

Wish me luck I am going to try to up my fasting to 20:4 from Fast5. I understand that it may take me a few weeks to make it a daily thing, and I know that Sunday it will not happen seeing it as is our family day.

(Chuck) #371

Intermittent fasting and for me low carb, which isn’t required for the Fast5 or 20:4 fasting, while not giving me a weight loss and is making the nurse practitioner tell me I need to change to the SAD diet and forget this just makes me laugh. No I am not seeing the scales decrease and that isn’t my priority, but I am seeing the decrease in my body measurements and in how my clothes are fitting and that is what is most important to me. I am also feeling it in my energy and my body. The joint pain is gone, the allergy issues are much less, and my overall outlook on life is greatly improved. As for as my weight goes I am just above 200 pounds and weighing on the low end of what I weighed in my twenties while in the Navy. I am at a weight that feels so right for me. Yes by the stupid BMI chart that my nurse practitioner worships I am 20 pounds overweight. But that chart doesn’t work for all of us and it is older than I am and unlike me it is outdated.

(Doug) #372

:smile: I’ve had the same thing, even to the point of them saying, “You need to eat a lot more fruit and a lot less fat.” And, “Why are you skipping a good breakfast?” :roll_eyes:

(Chuck) #373

I do eat fresh fruit and flash frozen fruit. I also eat most vegetables fresh and fresh frozen. And even have baked potatoes and rice in limited amounts and not very often. I do my best to stay away from wheat and refined sugar. I don’t eat highly processed foods or highly refined foods. Meaning no fast food or cereal. My thing is if it s real food and not highly processed then I will eat it.

(Chuck) #374

I am finding that if I do my walk towards the end if my fasting time that I feel very energized and I can easily extend my fasting time beyond the scheduled fasting time and not be hungry at all. My walk is about an hour to hour and a half long and I have a 15 minute ride to and from the trail, and I normally ride my Vespa scooter to the trail and that energizes me even more. When I get back from the trail I wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before eating. The ends up making my fast more like 20 to 22 hours instead of the 19 that I schedule. Walking takes my mind off of eating, and the stress of the day. It frees my mind of the fog and thoughts of what has been occupying my mind. When I am really in the fat burning stage of my fasting my energy levels go sky high and my brain becomes so energized and my eyesight and hearing improves and I can see and hear so much more of the nature around. And that feeling lasts the rest the of the day.

(Chuck) #375

This week has been new experience for me I have ventured into OMAD territory, I have really feasted my one meal and been fasting for over 21 hours each day. My body has responded with a new low weight. I seem to unconsciously be cycling between very low carbs and just low carbs. It seems to depend on what my body wants or needs. I have also when it wasn’t raining been walking the trail and doing so while in the later hours of my fast for the day. I am totally amazed at the energy level that I have after not eating for 18 hours.
I noticed that my blood pressure is coming back down after spiking for a while so my experiment with higher carbs failed and with lower carbs my blood pressure is back down.

(Robin) #376

Good job following your body’s response.

(Chuck) #377

I went below 200 pounds this morning, that makes 2 pounds loosed this week, 4 pounds loosed for the last month, and 8 pounds loosed the last 3 months.
This last month I have increased my fasting time with nothing less than 17 hours, which was my Sundays with my family the rest of the time at least 19 hours and some days up to 22.5 hours. I have also managed at least 3 long walks and 2 short walks each week even with the rains we are having this year. I can now wear my cowboy cut jeans, but they are still a little tight, but not yet able to wear my 34 jeans but I can now fasten the waistband. What amazes me is that I am heavier than I was last time I was able to wear my cowboy cut jeans.

(Laurie) #378

Congratulations on getting below 200 pounds. And everything else!

(Chuck) #379

I have lost 4.5 pounds this last week! Sure I have been fasting longer, walking more, farther but I have also eaten more calories.
Yesterday afternoon I had an issue with my heart rate going up to about 100 beats a minute, and I felt somewhat weak. It lasted about 2 hours. This morning I tried to do my walk and stopped after only 30 minutes, I wasn’t weak or sick just, I just didn’t feel like walking. I cut my fast today to 19 hours and made myself a very high fat and protein smoothie, so I now feel a lot better.
I woke up to a normal blood pressure and heart rate.

(Laurie) #380

Great on the weight loss. Sounds like you figured out how to deal with the weird feeling, etc. Some days I don’t feel like doing my exercises. It’s all kind of mysterious. (Or in my case, old age.)

(Chuck) #381

This morning was our church’s men’s breakfast and meeting, I went and didn’t eat and wasn’t even tempted to eat! I am finding it easier to fast and even be around others eating without being hungry.
On another note I am so tired of the rain, night before last and yesterday morning we had record rain fall and so far this year we have had more rain than we get in a normal year. The trails here are almost destroyed due to run off cutting the trails to pieces. We have had record flooding in the area.
Am slowly increasing my fasting time and hopefully will manage to fast a whole day soon.

(Chuck) #382

With my goal of wearing my cowboy cut jeans and also my 34 waist jeans within reach. I can wear both but they are still tight in the waist, at the rate I am going they should fit good by the end of the month. I am turning my sights on my next goal: I have decided it is time to set my sights on a normal weight. You see I want to get rid of my jelly belly, or belly roll. The top end of normal weight for me is about 184.5 pounds, but I am thinking more in the neighborhood of 175. I have done some reevaluating of my body fat and conditioning and believe that should be an acceptable weight. But as always my body will be the controlling factor.
I am well into 24 hour fasting with great success and feeling great doing so. I am thinking of push myself forward to possibly do a 36 to 42 hour fast. But I will be moving slowly and not going at it to quickly.

(Brian) #383


Once past the 24 hour mark, not eating does get a whole lot easier, at least it did for me in my early keto days when I had plenty of reserve energy onboard.

Do listen to your body. You may go longer, you may not. There can always be a next time. :slight_smile:

(Chuck) #384

Thank you I am not dealing with any really bad health issues just mildly elevated blood pressure and being overweight. I really am not convinced that the BMI charts are accurate. But I do realize that I still have belly fat and fat on my upper thighs to get rid of. While I am thinking of a weight goal, my real goal is just being healthy and losing the extra fat. I believe my body will determine its own happy weight.


I don’t understand why people don’t get what it is… It has nothing to do with accuracy. It hasn’t all the infos. It merely says something when it’s extreme. Muscle obviously matters :smiley: No sane person should think that 20kg extra fat and 20kg extra muscle are the same.
I have about 40lbs extra fat and it’s too little even for a short woman for BMI to be really informative (it shows that I am not thin but that’s okay). Too bad I am not very, very muscular (well as much as realistically possible, it’s not really much for humans without steroids) so yep, I need to lose a lot (not like I ever do but I still haven’t given up). As I wrote, I wouldn’t be thin even when muscular with this weight but it would be possible to be perfect for me. (I never will have THAT much muscle but hopefully some. No way I ever would want to be in the lower range of the normal BMI range).