My intermittent fasting low carb journey


(Chuck) #302

Yesterday even I tried on my Navy dress blues, my uniform from my boot camp graduation. And it fit just fine. I am also weighing just about the same as I did then, and that was February, 1969.
I am 6 foot, 204, and by the BMI charts still about 25 pounds overweight. But I don’t believe that I have enough fat left to lose that much weight, nor do I have the desire to lose much more weight. While my ego would like to brag about being below 200 I am very comfortable with my body at this point.



I tried on pants too so I have a few practical goals now :slight_smile: I HATE buying pants.

BMI is informative only if it’s very low or high and it’s worse with high as people can gain plenty of muscle…

(KM) #304

I had a happy pants day too! Jeans I assumed would fit ok were almost too big to wear. Woo!

(Chuck) #305

I am hoping to be able to wear my cowboy cut wrangler jeans again, and my 34 jeans. That is my check point pants for now.

(Chuck) #306

My experiment with not counting calories, so far is indicating that I am actually eating less calories by not counting calories than I was when I could look at the app to see how I was doing calorie wise for the day. I am also fasting longer now that I am not using an app to watch the time left until my fast is over. I am find that I was actually a prisoner to the app and calorie counting. I am averaging 19 hours of fasting daily. I am actually having two meals with a couple of hours between them. I am no longer thinking about snacks or snacking. And the weather has been giving me at least 4 days a week to get out and walk, my walks are my meditation and my meditation is what keeps my BP under control.

(Chuck) #307

I am finding that it depends on what I have for my dinner how I am able to handle the 19 hour fast. If I have too little to eat and that meal has a larger amount of carbs then I can start getting the feels of needing to eat before my 19 hours are up. And if the evening meal is heavy on protein then I will start getting sleepy before my 19 hours are over. If my evening meal is heavier with fat then I can even go beyond the 19 hours with ease.

(Chuck) #308

I am seeing results in my body as I slim down and my weight is mostly stable but with a slight decrease. I am staying low carb but not keto. I am no longer counting calories or carbs. I am finding that the combination of intermittent fasting and reasonably low carbs is what is working best for me. Not every day or in any one day but the only thing that I am not eating is wheat and oat products.
There is something else that is causing my stomach to act up but I haven’t figured it out yet. It even happened with a totally meat meal. I am wondering if it is a seasoning that is being used. I have also eliminated dairy as my issue.


Great! :slight_smile: It’s best to find your own way that works for you.
Hopefully it gets even better later and your stomach problems go away too.

(Chuck) #310

While I haven’t managed OMAD, I have mostly managed to keep my window of eating down to 5 hours or less. And days like yesterday when I ended a fast after only 14 hours to eat breakfast with my wife I made sure not to have any snacks between breakfast and dinner, and I ate an early dinner and restarted my fasting early afternoon. Today I will have a short window of eating as a push for closer to a 2 hour window of eating.

(Robin) #311

Flexibility looks good on you!

(Chuck) #312

Definitely had a feast Easter Weekend, now back to the business at hand. It wasn’t so much as eating too much in the way of calories it was what I ate! But having intermittent fasting as a tool actually takes some of the sting out of the process.

(Chuck) #313

After the feast is the rebound with a small weight loss instead of gain.

(Chuck) #314

Managed a 20 hour fast today with a 1 hour walk on the trail while fasting. I was surprised at how much energy I had seeing I had already been fasting for over 16 hours.


I always have the most energy around that time. Walking is easy but I used to make sure I do my lifting when well-fasted as I had little chance to have enough energy otherwise. Now it’s better (I am more determined too, I take lifting more seriously now and my results show it) but I still do it well-fasted whenever possible.

But I am a natural intermittent faster, fasting for 16 hours is normal life for me on any woe.

(Chuck) #316

By the way I am feeling better about myself and my digestive system is less irritable, now that I have increased my carb intake to just less than 100 carbs a day. I am still eating more fat than protein or carbs by percentage. The extra carbs are by the way of fresh fruits and berries. I am now able to get more fresh vegetables too. At this time my diet is all fresh food, meat, milk, and eggs from the local farmers, fruits and vegetables local when possible. I am staying away from highly processed and highly refined so called food, and no fast food or artificial sweeteners.
And my digestive system has completely settled down, no cramps, and no issues with my bodily functions.


Of course, it’s hard to avoid that on low-carb :slight_smile: I had the same on high-carb but I always loved fat.

Well it seems like that since quite long now but you really have found a very nice woe for you then :slight_smile: Good :slight_smile: I like seeing variety on this forum, showing the truth that we all need our own version of low-carb or maybe even beyond that. Some people very stubbornly think their are the One Right Way, I saw that all my life but it’s not right.

(Chuck) #318

I have a severe hearing loss, and I am an active member of the hearing tracker forum, I see it all the time that people have a hearing aid brand they like and seem to think that everyone should only like that brand also.
We are all different individuals whether it is our diet, hearing loss, exercise, you name it. We aren’t clones or robots that share the same everything. It seems that people want everything to be as simple as one size fits all but nature whether it is humans, animals, and even plants just aren’t that simple, even every snowflake is individual and not the same.


People apparently LOVE simplicity (even if they overcomplicate anything and able to make multiple standards for the same thing). Generalization, fixed keto macro percentages… But they aren’t right. At least many figures it out at some point…

(Chuck) #320

I had stir fry pork, vegetables and rice last night, and became light headed and had to break my fast at 17 hours and 15 minutes. It seems that rice maybe something to stay away from too. I was fine after having my smoothie of 12 ounces of almond milk, 4 ounces of whole milk, 2 cups fresh baby spinach,1/2 cup mixed berries, half a small avocado, and protein powder.
By the way I am within 3 pounds of going below 200 pounds. I am happy with my weight and the way my body is reshaping. Last night I was able to get on and fasten my cowboy cut jeans, they are still way to tight but I am making strides at my goal. I believe within the next month to 6 weeks I should be able to comfortably wear them. The weather is wonderful when it isn’t raining and I am back on the hiking trails and enjoying every minute.
And other note the last time I was able to wear those jeans I was at least 10 pounds lighter than I am now. I am seeing myself slimming down but also seem to be adding some muscle. As I don’t believe I will want to lose that much weight.


You do well then! :+1: