My intermittent fasting low carb journey


(Chuck) #242

Well looking at my food logs and micronutrients it seems I am leaning more towards Atkins with my fat and protein calorie intake coming closer together, and my carbs are still now below 75 total per day. I was curious this morning and weight and I am down 2 pounds since Sunday morning.

(Robin) #243

You are an interesting work in progress to follow. Following your body’s lead. Way to go!

(Chuck) #244

@Paul it seems your wisdom is wearing off on me. On the cruise and since I have eaten more and with that just a little more carbs and I have dropped 3 pounds since last Sunday. I have fallen through the plateau I was at. It should be spring time here but the weather just isn’t agreeable, I am itching to get back on the trails and to ride my Vespa. If my previous experiences hold true I may lose down another 10 to 15 pounds before settling into the weight I found so comfortable back in 2017 and 2018. If I don’t it is fine with me and if my body decides it is ready to become truly normal weight I am fine with that, which would mean losing a total of 20 to 25 more pounds.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #245

I’m very glad to know you are manking progress. Keep calm, and keto on! :+1:

(Chuck) #246

If you had told me about 3 months ago that I would be eating more and moving less and be losing weight I would have told you that you were crazy. But that is actually what is happening to me at this time. I still have to check my logs over and over to prove to myself that what is happening is really happening.
I have to say I have learned so much about myself and what I can and cannot eat and be healthy over the last 5 months.
I have to thank so many on this site for their support, encouragement and knowledge.

(Robin) #247

And you, in turn, are now inspiring others. Cool how that works out, eh?

(Chuck) #248

@PaulL since I have slipped off my plateau, ended my stalled weight loss, my weight is very constant, within a few tenths of a pound daily, which it unlike the pound to three pounds of daily change I was seeing when my weight loss was in a stalemate. I haven’t seen this before when I was trying to lose weight by the old eat less move more BS.


Interesting,. what can have cause this?
When I lost weight by “eat as little as comfortably possible, move nothing” (my dark times when I barely even walked… horrible), my weight loss was very linear and stable but my weight always was very stable.

It’s not really important though I suppose, our trend is. Stable weight or smaller-bigger bumps seem to be pretty normal for humans.

(Chuck) #250

I am inching slowly to going below 200 pounds, I am on average at this time losing about a tenth of a pound daily. Where before I was seeing a half pound to a pound loss then I would see a couple pounds of gain then slowly lose back to that new low, I am now constantly dropping about a tenth of a pound every day. I have also taken up another notch in my belt, my goal at this time really isn’t my weight but to be able to comfortably wear my 34 jeans again. Then I will start cleaning out my closet of the 2X, X shirts, and the 42, 40, 38, and 36 jeans that are overrunning my closet. Yes my wife has made me hold on to them, but this time I am shedding my past. I even have some medium sized shirts that I can wear now, and they don’t make me look pregnant.
When I started this low carb lifestyle style I never dreamed I would be making this much progress this fast. I am not sure but I feel this time I just may get down to a “normal weight”.

(Chuck) #251

The more I learn about the American Medical Industry the more corrupt I realize it is. The same goes for the American food industry and even the American government food and medical regulatory agencies. We have to learn to take care of our own health because the agencies and medical industry is only looking at the money.

(Chuck) #252

Just finished reading “Stay off my Operating Table” it is an interesting read. It actually is most in line with my thinking and believes. The many theme is eat real food and stay away from processed food. Most of all stay away from vegetable oils. The book doesn’t give hardcore advice on any specific diet other than to eat real food which means stay away from highly processed foods which are made from vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, and processed sweeteners from fruits, but he says that fresh real fruits are good, even bananas. But he then admitted that he does lean more to eating a carnivore diet. That is also what I am beginning to think myself. But I do like fresh and steamed vegetables, and even a baked potato or fresh fruit at times.
He also said and I totally agree, that if your are truly eating real food you will naturally limit what you eat to a healthy amount for what your body needs. Also if you are eating real foods and you are craving something then it is because your body is in need of some nutrients or vitamins that is essential to your body.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #253

Robert Lustig, the anti-sugar food activist, says the same thing, his reasoning being that whole fruits (not mashed up in smoothies, and certainly not fruit juices) contain enough fibre to slow the rate of absorption of the fructose to one that our liver can safely handle. And as Dr. Lustig points out, it is very difficult to eat enough whole apples to get the same amount of glucose and fructose that is contained in one glass of apple juice.

My impression is that bananas are too sweet to be safe, regardless, given David Unwin’s famous banana-eating episode (he eats foods asked for by his patients, to demonstrate what happens to our serum glucose after eating them). But high-fibre fruits should be fine on keto (not carnivore, of course!).

(Chuck) #254

I agree, my doctor pushes me to eat a banana that isn’t full ripe to the point of being soft as a way to increase my potassium levels. But I have eaten them so far since I am not yet comfortable with eating above about 50 total carbs on average. I can’t wait for in season local fruit to become available though. I now understand that I have to limit myself on carbs and sugar even from fresh fruits. And I am leaning more towards meats, and dairy products than vegetables since returning from the cruise. My BP is amazing me, 112/70 with a HR 68-72 on average now. I haven’t taken any prescription medication for 10 weeks. My salt intake is on average about 3700 mg daily. Yesterday was one of my highest salt intake day due to corned beef, of about 5500mg and I had one of my lowest BP readings this morning and a new low weight. Each day just leads me to even more revelation about the importance of eating real food, and staying away from processed foods.


This is not true in my case. Of course, I didn’t eat proper food in my life but who did? And I had an overeating past and I doesn’t seem to get over that, my eating abilities and overeating tendencies stay with me.
But anyway, carbs make many of us hungry. No matter how natural food it is, carbs easily trigger overeating in me. Hey, I am glad if I don’t overeat all the time very close to carnivore! I easily overeat fat too (protein as well but that isn’t the culprit in overeating calories. but I have protein sources triggering overeating). But plant carbs make things way worse.
Satiation is something quite weird sometimes and extremely individual. Some of us really need to choose our items to achieve it without eating way over our energy need and it’s not about proper food. (I don’t say “real” as I can’t interpret that at all or differently than most people here, probably).
Carbs interfere a bit with my satiation but they change me mentally too. We are just not a good mix, plants and me.

Of course, eating proper food is good, healthier and even may help with overeating, that’s the way! But it never will be enough for me. Some other rules or changes are needed as well.

And while I love banana and used it on keto nearly every day in the beginning, I am pretty sure it’s not “good” for me. Sweeteners are loads better, it’s another thing they aren’t food so I try not to use them if I have a better option. And I usually have. My body just isn’t elated when I give it sugar in more than minimal amounts, no matter how natural it is. I keep eating zillion kinds of fruits for joy purposes (and because I have them. no way I skip my own fruits! I can handle them. but it’s tolerating things in properly small amounts and pairing with the right things. not something actually good). By the way, one banana is fine. One apple may not be (sometimes it’s okay), I never understood why apple is one of the worst ones for me when I am fine with almost any fruit in that amount…

I like processed food by the way, my body never complains. Not any processed food, mostly some okay sausage and the like. I handle the ones with some questionable ingredients too but sausage is very easy to find with only normal ingredients. But while I like and need processed items, I like to keep them low, at least in average. I have days where I focus on processed meats, that’s fine as it doesn’t happen often. I really love my single ingredient staple items :wink:

(Chuck) #256

I seem to tolerate more carbs that I would expect and not have cravings, and still not become hungry while I fast for 16 or more hours. But my cravings will happen if I start eating bread or a sugary dessert. But eating fresh fruit doesn’t bother me, but fruit juice will definitely. I can eat extremely dark chocolate but not milk chocolate. A baked potato with butter and sour cream isn’t an issue but don’t load it down any farther. I could go on and on. So at least for now I will stay away from anything with wheat or oats. I know that steal cut oats don’t bother me but I am not ready to push that limit. I believe it is our responsibility to determine what pushes our buttons as they say. But until my body finally settles down to its desired weight and I am truly ready for maintenance I will not get over confident and permanently add too many carbs to my diet. But I am confident enough while limiting total carbs to experiment with different carbs and combinations.

(Robin) #257

Smart approach, Chuck. Glad it’s going so well for you!


Fruit juice is never a problem for me but I do have it in tiny amounts :wink: I never would buy or make any, it’s the thing in the bottom of the jars. I pressure can zillion jars every year.
Yep, you must have no problem with carbs like me, to me even keto isn’t strict enough and act like a slippery slope or is too hard on me so I fail… Not like I stick to carnivore so well but it’s still calmer and better for me.
We have our own carb ranges and types where we can do it easier and what feels good. Smart to stick to it. (Why I can’t do that almost all the time?)

(Chuck) #259

The more I read the more I learn and the more I learn the more confusing things can become. But I am of the opinion that I trust the findings of a heart surgeon, who has not only seen the results of bad eating choices but was also obese and managed to find his way to having normal weight and good health. I believe he is very much correct about eating real food and staying away from processed food, and vegetables oils. As someone that loves his dairy products, whole milk, real butter and cheese, and am very happy to read his comments. I also love fruit of all types, nuts, meat, and vegetables. He doesn’t knock beans and potatoes. Just keeps pounding on eat real food, and staying away from processed foods.

(KM) #260

Salmon, spinach, avocados and yogurt, all good potassium sources w/o as many carbs as (bleh) green bananas! Seriously, life is too short for green bananas.


I only eat very ripe bananas, okay sometimes the yellow ones would do… But never below that.
I eat almost zero of the fruit, I want to enjoy it when I have it! :wink: Interestingly, I can handle the sweetness but I usually eat it frozen and with other, not sweetened things. And 10g is a perfect portion anyway and I handle excessive sweetness much better in tiny amounts. I can eat even honey if it’s just a few grams though I typically don’t eat it alone either.
But I got carried away again, sorry, Chuck. I do try to behave but comments here make me react.

I don’t have a bad opinion about legumes and potatoes, they are good food for many people for sure. Not for me due to carbs and not just that. Like I can’t eat enough eggs and meat (without overeating) if I indulge in such subpar things (though I love the unique flavor of them but I need the whole package, tasty and healthy, useful food)… Sometimes I wonder what I should limit in the moment, eggs or meat (I usually do both). I would wish to eat a ton of both. And dairy too. But I don’t have that energy need, only appetite and possibly hunger too, that depends…

That’s why I don’t want better food. Mine is already almost(?) too desirable.