My intermittent fasting low carb journey


(Allie) #182

So many people get stuck on that number and cannot see past it.

(Chuck) #183

I am extremely happy with the way my body is trimming down without losing the weight.

(Chuck) #184

Well I had an interesting email conversation with my doctors head nurse. She wanted me to go see the nutritionist because I wasn’t losing weight. I ask a straightforward question what is more important losing weight or exchanging fat for muscle. Then I explained that while I am not seeing a scale change I am seeing a vast improvement in the loss of inches from my body, belly, waist and thighs. Her only reply was that I wasn’t improving towards the BMI numbers. My comment again was the BMI numbers are some analysis calculations and my body doesn’t recognize that as a viable indicator of health. My doctor emailed me to say he will take less inches over a scale reading any day.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #185

Some sense from a medical professional, yay! :+1:

(Chuck) #186

Actually my primary doctor is doing a low carb diet too. And as a veteran I am enrolled in the Move program at my local VA clinic and we have a growing group of keto/low carb members. But the nutritionist still will not recognize us even though our group is showing the most improvements. And about half of our group that are disabled to the point of being in a wheelchair or using crutches or canes to get around. I just joined the group before Thanksgiving and we have strong leadership from a couple of the doctors and even one nurse practitioner. But most of the doctors and nurses and the only nutritionist don’t want to accept it even when they are seeing our group growing is making the most improvements in body measurements and improved lab results.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #187

That has got to be frustrating. But you guys know it’s working for you. Dr. Ken Berry says that we want to be the doctor’s 100th patient to talk about keto, because takes all of the previous 99 to get his attention and convince him there’s something real going on. Then the 100th patient can do some real educating.

(Chuck) #188

Our keto/low carb group is growing there are 3 different meetings a week and last count this Monday there are 75 of us that are in the group and another 20 to 30 that are interested. We are getting noticed. There are always the people that when the truth slaps them in in the face that still will not believe.


That’s a big group! I only met one person in my life who tried keto (and I knew that)… Well I am a hermit and don’t know people. But keto really isn’t popular here, paleo is. There are some articles about keto here and there as some people do try it out but we have no keto products and people don’t hear about it much.

(Robin) #190

This is actually pretty funny. They probably look at y’all as a Cult!

(Chuck) #191

I haven’t ever been shy about going against the establishment

(Chuck) #192

I am finding it somewhat challenging to find what to eat, it seems here at the restaurant every thing is geared to carbs, fruit, grains and potatoes. But I have learned not to be shy about asking for extra protein, or green vegetables. Salads with meat is one of the better options at dinner. Tomorrow morning we board the ship and I will have to figure things out again but the pre boarding questioner did ask about diet requirements and I filled that out as low to no carbs, definitely no grains or potatoes.
I have found a buffet that works great. But here in Galveston it seems every restaurant menu is geared to high carbs. We’ll board the ship at about 11am this morning. We seem to be part to f the VIP group of early boarding and lunch while the rest are boarding.

(Chuck) #193

It isn’t to hurt staying low carb on the cruise like I was afraid of

(Robin) #194

Good news! Have a fantastic time.

(Chuck) #195

I survived a Japanese feast last night with only minor issues with my stomach, things we men do to make our wives happy. But I also understand the overwhelming amount of things my wife does to make my life better.

(Robin) #196

:heart:Spoken like a wise man.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #197

Happy wife, happy life.

Or as Barack Obama said in an interview, once, “I learned early on, that if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.”

(Robin) #198

Of course, the reverse is also true.


We talked with my SO about this today and yep, we both let the other do whatever as everyone’s diet is their very own business. Unless it’s unhealthy as I don’t want him to die on me or something…


Start walking. Lift heavy weights to maintain muscle mass. Increase you protein intake. Reduce your blood pressure asap. Comparing your 21 year old self, 54 years later is not going to help. Be realistic in your expectations. As others have said, maintain your caloric intake. You do not want to get into a caloric reduction scenario at your age.

(Chuck) #201

I am pretty much eat all I feel like eating. My blood pressure is down to the point I am off all medication. I am eating a lot more protein. All most leveling out my percent of protein and fat