My 1st Cheesecake? ... Well, sort-of

(Nicole Silvia) #163

Well this will be MY 1st ever cheesecake!

My birthday is this weekend and I’m excited to try this!!! So, you mentioned letting it set for 3 days. Does it set in the frig? Or room temperature?

Thank you! I’m trying the original recipe btw

  1. First, good luck! It should come out great! :slight_smile:

  2. Second, Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

  3. Thirdly, yep, it stays in the fridge. Unless it’s set out for say, a gathering, cheese cake should be kept refrigerated. - You can keep it in the springform pan while it sits up, or remove it from the springform after at least 8 hours and then leave it on a plate or cake container. - The three days just lets it set up and tighten, which makes it very creamy. Again, you can eat it sooner, after 8 hours. I just prefer the 3 days.

Please let us know how it comes out. :slight_smile:

(Nicole Silvia) #165

I’m so excited! It looks and sounds amazing! I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Any chance you could come up with a yummy fall pumpkin dessert for us too?


Yes, ma’am. Pumpkin Cheese Cake is already on the radar, and was talking about doing that not that long ago. I just haven’t gotten to it yet, and will have to do some research as to the ingredients. But it won’t be til after this Hurricane decides what it’s going to do, which I’m hoping will be done with by the end of next week. :slight_smile:

(Terence Dean) #167

Stay safe Dave!

(Nicole Silvia) #168

Yes, be safe! Btw, just finished making it. Messed up a little, but it might taste ok. I need practice :frowning:

It is day 2 and soooooo good! I actually like the crystalline texture. I wasn’t good at forming the crust. It’s very uneven. :confused:

Thank’s so much for this recipe! I hope you’re faring well out there


Yeah, the crust gets easier as you do them. Plus the crust with this recipe is a little less forgiven then the original crust, which was made with Graham Crackers, which does form easier. This one just takes a little more finessing. Still should be quite good though, enjoy! :slight_smile:

(Nicole Silvia) #170

So it’s day 3, and as promised it is even more delicious than ever! Thanks again :slight_smile: I will make this for every special occasion.

(Brian) #171

I have a Keto pumpkin spice recipe I’m going to try in November!


That sounds quite good. - I been asked if I was going to post one myself, just haven’t had time to look into it just yet. Been quite busy the past few weeks. But I hope the one you have works out well, please let us know.

Mainly I will have to look into the ingredients I used on the one I made Traditionally, and see what can be tweaked to make it Keto. Maybe once I do, you can compare to what you have. I usually use 1 cup canned pumpkin in it, but haven’t checked how the carb count is on pumpkin. So will definitely be interesting to see.


Looks delicious!!!

(Daisy) #174

I’ve made a Keto cheesecake 5 times now. Will make another for next Saturday. I may use your crust for this one, as mine (mine, meaning the one I found online and have used 5 times now lol) is good, but not great. I have an entire Pinterest board full of Keto cheesecakes I want to try, but the one I make is so darn good I’m afraid to try another! My kids bought me mini springform pans for my birthday a couple weeks ago, so I may get adventurous in those. :grinning:

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #175

How small ARE you?

(Daisy) #176

:joy::joy: adventurous in my cheesecake baking, I should clarify :joy:


Cool, I hope you like it. - I find that the Almond Flour doesn’t do bad at all, and though I did leave the Erythritol in crystallized form for the crust only, It didn’t really have the crunchiness I thought it might. … I have still yet to try the Coconut Flour to see the difference. But might throw one together this weekend, or next. :slight_smile:

If so, will probably slice and freeze it for individual consumption over some time, maybe couple months. I don’t want to incorporate it too much, because eating it regularly seems to hamper the weight loss some. But when consumed moderately it doesn’t seem to have this effect.

(Daisy) #178

My current crust is almond flour. I think the main difference between the one I use and yours is the addition of cinnamon. But I’m hoping that makes the difference I’m looking for! The current recipe I use: I have used powdered swerve and powdered monk fruit in the filling. I prefer the swerve.

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #179

Be interesting to see. In general I’m preferring the coconut flour to the almond.


I want to thank you for this recipe…sort of. I’ve now safely frozen the left overs as it is so delicious I’ve been reminded that I’m a food addict. Remaining Keto, just had to remove temptation :yum:



On your macros sheet in the first post, it doesn’t seem to have added the Almond flour.
I’m sure there’s a good reason for this, which I’m not aware of.
Is this right?


Yeah, I was doing too many things at the same time back then, and was adding products to the sheet as I was using them. So when I added the Almond Flour to the top of the sheet, it showed on the sheet ok, but was not incorporated into the Auto-Sum section at the bottom. - I actually corrected and noted this a few post further down, but I should have also updated that one too. :slight_smile: Thanks, will go change it so it’s not confusing.

EDIT: Well, apparently I can’t change it now? I may have even tried to do so before as well, I can’t recall? But it’s probably why I just noted the mistake in the post I did on August 7th? - It might be a time issue. Meaning post can’t be edited after a certain amount of time? Will have to check that.