My 1st Cheesecake? ... Well, sort-of

(Terence Dean) #151

Yeah thanks Dave, too late its frozen and I just released it from the spring form. It came away nicely. Yes its possible I mixed it for too long but I did also cook it for 5 minutes longer than the last one, mind you this one is higher too so more volume as well. I added a teaspoon of psyllium to the crust with no problems, no-one would ever know unless I told them. :wink:

(Adriana 🤓) #152

Oh, I love this thread!

I was looking for a cheesecake recipe and this looks great and easy to make. Has someone tried to make this using stevia (liquid or powdered)? I haven’t found erythritol anywhere in my area but want to make this, I’ll do it this weekend :smile:


Welcome Adriana, I don’t believe anyone here has tried Stevia, either liquid or powdered, but I’m sure it will work. I have both Stevia and Truvia myself, but just found both of them have a slight aftertaste that I didn’t like. So I personally used Erythritol in place of sugar, which makes a great substitute since it also provide about the same measured volume. - You might have to adjust the Stevia due to it being much sweeter, & less volume.

If you do try it, please let us know how it comes out. :slight_smile:

lol … Just hope you can cut into it! :smile: During summer my Mom would freeze hers, but it was always slice-able because during the hotter weather, the freezer didn’t get as cold. But in colder times, it would get solid, and you couldn’t slice into it.

(Adriana 🤓) #154

Yeah, not a fan either… but I’ll try it this weekend and let you know.

(Terence Dean) #155

You’re correct Dave, I had to thaw it out again to cut it up, it was like trying to cut an iceberg!! :rofl:

Wow lemon is great, I don’t really think it needs extra fruit, my wife got to test drive this one. I’m on a diet. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks quite good with no sides, certainly easier to make this way. Tastes great (apparently), thanks Dave!!


I was thinking I need a matcha green tea cheesecake. Then I thought of this thread. There’s my contribution. Still haven’t made one yet. . . Can’t find my hand mixer.

(Diane) #157

But it sure is beautiful!


First, I agree with Diane, that it does indeed look good. But also get what you say about not needing any fruit. There’s times that I do like a piece with something for a topping, but there’s also times I just want to enjoy the cheesecake for itself. The richness, creaminess, etc. … Hope your diet doesn’t last too long, so you can get to enjoy a piece. But then again, keeping pieces frozen with allow it to wait for you. :slight_smile:

Took the day off today, and after going out and cutting the grass here shortly, I was hoping to getting around to making something tonight myself. :slight_smile: … Will post it if I do.

(Virginia ) #159

Yum, love lemon. Looks good Janie.


She keeps talking about this cake and how good it looks! She’s a lemon fanatic as well. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #161

LOL@ both of you!

The lemon meringue one was really good!!!


Well, I didn’t get to any baking last night, (besides making dinner) after mowing for a couple hours in a heat index of 105 degrees. (Was a little bit hot) :slight_smile: So will probably do something tonight or over the weekend.

Here’s a neat link V sent me in FB a couple days ago. It’s not Keto, or even Cheesecake related, (though could be?) but I thought it was pretty neat and you cake bakers might like it. A LOT of work it appears, but pretty cool.

(Nicole Silvia) #163

Well this will be MY 1st ever cheesecake!

My birthday is this weekend and I’m excited to try this!!! So, you mentioned letting it set for 3 days. Does it set in the frig? Or room temperature?

Thank you! I’m trying the original recipe btw

  1. First, good luck! It should come out great! :slight_smile:

  2. Second, Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

  3. Thirdly, yep, it stays in the fridge. Unless it’s set out for say, a gathering, cheese cake should be kept refrigerated. - You can keep it in the springform pan while it sits up, or remove it from the springform after at least 8 hours and then leave it on a plate or cake container. - The three days just lets it set up and tighten, which makes it very creamy. Again, you can eat it sooner, after 8 hours. I just prefer the 3 days.

Please let us know how it comes out. :slight_smile:

(Nicole Silvia) #165

I’m so excited! It looks and sounds amazing! I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Any chance you could come up with a yummy fall pumpkin dessert for us too?


Yes, ma’am. Pumpkin Cheese Cake is already on the radar, and was talking about doing that not that long ago. I just haven’t gotten to it yet, and will have to do some research as to the ingredients. But it won’t be til after this Hurricane decides what it’s going to do, which I’m hoping will be done with by the end of next week. :slight_smile:

(Terence Dean) #167

Stay safe Dave!

(Nicole Silvia) #168

Yes, be safe! Btw, just finished making it. Messed up a little, but it might taste ok. I need practice :frowning:

It is day 2 and soooooo good! I actually like the crystalline texture. I wasn’t good at forming the crust. It’s very uneven. :confused:

Thank’s so much for this recipe! I hope you’re faring well out there


Yeah, the crust gets easier as you do them. Plus the crust with this recipe is a little less forgiven then the original crust, which was made with Graham Crackers, which does form easier. This one just takes a little more finessing. Still should be quite good though, enjoy! :slight_smile:

(Nicole Silvia) #170

So it’s day 3, and as promised it is even more delicious than ever! Thanks again :slight_smile: I will make this for every special occasion.