May ZornFast 2020 and June Zornfast, due to site issues


It is time for the Zornfast, Thursday, May 21st to Sunday May 24th (or what suits you, start early, end later, whatever works for YOU.

Everyone is welcome. We are here to support each other if it is your first longer fast or not.

Here is the recipe for ketoaide if you need that.

May 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Tamela Robinette) #2

I haven’t eaten since 8 p.m. Sunday night and I’m shooting for 96 hours so that would be 8 p.m. Thursday (though I doubt I would choose to break that late at night.) So technically I guess I am participating in the Zorn fast, I just started early. Happy fasting all!


Great fasting. I usually start after my last meal on Wed. nights and break at breakfast Sun. But I often times end up eating somewhere in between and then diving right back into fasting til the end of Zornfast.
It is all good.

(Susan) #4

I am participating for sure =). I plan to go from today (Wednesday) at 1 pm until Saturday or Sunday (depending on family circumstances for meals). It is now 12:55pm so I am eating atm then beginning --good luck to all =)).


So I started last night and decided I am doing serial OMAD fasting this go around. I have failed so badly since being in isolation, that OMAD just seemed like the logical move for me to make, Gets me back in fasting mode, but gives me enough calming foods to help with the stress of these months of isolation.

So I ate my one meal today and I am feeling good, even upbeat because this was a protocol I could complete successfully and I think I can do it for the next few days. If all goes well I will try doing ADFasting next week.

Happy fasting and stay healthy everyone.

(Tamela Robinette) #6

That’s exactly how I got back into fasting. OMAD seems to come naturally to me when I practice strict keto and become fat adapted. A week or so of OMAD made it easy to transition into 36 hours then 48 and this past week I made it 69 hours. Good luck! You’ll be alternate day fasting before you know it!


Yea yesterday was easy, In fact, I could have skipped dinner and probably made it to bedtime, but I want to stick with my plan for this Zornfast :). Will see how it goes tomorrow if I still feel I can skip dinner I probably will.

@Momof5 , how is your fast going?


(Susan) #8

Real life stuff has been very stressful lately; which I feel is stalling weight loss for now, but as long as I am not gaining, that is okay!

I had a goal of 100 hours but I made it to 76 --I am still happy with that.

I Fasted successfully from Wednesday at 1pm until tonight (Saturday) at 5pm.

My husband bbq’ed burgers and they smelled so good, that I caved and broke the fast and ate 2 --cut up in a bowl with some mustard, lettuce and half a slice of tomato and it was delicious).This text will be blurred

I hope to make the 100 hours on the next Zornfast =-). I do TMAD 20:4 normally; however, some days lately have been OMAD’s as well --not planned, but sometimes I have been just too busy to remember to eat basically!

Congratulations @collaroygal to getting back into the fasting with your OMAD’s and I agree with you that this isolation has definitely had an impact on all of us.


Congrats on your 69 hours, that is terrific =).


I have completed my goal for this Zornfast.

Thanks to those who came along for the ride. Hope to see you next month, not sure what happened to Brenda this go around, maybe she is too busy with her online coaching now? I will always be so grateful for her starting this monthly fast. She really rocks.

(Susan) #10

I agree -thank you from me too, Brenda =) -I hope that you are well and just busy.

@collaroygal -Thank you as well, for always making sure it gets started and for encouraging all of us --you rock too, dear lady =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Wasn’t able to post a June Zornfast, but I did one, started early, I’m doing 40, refeed, and will do another 36 hr. fast.

Not sure if anyone else is doing it but hey, it got me were I wanted to be, I am faithful to the monthly group fast.

June 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)
(Susan) #12

I joined the ADF group and decided to fast after a late dinner Wed. night. I am 33 hours in and saw this thread. It must be a sign. I will try and go till Sunday but it might be hard, it’s been a while since I did a Zornfast. I appreciate you starting this thread @collaroygal gl with your fast.