May ZornFast 2019

(IDM Educator) #41

Were you supplementing salt and watching hydration?

(Susan) #42

Yes, pinches of salt under my tongue. I will try more salt next time. I did it too soon after being sick I think.

(Susan) #43

@Brenda In your experience, is there any correlation between fasting and diverticulitis? I just fasted 91 hours and for the second time I believe I am getting a bout of it after fasting. It may have been i needed another course of antibiotics and it’s the same episode back again. Was hoping you could enlighten me.

(IDM Educator) #44

From what I understand about diverticulitis it is caused by food getting lodged in small pockets in the intestine and then infection setting in. Fasting is good for healing and autophagy. But causing a bout of diverticulitis? It doesn’t make sense to me since fasting is the absence of food. I’ve never heard of this. You’ll have to do more research.

(Susan) #45

I forgot about this post. It was a false alarm. Thank you for your response. Sorry to waste your time.