Maui Dolphins

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

This has nothing to do with keto but it has something to do with New Zealand so here we are. Maui Dolphins are in critical danger of falling into extinction with only 63 left in the world and I’m sure many of you in New Zealand are aware. I am trying to raise awareness for them but many people I encounter just simply don’t care. They are getting caught in set nets and suffocating. Now, seabed mining will start to happen in their habitat. Can you all please pass this message on. I’m going to do an assembly on the Maui Dolphins for school and the stress is killing me but if one person doesn’t speak up, then nobody will. The WWF have a page on them and a Maui Dolphin Challenge but otherwise, here in the UK, they are pretty much invisible and unspoken of


Maybe you could work on getting your cause involved with Amazon’s Smile network where a portion sales goes to that. I use when I shop and mine goes to the WWF so if they are involved, that might be helping. You seem like a very well spoken young lady, you got this!

(Scarlett Hyde) #3

I will definitely be using that! My mum jokes that amazon is my only supplier, I love buying from amazon, I literally would spend time on amazon scrolling through stuff that i know I will never buy just for the fun of it.