MARCH 2021 Zornfast Mar. 18-21st


Time of the monthly fast. Join in no matter what level of faster you are at, experienced, just trying it out, coming back to fasting, doesn’t matter this is where you get support no matter what protocol you are using.

FEB. 2021 Zornfast Feb. 18-21

Oh my I didn’t notice it’s that time again… I just made a lot of carnivore food but I can be very optimistic and try OMAD (as usual), it’s doable for me even using extremely low-carb, I just need to wait with breaking my fast when it’s late enough.

Whatever it will be, I try to fast for as long as I comfortably can. I think I made progress in the last month, I am sure my food obsession went down a bit, I had more OMAD days than usual too… And I can fast for a while more when I am kind of hungry but it’s not a real need. I am more ready than lately. Whatever my SO’s Covid test result will be, I will be stable and collected enough so I won’t mess this up. I think.

I bought various teas, they should help if I just want to consume something warm… Black coffee is still not exactly my style and my throat prefers warm liquids now.

My fast started at half past 5 on Wednesday, we will see. It would be fun to have a 24 hour fast every day but I won’t force that. I will be pleased with IF with a small window.

Good luck, everyone!


Shinita, I will join you with the OMAD. So far this month, my longer fasts have not worked well for me. So I decided to just do OMAD this round. I start fasting after dinner tonight and will go to end of Sunday.


I’ve been OMAD’ing also. My attempts at longer fasts are going poorly due to not being fully fat adapted- after the holiday screw ups. So, OMAD with 100pct carnivore for a while may help that process. I’m in. =)


Yay! I feel less alone now :slight_smile:

In the end, I started my fast at midnight, there is a reason I mustn’t break my fast until well into the afternoon at least and I broke that yesterday and I can’t fix that afterwards. When my SO is at home all day, even my hunger signals behave differently for some reason let alone my appetite.

I admit I had some broth at 1:30pm, little fat, little sodium, the way I like. Cooking helps with fasting but my SO eating lunch doesn’t. And I have a lot of chicken soup and no way I can eat much of it on my single meal while doing carnivore… Too satiating. It’s the only food that always satiated me pretty well despite not having lots of protein and calories. It’s not that effective when it’s close to zero calories like now but still strange.
Tomorrow I will do it properly :slight_smile:

In the end, I had coffees. Black. I don’t like black coffee when I don’t have strict rules but now… It’s nice. Definitely way better than nothing :smiley: And it’s sweeter than before… It’s weak black coffee but still, it’s still surprising. My mind even conjured some milk/cream feeling and taste from nothing… Sometimes it does it but I only remember another single time decades ago when it produced a believable lard taste on my sad, plain croissant.

I don’t think I lost my fat adaptation in December, I surely had crazier times and my fat adaptation stayed with me as far as I could tell. But I don’t want another December like that, it wasn’t even so fun. Fasting is actually the ally of my low-carb eating, I tend to eat more carbs when I have too many too small meals. If I just wait until I get ready to eat a proper big meal, it’s safe. I get my normal food and I am fine for another day. But if I am peckish… That’s no good with my personality.

I like when I have a small eating window AND extreme low-carb as default. That’s my ideal, I think I can say my goal is to have this as my default and Zornfast is a little tool. I try to practice this all the time with mixed results. It would be useful because I could break one of the two (my rebellious self need that sometimes) and I probably still would have a great day. But if I have only one and eventually break that, chaos ensues, my last years clearly showed that.
And I really like both parts and the combo is very convenient - when I actually manage to do that. It’s not hard except I must be patient with breaking my fast. That’s what I practice these days.

I am sorry I wrote so much again. I have so many thoughts about these things and really, really want to do it right now.


That is what we are here for, don’t care how long a post is. This is a form of communication about our challenges, our hopes, our victories, our failures and our plans for over coming them. I often have to break my longer fasts to have a single meal and then start over. I ignored by body for many years, paid the price. Now I try to listen to my body. I don’t always succeed, but I do try.


Okay then :slight_smile: Yep, it’s definitely related but I still feel a bit bad as I just can’t shut up sometimes…

Meanwhile I had my meal around 6pm. I had a somewhat familiar hunger today, the nice kind that feels nice. A soft sign but nothing demanding food right away. Even after fat adaptation, my new, softer hunger was a bit annoying and demanding, it was a huge improvement and waiting wasn’t as a big deal as before but I still felt an urge to eat very soon when I got it… But I have this polite nice one more and more lately. No real urge at all just a warning that it would be a good idea to make food some time in the next few hours… I like this.
I waited long enough to be able to have my planned meal too (though my hunger very quickly disappeared and I have about zero appetite to begin with. I was merely hungry since hours, without any desire to eat but a stronger bout made me a tad interested in the end)! So I should be just fine until tomorrow mid-afternoon.


I had my OMAD today a noon. Not sure why but my stomach was growling and I actually felt hungry. So I had a big lunch and hopefully that will see me through the rest of my day. Normally my OMAD are dinnertime meals.

We have been able to get out and walk, so that helps. The snow piles are starting to melt down with the sunshine and warmer temps today.

Susan, are you with us this month?
@OldDoug and @SecondBreakfast, how are you doing?



@collaroygal Doing okay…thank you for asking! Funky work schedule is making things difficult because I can’t OMAD at the same time every day…I like to eat more at dinnertime- ish. That’s hard when one works 10-8, or 1-11.


TMAD for yesterday… I couldn’t help it, carnivore-ish OMAD is tricky for me. I will figure out how to eat but after a too low-cal day (it seems <1400 kcal is little for me even on this ultimate woe) I got seriously hungry super early, at 1pm. Normally I would try to wait a bit, it’s not like I felt really uncomfortable, it was just a strong sign but I knew I will walk 2 hours and I did that in a hungry state before, it’s hell, my hunger just gets worse and I just daydream about my food waiting for me at home… I was already tired (I got super tired after, aching body, I don’t understand, it was just a walk!) and it’s relevant as me being tired AND hungry, that’s not pretty. I probably would end up buying something in a shop… So I ate.
Of course, I couldn’t eat much, I never can in this early hour. Later I tracked and it was about 940 kcal (not accurately at all, it’s impossible to figure out). I was wonderfully satiated for maybe 4 hours? I was busy so I am not sure. I felt a tiny hunger and decided on eating some soup. My body obviously used the opening and I felt starving even after another 940 kcal so I ate a bit more.
Starving in the evening is where problems and epic off days happen, I did it okay this time but I should avoid this in the future.
I do my best to eat much later today (easy as I ate well yesterday) and every day in the future, I will quickly get used to this as it’s my normal. I should start eating at 3-6pm, that works for me and I need a big meal. The later I eat, the easier to eat enough for a day but I have my tricks.

I STILL don’t know the details about the ideal food choices for carnivore-ish OMAD. And my body is so very predictable under similar circumstances! I should figure it out soon. I use some of my not satiating added fat items to boost the calories (and I love them anyway) - but they may be not so great for long term satiation. I will make experiments. Maybe carnivore-ish OMAD is my way. Maybe a 3 hour long eating window would be ideal. Maybe I should have a higher-calorie day with a bigger eating window every few days. I don’t know yet. I want to do things automatically right eventually…

So I do carnivore-ish OMAD today, I know myself enough for that, I think. (It’s not even noon yet.)

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Just not getting my fasting groove going. I got hungry again today at noon. My stomach was growling so loud my husband heard it across the room. UGH. So I ate at noon. When I did that yesterday I ended up eating a late night snack. So not much fasting going on. SOOOOOOO… I’m out. I will attempt it again next week. I’ll keep hanging out here.

Being able to fast easily does seem to come and go. I have read of others having the issues I have had. The condition of the world for the last year has not helped me a lot in my efforts. I am just thankful I have stayed down as well as I have. Eating the WOE is what has kept me from tumbling over the prediabetic to diabetic line. My BS numbers stay good as long as I eat lower carbs. But I was doing this to lose and keep off weight, which I have been doing for years now.

I am also doing a month of wine Wednesdays, only having wine with dinner once a week.


Stomach growling isn’t hunger, it’s interesting so many people have them at the same time…

I got “stomach hungry” (not reallt stomach rumbling, that’s not my stomach’s style. it’s a different thing) early too but it was very easy to wait until 6pm. I still wasn’t really hungry after the calorie rich yesterday but my body had enough and (subtler than ever) started to do its weak and dizzy spiel to make me interested in eating. Why it doesn’t give me real hunger sign, I don’t know. Whatever.
My SO got hungry too (for the 3rd time of the day) so I ate too.

So I had an about 24 hour fast, nice.

Well, 6pm for carni OMAD is ideal. It doesn’t mean it’s the best I can do, I don’t think carni OMAD is really good for me at this point.
6pm was simultaneously late and early for me to eat. Or it wasn’t early, I simply can’t eat a big meal on carnivore normally.
It was late enough so my body kind of forgot about how to feel any desire to eat. I know that, it happens when I fast for longer. Getting satiated in no time didn’t help. So eating was a chore. I didn’t need force, I planned well, I had great food but it still was. I reached even a pretty complete satiation too early, I really didn’t want to eat, not like I ever had an appetite today but at least it was almost always zero and not negative where I can’t eat.
Fortunately I had my pancakes. I think I always can eat pancakes… At least dessert ones (I eat savory ones too).
So I ate well again. But for various reasons I plan a keto day tomorrow. It’s not natural to do carnivore OMAD. I feel like when I had problems with OMAD but Zornfast came and I wanted OMAD. So I did carby OMAD because that’s easy. I don’t have regrets, experiments are fine but it’s not right.
Maybe later when I get used to… something that helps. Carnivore is still new to me now (again. I do on/off carnivore all the time just like I did it with keto) and I tend to have smallish meals on it. My body can learn but it takes time.

I do a keto OMAD day tomorrow and then I go for a small eating window in the late afternoon. 15-60 minutes (my typical single meal is that long) just isn’t enough. I can pull it off with very good planning and sacrificing joy but I don’t want that. 2-4 hours, maybe? I tend to get hungry 3 hours after a substantial meal and 1-2 hours after a small one (if I get satiated at all).

It would be so convenient and easy with one meal though… I just eat my daily food at once. Oh well. Experiments then.

So I stuffed myself (I didn’t go beyond complete satiation though, pancakes are special) and now I am so, so, so wonderfully satiated! Just perfect! Much better than yesterday with 2 meals and more food.
Oh I forgot. I ate so much yesterday that it surely affected the easiness of eating today. No wonder it was a chore despite the late hour when I tend to want more food. If I learn the right timing, food choice and everything and I eat just the right amount every day, it probably gets easier. Still, OMAD is a bit too challenging with very low carb. I didn’t try everything yet though… I need slightly different food choices on OMAD. I may need my less satiating but very tempting items, I can afford them more on OMAD.


I got that a few times also. But recently, I watched Jason Fung on Youtube a few times - just to kind of help in reviving the fasting mojo. Thankfully, whichever video I clicked on was a perfect reminder that the tummy growls go away pretty quick. And, how its important to stay busy, 'cause then you forget about the growling and its gone before you realize it. When I’m at work, I can stay busy - to a point. When I’m at home- food is accessible - if I’m not too tired.

When the work schedule changes constantly, and the hours end up being way more than what one bargained for - well - it does complicate things a bit. I’m trying to get back to where I was last August/Sept/Oct - when I was working a ton, but had the groove and could go days without eating. We can do it.


I don’t know why I got hungry super early again… I planned some soup but things escalated :smiley: I ate a pretty good sized lunch (I did my best to eat much and I was successful). But not surprisingly, a bit more than 8 hours later I got hungry (it’s very abnormal for me but not surprising in this unusual situation, eating a lot early) so it was TMAD again, with strong emphasis on lunch.

I will work on avoiding early meals, I usually don’t have this and don’t like it either… And I will see if I try it again next month or go for EF if I will be ready…
For my normal days (between two Zornfasts :)) TMAD seems better at the moment, at least on the days when a bigger single meal doesn’t come naturally. I just want to keep my meals where they feel nice, on the afternoon. No early or late feeding if possible. If I feel the need, I will make an exception, of course but knowing me, that must be extremely rare or due to some mistake.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

Thanks everyone for joining in.

@Shinita, I do mostly TMAD, only occasionally will I eat a breakfast. Coffe with HWC gets me through most mornings. Only lately have I been finding myself wanting a snack after dinners. I’m going to be working on reining that in now.

@SecondBreakfast, I understand the crazy work schedules, I had a complicated one that involved each week having different days off, so happy those days are over :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all and more in the April Zornfast.


I don’t eat breakfast. I have days with 6 meals but the first is around noon then…

Coffee with cream (maybe 2ml per cup) doesn’t trigger my hunger, fortunately (it never could help with fasting except when I just really want to consume something more substantial than water or tea :D) but that’s not clean fasting… I should stop that for many reasons… But I have more important things to change first.

I am peckish only if I didn’t eat enough (calories and protein and eggs, they shouldn’t go low), I got not enough joy from my food (but it’s not a good enough reason alone) or if I ate wrong. My “not eating at midnight” goes very, very well lately (it means I never ever get tempted after my last meal), I only ate late when I couldn’t had a proper sized OMAD meal and even so, it was proper, I didn’t become a different, worse person… :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

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