Level 8 crisis, need immediate help

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

Hey guys, so I’m sitting down doing my homework right now and I’m starving, I only drank water for majority of the day. Worst part is, we’re visiting our dad in a hotel and the only thing that I’m wondering whether I’m allowed to eat is a Persimmon (nothing else in the hotel remotely edible for a ketoer except those persimmons).

It is sort of the size of my fist and the longer I do my homework, the longer it is tempting my weak fragile mind. So I did a bit of research and I’m getting mixed carb counts, I don’t have the dreaded wrapper so I can’t scan it but I swear those persimmons were giving me evil smiles while I was doing that bloody English essay. Anyway, my dad said he’s going to order some meat for me but it’s going to take forever. Those persimmons are getting more and more appetising yet annoying because I’ve got no clue whether I can have some or not, (they also suck when it comes to spelling, damn you autocorrect, stop changing them to permission). Any help will be appreciated, this is a level 8 crisis as those little dooms are getting scarier and scarier, I’m literally holding myself back from tearing into their flesh and shaking my head around eventually swallowing the tender fruits in a very crocodile-y manner as I did when I was younger (didn’t we all pretend we were crocodiles eating at some point)?
EDIT: Are these things even called “persimmons”? I’m certain persimmons are much smaller, but then again, I’m clueless because I completely forgot their name, just a quick google search brought me to persimmon.

(Cindy Ward) #2

A quick google search showed me that a single persimmon has 31g carbs, only 2 g of fiber. So if it’s at all possible, try to hold out for the meat?

(Cindy Ward) #3


(Scarlett Hyde) #4

Yes, but then again, another google search showed 8 carbs? Either way, it’s like Russian Roulette isn’t it? Best to just ‘not’ shoot yourself and get a guaranteed survival (at least from that gun). But they are sooo ripe and juuuicy…/.

(Scarlett Hyde) #5

My brain is desperately whingeing at me right now… I’m hearing all the excuses, I think it’s going for the classic, “It will be okay if you quarter it,” but I know my willpower is weak once I start. I cannot simply have a bite and move on, no, I must devour all 3 before my fruit loving demon is satisfied.

(Cindy Ward) #6

This one shows 25 g net carbs. Maybe the 8 net carbs was for a portion? But yeah, I’m not sure I’d eat one. For me, if I’m really, really hungry, then eating 1 would just want me to have another and another…they don’t look very large. Can you brew some hot tea?

(Scarlett Hyde) #7

There is a kettle and some tea-bags available but I hate consuming anything warm except maybe hot milk and honey (off limits now), I just was never able to drink something hot, it just makes me sweat… from like the inside. I just don’t like it. However I am chugging water like a maniac right now. I’ve been staring at the same line I wrote for my English essay for like 5 minutes. It is due tomorrow and I cannot concentrate right now, those persimmons are off limits, I suppose, so now I must sit down and pray the meat comes quick.


Did you succeed in resisting temptation and just eat the meat?!?

(Doug) #9

How intense is this, really, Scarlet? What kind of a scale are we talking about?

(Edith) #10

Nutritiondata.self.com says almost 9g of carbs. That data was provided by the USDA.

(Scarlett Hyde) #11

Guys… I am rather embarrassed and pleased to say I survived this ordeal by my emergency coping mechanism. I took a short emergency nap while the meat arrived. I was rewarded after waking up with different platters of fish which was the only halal thing my dad could find. Delightfully, I feasted upon it and 3 huge prawns and some sea-bass later, I was full, it was weird, the first bite of prawn I took just emptied out all the hunger I felt, it took mere moments for my stomach to fill up and it almost is as if my brain just forgot about those dreaded persimmons even though it was only mere seconds when I was being tortured. I can only thank Cindy with all my heart, if she didn’t come rushing in at a speed I find impossible, I don’t even want to think of what may have happened if I fell into the trance of those horrors. This day will remain in my mind for as long as I live and my gratitude to Cindy will always remain a sincere gratitude. Thank you for saving me from the angry, malicious hunger that possessed me. I also learnt a valuable skill from today, I learnt how to sleep my cravings off burn I will keep that mechanism only for extreme emergencies like today. Many of you may have realised the sad truth of how dependent I am to fruit, there are days where I barely eat anything just to save place for the tiniest amount of fruit. I am constantly haunted by huge bunches of grapes, fresh cherries, the ripest juiciest apples that could ever be, mangoes with their practically bursting out of their skin with the sweet comforting flavours, all of the fruit that I have ever consumed and enjoyed in my life is coming back to taunt me in my dreams, when starting keto, I never realised that the biggest pain wouldn’t be the lack of carby food like bread or pasta, but instead it is the fruit that damaged me the most. Anyway, thank you Cindy, you truly saved me from those persimmons.

(Scarlett Hyde) #12

I was talking really bad, I was talking like frothing at the mouth bad, I was talking like falling in between worlds of sanity and insanity bad, I know that deep in my heart, that if those persimmons were mangos, I wouldn’t have stood a chance, I would have shredded them to pieces and gulped down the skins as well, I would have gnawed at the pit in the corner like a rabid dog before my senses would come back to me. I am grateful that they were not mangos, failure would be certain if they were mangos.

(Doug) #13

:slightly_smiling_face::+1: Scarlet and Cindy. Good sense of impending doom, drama, vengeance and apocaplypse. And a happy ending; redemption. :sunglasses:

(Cindy Ward) #14

That’s for a persimmon that weighs 25g. I would bet that that’s not a full persimmon.

(Cindy Ward) #15

You’re very welcome, Scarlett! I do have one request in the future though. Well, ok, maybe 2. LOL When I first saw your title to this thread, I truly felt a moment of concern. Guess I’ve had too many people around me who have had suicidal thoughts…so for whatever reason, I thought you were in true distress, not just managing hunger and the fruit monster. So that’s request #1…maybe clarify the next time that it’s just a hunger crisis. :wink:

The 2nd request…and this is something I learned a long time ago. The first step to changing a behavior is thoughts…then words…then actions. They each impact the other, too. Many people will describe hunger as “starving,” when in fact, it really isn’t. It’s just hunger. But by using the term starving, it becomes bigger in your thoughts. So as entertaining as it was to read your descriptions of the persimmons, the first step to defeating the fruit monster is to describe it differently. Are those “ripest juiciest apples” truly the ripest and juiciest you’ll EVER encounter? Well, if so, you should eat it. But I doubt it…another ripe juicy apple will be available some other day.

So that’s my 2nd request for you. :wink: If you’re writing just for impact (which is ok!), that’s one thing. But if you truly think about fruit in those terms, start rephrasing how you see them and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it becomes to resist.

(Edith) #16

Oops! Yes, just saw the 25g. It was more clear on the computer than on my phone. Thanks. :blush: