Leg Cramps - What to do when you've tried everything?


(Kirk Wolak) #30

I am going to try this… Potassium in my coffee… Mmmm…
I like sodium in it. This is interesting!


I usally use magnesium oil and take potassium when I get the leg cramps, however, recently I had been getting them regularly, the mag/pota was helping but dident seem to be getting rid…
A few weeks ago I started eating chicken livers (and turkey etc) once a week. About 1/2lb or so. Since then I havent had any more leg cramps whatsoever.
Not sure why, but as a n=1 , the addition of the liver seems to have sorted the issue.

(traci simpson) #32

I know Dr. Berry has a youtube about leg cramps.


I agree with @runswithdogs . It took me a while to get leg cramps under control. Switching from oral magnesium supplements (not well absorbed by the body) to oil applied topically changed the game for me. I hear that soaking in epsom salts works well too.


Very true, overdosing on potassium doesn’t take much and can be fatal. I also understand that it builds up in your system, so I only take it every few days in the form of No Salt.


This must differ greatly for individuals. I used to take 1/2 tsp of No Salt a day, which gave me heart palpitations, so I cut back.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #36

Depends on exactly what 1/2 tsp is. Much as I dislike the metric system overall, weighing food in grams is the best method. Easy and accurate comparisons between different foodstuffs. For instance: 1/2 tsp of salt weighs a lot more than 1/2 tsp of powdered sucrose. How do you compare the nutrient values?


True, it’s inexact, but I’ve found that a quarter tsp every few days works well for me and I don’t have to get out the scale. There is no way I’m weighing everything I put in my mouth (or even most).

(Edith) #38

I take about 3/8 teaspoons of No Salt divided into three servings per day. That ups my potassium about 900 mg/ day. I’m certainly not going to overdose on that but it is enough to make a difference. My resting pulse rate goes up over time if I don’t take that extra bit of potassium.

(Linda) #39

I make up 1/2 gallon of this sugar free fruit punch and add two teaspoons of salt, and 1 teaspoon of Nosalt and have a glass and eat some pork rinds before going to bed every night. I also take a magnesium taurate capsule at the same time. This has entirely eliminated my night time cramps. I get the punch at Winco.

I actually broke a toe once leaping out of bed to do the leg cramp boogie when I jammed the poor toe into the bed frame. Don’t care to do that again.

(David Cooke) #40

Silly response from me:
We need air conditioning or fans all night to be able to sleep. I found out by chance that if I cover my legs with s light quilt, my leg cramps hardly cause a problem. Maybe worth a try?


Not sure if it’s helpful, but along with using Brenda’s Keto-Aide, with added ACV and Lemon Juice for me, she also recommended taking Calcium Tablets each night to help with leg cramps. I think we all go through them from time to time, if not like those who deal with them regularly. But it wouldn’t hurt to try. Might just have to try & see what works best. Sounds like a lot to think about per the responses above.

(traci simpson) #42

The last two nights I’ve had foot cramps. I tried some salt since I’ve been drink vinegar water for about a week at night.

(John) #43

A follow up to this. Turns out it was work stress. She quit her job and the cramps stopped.

We didn’t consider the effects that stress could have had on her body.

So keep that in mind. Not all problems are caused by keto.

(Anna ) #44

I’ve had really bad nocturnal leg cramps for many years now, and they also have gotten more frequent since I started keto 5 months ago. But yet the cramps don’t happen every night. I’ve been keeping a detailed food diary and I can’t see any foods or activities that would cause this. My mom also has nocturnal leg cramps.

I’ve tried taking high magnesium and potassium and that didn’t work. I can’t take high calcium because it makes my migraines worse. I did have a blood test done and I have very high sodium and chloride, my potassium is OK, but my calcium is very low. Magnesium was not tested.

I’ve read that taurine can help balance electrolytes in the body. It’s too early to tell, I just started taking it.

(Kirk Wolak) #45

Okay, I have TRIED EVERYTHING and nothing worked 100% Until I found SNAKE JUICE!

OMG, it’s been WEEKS without a cramp (well, ONE time, when I was too busy to start my day with it).

Honestly, this has been working for me so well… You can find Cole’s (Snake Diet/Snake Juice) online.
But I have it down to: (24 oz of water or homemade seltzer)
1/2 tsp Magnesium (I took epsom salts and ran them through the coffee grinder=>powders them)
1/2 tsp NoSalt (Really Important Potassium Source)
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
Dash of Pink salt, and 3 “00” capsules of Pink salt that I pack myself.

I did NOT like the saltiness with 1/4 tsp of pink salt.

NOTE: this is 1/2 of the 1L recipe Cole Gives. I only drink ONE of these NORMALLY.

I force myself to drink this, the first thing in the morning (not all at once, it is the first drink I must finish before I have my coffee or seltzer or water, etc). Yesterday it was 4:22pm before I had my coffee, LOL.

But the lack of Cramping is AMAZING. And there are times when I do a second glass… I kinda know, or I might have gotten a “warning sign/twinge cramp” (That feeling that you could cramp)… And if I check, it’s after I did a lot of walking while fasting… Today I will walk 10 miles fasted. I will drink TWO of those, my first one is rocking already…

NOTE: I tried other things that SEEMED to work for a day or two. This has been a SOLID 4 weeks of working, since about a day after I started it… Crazy good results. And the taste… Just water it down a bit more, like I did, and it goes down pretty easy!

(Ben ) #46

I’ve started to spray a few pumps into my mouth after I spray it all over me. Real salty but you get used to it. I use a 50/50 ratio of mag flakes and distilled water. It seems to be stronger than the bottled spray. I used to wash it off after 30 min after all the mag was absorbed but have decided to leave it on so the salt stays on my skin. Will also be spraying it on my hands throughout the day.

(Sammy Roth) #47

Same issue…absolutely 100% cured in 2 days when I used the following supplements at night

  1. GABA. 750mg
  2. 5 HTP 100mg
  3. B6 250mg

I still use magnesium and potassium but these 3 right before bed allowed me to actually fall asleep within 1/2 hr of taking them rather than counting sheep for hours AND they also completely solved the leg cramp issue so rapidly I can’t even tell you. I am thrilled beyond belief!! The 5HTP was from Costco and it contains some B6 & B12 as well.
I’m not a Dr. but do try it out. Small price to pay for relief and sleep!

(Kirk Wolak) #48

A Quick Update…
Still not cramping…
I’ve had an INKLING of a morning cramp when I did not do my snake juice for a couple of days…

This is awesome. And because of this, I have reached out and bought LMNT (element) electrolytes, and having those keeps them away as well, but keep in mind, I don’t go many days without snake juice. So I could be confusing them… The snake just is SUPER cheap!

(Bob M) #49

You know, I have occasional lower leg cramps and have yet to figure out why.