Leg cramps on keto

(Susan) #21

Does olive juice work too? I just drank some of that, as we don’t have any pickles in the house.

(Full Metal Keto) #22

Pickle juice has minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Usually some garlic and turmeric too along with some seeds that might have healthy compounds in them too. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #23

I will have to put Pickles on the shopping list, not sure who I can get to eat the pickles though!

(David Cooke) #24

But I get all that in my daily diet. Sorry, but I’m not convinced.
However I promise to give it a try.

(Susan) #25

I have never done this stuff, but it if will help me lose more weight, maybe I should =)

(Full Metal Keto) #26

@Momof5 We usually eat them, low carb and all. Just a shame to pour out the juice. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #27

When I had all 5 kids living at home (down to 2 and my grand daughter now) I used to buy Pickles for sandwiches, burgers, etc. I just haven’t bought any in a while, I guess I will have to put some on the list. I have never been into salty foods, so I guess I will have to make an effort to get some of this into me… I just am not big into salt. pepper or spices, never have been is all. I notice everyone adds a lot of spices, I have been trying to add minced garlic and fresh lemon to my fish, etc but I don’t really like spicey things, so I hope that hasn’t been a big problem.

(Scarlett Hyde) #28

Thanks a lot guys, I will try including more sodium into my food and will start taking some vitamins (I’m low in vitamin D anyway - curse UK weather for the lack of sun). If there is one food that I cannot stand, it is pickles so the pickle juice is probably gonna take some time but I might try it if I decide that I hate the cramps more. I definitely need to drink more water too

(Wendy) #29

I don’t drink pickle juice but do take magnesium. I use the chelated magnesium citrate and they work well. Water is probably important too as the days I get a little dehydrated I seem to have more leg cramps. Hope you get resolution to these soon!

(Bob M) #30

My problem with pickle juice is I only like it from Bubbies fermented pickles, which I can only get from Whole Foods. And I need one at work for fasting and one at home.

They need to package just the juice.


I take magnesium glycinate which also has a high absorption rate plus the bonus of a little extra glycine, which I’ve also started supplementing recently. I looked up magnesium orotate and there is some conflicting data about whether or not it is safe and effective in the dosage typically used. It is prescribed for patients with heart failure though, so it’s still interesting in that regard.

(Jo O) #32

You could also be dehydrated.
I’ve had problems with leg cramps and tried all the suggestions. They worked sometimes.
But got a combination cold/allergies last month (bad cough = drinking water all the time since cough drops have sugar.) NO LEG CRAMPS the whole time.

And of course the cramps returned after recovering from the cold.
So now I probably drink 3 liters a day salted water.
So far so good.
FYI I’m 117lbs, IF (5 hr window), maintenance mode, don’t track anything.

(traci simpson) #33

I had THE WORST leg cramp last night! it started in my calf and traveled up to the back of my knee. It felt like little fingers walking up my leg! I use salt, I drink water. Why some random cramp??? I don’t like salt that much and using too much will ruin food for me. I don’t like it in my water either. When I feel hungry I will put some on my tongue and use a moderate amount in my food but I don’t like to over due it.

(Karim Wassef) #34

Add it to other drinks? I add it to my coffee and cacao.

(traci simpson) #35

Maybe I can add it to my hot tea if I have some in the evenings.

(Susan) #36

What I do, because I am not a big fan of salt on food, etc (never have been). I take a normal kitchen utensil teaspoon and eat it, on my tongue, then I gulp down water. I find I cannot stand the taste of it in water, coffee, or tea, so this way I get it into me, fast and it is done. I do that 2 times a day when eating, and more often when fasting.

(Wendy) #37

Also make sure your hydrated. I take a couple magnesium pills at night and that helped me but if I get a cramp now it’s usually after I haven’t drank enough water. Sometimes I’m too lazy or busy to drink when I should, even though I know better!