Lab coat can actually close now

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

It used to be really humiliating to be the only person in chemistry class where none of the lab coats fit. Not even kidding, they were all size M or something and I ended up wearing a super tiny one that stretched outrageously and to be frank, there was no point in wearing it. Just recently, I was super excited because I found one lab coat that fit me, and then another, and then another, at first I thought they were getting bigger size lab coats but nope, they were the same lab coats, they close now and are still tight on me but I am super happy for the progress.

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #2

This is a great feeling, Scarlett.

Just wait until you go clothes shopping, and you can try on all the regular sized clothes! It still blows my mind. :exploding_head:

It’s hard for me to remember when I didn’t have to look for shirts in the XXL, XXXL, and 4XL sizes.

(Scarlett Hyde) #3

Yea, my mum promised to let me buy a bunch of clothes that I wanted before (but they never had my size), as soon as I reach a healthy weight or even on the process of reaching a healthy weight. I know one thing for sure, I’m going online shopping which was nearly impossible in the past as I always would have to buy the biggest shirt I could find for it to fit nicely but would be more like a dress than a shirt. I have a bunch of t-shirt printing papers that I never used so that’ll be interesting too.

(Becca) #4

Great NSV, congrats! :grin:


It’s a great feeling, trying on clothes from a standard (whatever that means) sizes shop.