Keto for 2 months! New here 😁

(Nikki Cuevas) #1

Size 16 to a 12!
I Have been keto for 2 months now and have dropped 30lbs! I surround myself with podcasts (especially 2 keto dudes) and studies to learn as much as possible. I believe I have successfully turned it into a lifestyle and not a diet. It feels really great inside and out especially when Every. Single.Day. someone at works notices the weight loss and tells me how great I look :smiley: I want to go at least 20 more lbs to be at a good weight (pulling back my shirt to show change)

(Doug) #2

Welcome, Nikki. :slight_smile: Congratulations on your progress so far. It’s amazing and fascinating how it works.

(Nikki Cuevas) #3

Thank you!! Yah once you get the hang of it, it becomes natural!

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(Nikki Cuevas) #5

Thank you!!

(tulsanurse1) #6

I am just now starting my second month doing Keto. Thank you so much for posting your pics. Very inspiring.

(Julie) #7

That’s awesome, I love reading inspirational stories like yours.

(tulsanurse1) #8

Wow, that pretty impressive! Congrats :slight_smile:


Congratulations! You’ve rocked it. My weight loss is so much slower. Can you share a typical day of eating. Do you fast?

(Nicole) #10

That is impressive! Been on keto for 2 months and a week and have only lost 14 pounds, 10 pounds first month mostly water weight. I would love to know a typical day of food also because 30 pounds is so awesome!

(MyLove MyLife) #11

Suprb Work!!