Keto After 50

(Paul H) #1

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(Jacqueline Porter) #2

Tut! What a load of old shit! Keto is good for people of all ages! Don’t know what Dr Westman would make of the slur on Atkins.


@Paul28023, It just looks like a packaging of info that you can find on your own. People generally settle on their own ideal Keto in terms of macros, meal timing, specific foods, etc. with research and experimentation. There’s undoubtedly some overlap of what’s effective for people if they share a certain age range, but there are so many other variables (gender, genetics, activity level, personal history…) that this particular way of starting and maintaining keto may be happen to be a perfect fit for a person- or it might not!

Hard to say more without seeing what the specific recommendations are.

(Paul H) #4

Sorry if I offended anyone… It was something I ran across and was just curious. We will leave it at that and hidden or deleted is fine. Thanks Madeleine!

(Jacqueline Porter) #5

Its not offensive! Its just something that we can critically review and discuss!
If we only read things we all agree with how will we learn!
Please don’t think my comment was in any way critical of you.
Keep em coming!:wink:

(Paul H) #6

Thanks, Fairly new here and it’s my first time posting or seeing something flagged/hidden so I now understand.

(Jacqueline Porter) #7

Well it was my first time to say shit so… :joy:

(Full Metal Keto) #8

I don’t see any problem with discussion about many of the stupid keto packages or keto convience foods coming out daily now. If we don’t talk about and criticize weakness in most of these products how are noobs to make a smart choice?

Most people turn to keto in a semi desperate state of mind and want it to work from the start. Most have tried other ways on many occasions to fix their problems with diet and failed. They are vulnerable to all the fad marketing of unnecessary products and instructional materials and diet systems that business profiteers put out there to catch some fresh flies and get some of that big speculative profit off a trend. Weight watchers is making keto products now because people have learned that their crap wasn’t helping with weight loss and they’re hoping to cash in on new prospects. In the sales pitch for the package they make a claim “Why some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, and how you can too”. What a load of BS! :confused:

No special secrets, plans, factory produced keto friendly snacks, keto supplements or any special products of any kind are needed or desired by me. It’s working just great for me, I will turn 60 in two months, have reversed pre diabetes, fixed my triglycerides, and lost 40 lbs in 8 months with nothing special except that I focused on eating under 20 carbs a day. Better off spending that money on real foods without the unnecessary looking for a way to hack keto for extra special results.

KETO itself IS the secret hack. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Carl Keller) #9

I dislike people who to try profit on something that should be free to everyone. It should be a right for everyone to understand exactly what foods do to them when they eat them.

(Scott) #10

My brother saw some type of keto powder on Dr. Oz or some show like that and got some but it didn’t work. He then added “I didn’t know you need to change your diet too”. I emailed him some authors to checkout. Video youtube to watch and explained this way of eating. It was a wall of text and he said wow, that’s a lot of material, I will look into it later. He really needs this but I have done my part so I will just have to hope for the best.

(Alec) #11

Horse, water, drink.

(Scott) #12

I can’t make him drink so I will have to attempt to make him thirsty for now.


Unfortunately that is the exact pattern that raises a spam alert. Our apologies if it was an innocent question rather than an attempt to promote a plan.

(Khara) #14

Ick. It’s just so high pressure salesmaney. Total turn off. It reeks of desperation to get in on this trend. When I first went keto I found the website Diet Doctor. It contained a lot of free information. Certainly plenty to get started on this lifestyle and it was presented in a thoughtful way. If you wanted more in-depth info such as videos and interviews you could pay for a membership. It was a lot easier to digest than a hard sales pitch. Honestly if the first info I had seen about keto was a sales pitch, I would have been turned off of it. That was several years ago and now there is so much free information online that I really don’t see the point in this package or others like it.

(Full Metal Keto) #15

Maybe you should have given him just one really inspirational thing to read and let him ask for more. Not so overwhelming and you may have scared him off thinking keto really requires a lot of reading and studying to get started. The over complexity of it likely put him off. :cowboy_hat_face: