Just found out today that sugar inhibits production of EPA and DHA in brain

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My sister’s a doctor and I know she adores her patients :sparkling_heart: I also believe that all the doctors I’ve known (and the nurses I work with now) genuinely care.

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I went out with a guy who was a surgeon. He was so sweet, very passionate about the lives of his patients. It’s such a selfless job.

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This one really blows me away:

Dr. Rudy Tanzi: “…We think that you need a small amount of amyloid-beta protein to protect the brain. The brain was once thought to be sterile, but viruses and bacteria get reactivated, especially as we get older. The immune system and the blood-brain barrier (BBB) that keeps out pathogens weaken as you age. When we develop an infection, this amyloid-beta protein binds to the microbe causing the disease, traps and neutralizes it. We think this process is one of the triggers for Alzheimer’s that leads to the plaques, tangles and neuroinflammation. …” …More

Anti-viral/bacterial effect of MCT oils on the brain and making exogenous ketones…maybe?

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I thought canola oil was a no-no?

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It certainly is for me!

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I got rid of canola oil months ago. I use coconut oil and take fish oil. Just found it interesting that the article mentioned canola oil having a good omega 3 ratio.


Some people have a hard time converting the ALA plant version of O-3 into biologically useful EPA and DHA. IIRC, the conversion factor is low in general and worse for those with added genetic factors.

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It helps in the first place, since your gut microbiome trains your immune system, and that immune system is disabled or harmed after ingesting sugar.

By restricting sugar, glucose, and fructose, you in the end make yourself much more resistant to infection as a result.

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Pretty sure everybody has a hard time processing non animal omega 3. This is coming from a vegetarian lol.

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I read somewhere that just 100g of white sugar weakens the immune system by 50%. Terrifying. :scream:

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I know, and that weakness’s duration is dependent I imagine on your level of insulin resistance.

But just think of the downstream consequences. That little sniffle you used to get after eating sugary foods may one day contribute to pneumonia once you’re old and more vulnerable.

I personally take as an NSV that I haven’t caught anything other than one cold since starting this WOE in Jan 2017. While the rest of my house has been seasonally smitten with whatever crud goes through my son’s classroom. Sometimes 75% of his class is out with the flu.

For flavor, a neighboring school does this annually during flu season:

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I find it so interesting that cholesterol is an important component of the immune system. Remind me why we hate it so much?

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Cause it’s there clogging the arteries! * smashes chair in service to the cognitive dissonance *

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I remember watching a video where this woman was talking about how she ate a pound of dates and ten bananas for breakfast. I feel so bad for her pancreas.

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I have a dream that someday the doctors will read these articles so I don’t have to.

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For those of us too lazy to read every one, can you point out which of the 128 reference numbers show the effect mentioned in your post’s subject line?


Good point, I think the topic title may be misleading. The focus of the study said increasing EPA, DHA (removing a deficiency) can counteract some effects of fructose induced IR. O3’s must be consumed rather then produced internally.