January ZornFast 2020

(Keto Cancer Fighter) #44

Today, my glucose was under 100 upon waking, for the first time since starting the meds. I don’t know if this is a new trend, or if it was just an odd-ball night.

Its been odd the last few days, as I’ve been feeling cold sometimes (temp in the house has been the same as always). But I’ve felt cold even though my glucose was in the 80s. I guess if its been up in the 120s then the 80s will “feel low/cold”. I normally don’t feel cold until the high 60s (or less).

Anyway, good luck to all you fasters out there!


So I started my fast at 20:30pm.

I might be too good at getting ready as it was tricky to eat today. I didn’t want food, it took some time to be able to eat properly. Maybe it would have been better to start my fast earlier but I had meat in the fridge and I ate so little the previous day… Things didn’t do what they normally do and now I am a bit too full but quite ready and my body has no reason to miss nourishment for a while. My most modest goal is 48 hours and then we will see. Visiting a relative who cooks well and always makes food for us is something I never combined with fasting, it’s hardcore level for me especially that I never fasted for that long since decades and we will be there for a day, doing things which always make me hungry. But weekends are trickier to begin with even though I am home anyway. So I am pretty sure about Thursday, uncertain about Friday and I don’t hold my breath for Saturday but if I start to eat there, I start with lard, I love it, I run out of it a week ago and we will buy some that morning!
I actually don’t want to fast on Sunday, it’s too long for me and we have plans but if my body will be in the mood for super long…

I fast until I somewhat comfortably can, ie. until I get a real, strong, serious, annoying hunger or feel the need to refuel because I stop functioning properly. I am aware I should be okay for longer but tell this to my body when it has its effective temper tantrum because its precious food doesn’t come.
My state of mind (strong determination) helps and now I have it unlike almost always, I made myself ready, body and mind but I can’t predict what will happen. It’s exciting!

I plan/try to skip coffee. It’s a good chance but my strong determination is for fasting. I keep my tea. I never ever give up that in winter.

Good luck, everyone!

(KCKO, KCFO) #46

I got started last night at 10 pm. Trying one of Brenda’s fasting tricks. I usually don’t eat after 6PM when I start fasting. Will see how this goes. I aim for 48 hrs. if I go past that, I just ride the wave, if I end up eating at 48, I do a fatty refeed meal, then do at least another 36er. I keep my coffee, but take it black when fasting. I tried doing without the coffee and I don’t get too far with those. I have noticed some info out there that even black coffee can stop autophagy. But until there is a measurable way to tell, currently there is no way to test for it at home, I will keep the coffee. It doesn’t effect my cholesterol numbers, so it stays.

I plan to stay busy and away from the kitchen/eating doing some genealogy, including scanning old photos, so that should help, can’t have food stuffs getting on the photos.

While I haven’t lost in maintenance, my body has continued to do some reshaping and I find clothes that no longer fit still in the closet, so I made a pile of those, need to deal with those as well.

What do others do to keep from going to the kitchen/eating?


My answer probably won’t be good for you if you blur out even general words… It’s seems people use eating, food, meal and the like so I only use the blur on specific items. But I can’t possibly make a comment without it being full with food stuff. I am actually very addicted to this topic, I actually planned to use fasting to NOT doing food things but it didn’t happen yet.

I cooked a simple, quick dish today, it’s usually very good if I want joy from food but I am super full today anyway and even more determined.
I almost live in my nice, almost big enough kitchen (I would be happy with a kitchen bigger than a smaller flat for a family with 2 kids), no way I won’t be there a lot :smiley: I made coffee, wanted to skip it but I woke up feeling a bit unwell (too much sleep and at the wrong time. and this fullness) and I always drink coffee at times like this. It feels nice. I try not to drink it tomorrow…
I was on this forum too, reading and thinking about food, mmm… It’s nice even when I am full.

I feed and watch animals. Cats and chikadees (with the odd sparrow or waxwing). I read and draw and play. So many things to do, actually. It’s pretty outside but cold and I didn’t go out. I will do some power walking instead.

I don’t need distraction as it never helps anyway and if I need it, it means it’s time to eat. So it’s super easy for me, fasting is easy until it lasts and it’s not a super short time when I am determined. I guess. Little experience, you see. I love my tiny, 20-26 hour almost daily fasts and I like eating a tad too much.

I don’t think black coffee necessarily give you worse results, all those veteran fasters who drink coffee would notice it I presume…
The thought I stop my fast and “immediately” start another didn’t even cross my mind (despite I’ve read it in this forum many times), interesting idea… Probably not for my personality and plans for the weekend, though. But I might do another fast next week. Or whenever it accidentally happens, it actually have a chance now, I think I’ve changed.

(KCKO, KCFO) #48

I love watching the birds, we have lots of chikadees around here, along with blue jays, hawks, bald eagles, owls, bats, and crows, along with all the wrens of course.

There is a cool app Merlin that helps you identify the birds and includes recordings of their songs. I had chikadees swooping down to the table on the patio by playing those one day, tons of fun.


Maybe I should try that myself… I see lots of chikadees pretty close though, they are hungry and the sunflower seeds are extremely popular among them now! And the stupid cats don’t eat them and I mean the food, not the chikadees… They sometimes catch birds but very rarely, there are fields with lots of mice and voles nearby, thankfully they focus on them (and in summer, on lizards, it’s bad, we like lizard and the cats don’t eat them, just kill them).

Blue jays, hawks, bald eagles, wow! I am a bit envious :slight_smile: We often have woodpeckers and when it’s summer, we hear european bee-eaters (I live in Hungary). They are gorgeous birds but too shy, it seems, we almost never see them just hear them all the time for months…

I like that we often hear and see ravens. I like their voice.
And I see lots of pheasants, mostly not in winter though. And there is a big pond with lots of ducks (many species at some point of the winter) and swans (those are locals, I see them all the time when I walk around there).

I am quite happy with this place. It’s between two small villages, sometimes a tiny bit inconvenient but I have a bicycle, two feets and we have a car, it’s a must here so it’s fine. But there are way too more trees than people and lots of beauty, I am pleased. I can’t even imagine to live in a village at this point, at least not where traffic is significant and I am not on the top of the hill :smiley:
(I would prefer having big mountains and sea as well. But we can’t have everything. Hungary doesn’t even have a sea or really big mountains but I live between two mountains, it’s not high to put it lightly but pretty and not as flat as where I lived as a kid… There was absolutely no hill or mountain to see anywhere. But it’s the Great Hungarian Plain for you. It’s pretty near to here as well, by the way. The plain and two mountains meet nearby.)

Here. One can read things here, it’s something to do :smiley:

I am still very fine, it seems my yesterday was helpful even if it felt not quite perfect.
24 hours passed and I feel a tad too full but it’s quite okay. I drink a lot but I always do that.

(Deborah) #50

Started today at 10:30 and aiming to make it till Sunday at 10:30 AM for brunch.
Wishing all well with your goals

(KCKO, KCFO) #51

Past the 24 hr. mark, getting sleepy think I will go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

Happy Fasting everyone.

(Susan) #52

I am coming up to 57 hours and I am not hungry, but this is a very easy fast for me because I am so sick. My throat hurts so even if I wasn’t doing the Zornfast, I have no desire to eat at all. It is hard enough keeping my water up drinking it, which I am doing hot and herbal teas.

(Keto Cancer Fighter) #53

I like that it’s an easy fat for you, wish it were under better circumstances.


Oh that’s bad, get better!
It would actually makes my fast harder as my body gives me various reasons to eat so even when I want no food, doesn’t need food and I feel absolutely no hunger, I might get tempted. It’s bad sleep today and food always makes me feel better (the only case I eat my first meal at 6-8am instead of 3-8pm is this and I practically never resist as I love to feel just right. This time is different). And if I am sick, I don’t have nearly as much resistance, I just want to be better… A sore throat always makes me compelled to put warm, nice stuff into my mouth (tea is that but my onion soup with vinegar or at least some other nice, mostly liquid soup is better).

Because of the mentioned problems this morning, I drank coffee again and made a big tea. And made marzipan and chocolate as little gifts, I usually start my day in the kitchen, doing things, feeding the cats and the chickadees (I go out for that for a minute but I watch them from the kitchen window, I see them while doing the dishes. there is a great view anyway. And there are so many kitchens without windows in this country, people are weird. Or just very, very different from me. But more like weird, a kitchen needs window for reasons. Every room but small storage rooms and if it really is a must, a toilet need that. Many flats have windowless bathrooms. But I saw windowless bedrooms too, without any attempt to get air into them somehow)…
I feel better now.

I never understood fasting apps before. I can memorize when I started… (Okay, if one does it frequently, that’s different.) But this time I might get it, now I keep counting hours :smiley: I never did this before, I just counted when I broke my fast.

38 hours passed but I have no food so almost 48 is a given unless I suddenly and without a good reason broke down and eat but I can’t do that in the next few hours. It’s unusual I have no food and I always have food for months but I do carnivore and my usual food is something I can’t even think about now and run out of everything else, basically.
I hope my relative will have some nice food (if I keep feeling this weird. It’s surely not lack of sodium, more like bad sleep. I went to bed insanely late again but couldn’t sleep for long, it has nothing to do with my little fast), if not, I must wait until tomorrow to feel really alive. I will have a nap later.
Tea is a good ally. I start to dislike coffee very much. I didn’t like the taste lately and I drank it with tasty stuff before my fast so the contrast is too much. I can drink it in need as a medicine or pickmeup potion (we are playing wizardry 8 at home again, I can’t get out that old game out of my mind for very long).

(KCKO, KCFO) #55

Hope you get over your sickness soon.

(Susan) #57

Thanks everyone for the well wishes -it is not a serious illness, just pnemonia again, I get it every winter =( because of my asthma.

I am very prone to it but thought Keto might help me avoid it this year. I am more worried about my husband -the shunt brain surgery he had December 16th looks like he is having major problems from it, and might have to have additional surgery to correct it. I am sure that my cortisol levels are through the roof, worrying about him =-(.

(KCKO, KCFO) #58

Susan, every year and your doc can’t figure out what to do to prevent it, there are two vaccines for it currently.

I have had that twice in my life and the first time it took a year to fully recover, the second time it was 6 months, both times bronchial pneumonia . Second time it went away faster because I was living on a beach in Australia and got plenty of fresh air and sunshine. And yea, I have taken both shots. I never want to go through that illness again.

(Susan) #59

I will ask him about it -I can ask them at the walk-in clinic tomorrow. If the vaccine isn’t free, that might be why my doctor hasn’t mentioned it.

Thank you =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #60

Check with your country health dept. there should be a free or discounted access to the vaccine. Most insurance co. cover it these days, mine did.

(Susan) #61

Our insurance is not very good-it is why I use dollarstore glasses still --haha. I will ask though, thanks =).

I went to the doctor’s office and they said it is viral and to increase my puffers to 6 times a day until I get it under control but that I needed to buy a chamber. It was $60 and not covered by our insurance unfortunately =(. Thank goodness for credit cards =).

I ate when I came home at noon so my fast lasted 91 hours -what surprised me was I weight myself before eating, and I didn’t lose any weight, disappointing, but that is okay. I am sure that my body still got some benefits from no calories for 91 hours =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #62

Great fasting Susan. If you are using a puffer that has steroids, I am not surprised you didn’t loss anything.

(Susan) #63

I hadn’t used it for quite some time, but to be fair I only lose about 1 pound every 2 months, even when I am doing the IDM or 72 hour fasts monthly… my body hates me haha.


I wrote about my fast in the IF/EF chat thread but I put it here as well, actually I did it thanks for this topic, it helped that it’s a thing now and I told you I will do it to some extent. It was my word, my pride :smiley:

I did 48 hours, not so long but MY LONGEST FAST SINCE DECADES! I do ones around 24 hours very often, that’s nothing but I very rarely skip my single meal.
I started unusually full and determined as I wrote before. The first 24 hours was natural, I didn’t feel anything at my usual mealtime either (24 hour fasts are way harder if I start the fast very late, typically).
And then my body realized I skipped a meal :open_mouth: As I was still quite satiated, it wasn’t a big deal but I definitely felt a bit odd. It continued the next day but combined with sleepiness as I messed with my sleep again. But it was just odd, not some real hunger or feeling particularly unwell.
In the very end, I had an experience I only had once but hear about it a lot: I got a bit hungry - and then it passed. And it came back later and disappeared again. It was a tiny hunger, nothing I respect but the idea of a meal at 48 hour seemed good. If I will have some nice option.

I didn’t but I had 3 leftover boiled eggs, bought cheese and some other dairy and there was some deli meat I only eat at a relative once a year but it was quite good. I had multiple cups of tea and coffee with a little milk too. I barely could eat enough for a nice satiation but it happened somehow.
So it’s OMAD for me for a while.

But I won’t eat lunch just because it’s time and my SO eats. If my body is fine, I will do such tiny ones again. Maybe even longer ones.
I probably could “force” things, it was already late, I was sleepy, a few cups of warm drinks and early sleep (coffee doesn’t affect that but it was decaffeinated anyway. same difference to me) would do the trick but I wouldn’t feel that good and my really determined plan was 48 hours. I can do a longer one later, in more ideal circumstances. Or when I get used to skipping a meal and not feeling anything just positive things. I was looking forward to my next meal in the last hours. I couldn’t eat then anyway as we did some shopping (food!!! It was good, it helps a lot when I am a bit hungry because I am this weird).
Okay, it was 48 hours minus a few minutes because I was sitting at the table, food in front of me, I already ate 3 cups of tea and peeled all my boiled eggs… My SO was eating since minutes while I patiently waited. And couldn’t imagine why a few minutes would matter and I will do a longer fast in the not far future anyway. It will be easier if I start my fast earlier. I rarely have much problems with fasting before 3pm so if I do it right, I just need to handle the time when my body realizes I skipped a meal. The next day will be easy. Now I had two 3pm-8pm periods without eating. I almost always eat in this period. So I actually find this not quite 48 hours a bigger feat than a better timed 48-50 hour fast.

I couldn’t track but surely ate my minimal amount of food I can eat on my single meal on a good diet. A tad more carbs than ideal, though. No idea if I am in ketosis, I ate food with unknown macros in unknown amounts, I must be close to my ketosis carb limit but have I crossed it…? I don’t know.
(My plan was carnivore but things happened and I have no regrets, I didn’t lose a battle against my will, I made a good decision.)

I am a bit less satiated than usual but not hungry. Is it the fast? Is it the carbs? Is it the cold, not quite my style of meal yesterday? I don’t know but I could stick to OMAD without problems, without really big meals. And my meal today started very early after a very late one. I had a super tiny, 14 hour fast. Is it called a fast? Well, I didn’t eat during those hours. But I did OMAD :stuck_out_tongue:
And a few irregular kcals later, whatever. But it’s only 20:30 anyway and I am not satiated, just not hungry. I used up my determination for this week and I am very very pleased with my results now. No problem with baby steps.


And now it’s way later and I suddenly felt I NEED FUEL. So I had some. It was a very obvious sign and I don’t play with those. So, 2MAD today.
Probably tomorrow as well. It was enough, really, I already had at a disadvantage when I faced the first days with little else than eggs, that and the second 24 hours of my fast, while being not too hard, eroded my strength and I slept unwell and had stress all week too. And visiting a relative with limited options…
I probably will do better later though there is nothing wrong with 48 hours fasts either.
I might join the next ZornFast as well but I won’t go out of my way. I like that I get some extra momentum but whatever happens, happens.
It was nice to get out of my box. I still just eat to satiate my hunger or stop myself from feeling weak, I don’t even need real satiation now. This neutral feeling, not here and not there is enough.