I wish I had discovered this forum a few months ago


Just a quick post to say hi. Joined today :wave:

I have frequented the Reddit keto forums for a couple of months. I’m interested in the science behind keto and like to contribute if I feel I have something useful to add. But it is so full of obsessive and mean spirited individuals that it is not an enjoyable place to be.

And as for the bad advice offered by so many posters there . . . . :weary:

That doesn’t seem to be the case here and what a pleasure it is to read through helpful and informative posts which don’t belittle or shout down others.

Great forum, nice people here.


Welcome! I barely remember the reddit forums (I was there several years ago when I first went keto) but indeed, they weren’t so great. Meanwhile this one is cute. Not perfect as humans are never that but it’s a nice little community. We talk about various things as people do :slight_smile:
I only remember the carnivore forum there. It was tiny and quite sterile, NOTHING like the charming individuals here :smiley:
And the fasting ones often talked about being strong and fasting even if we are suffering and bite off the head of bosses and clients alike… I definitely went against the wind there.

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Welcome to the forums!

We try to be a refuge of both civility and accurate scientific data. I hope we succeed.

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Hi and welcome! There’s a lot of really knowledgeable people on this forum and it’s a great place for learning and support. I’ve learned a lot here through the 3+ years of being around here. I’m sure you’ll find most of what you need, or at least a point in the right direction.

Good luck, homie!

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I haven’t ever heard anything nice about that place… but you’ve escaped and found us now, and you’re very welcome too. We are a good bunch, obviously have the occasional upset such is life, but on the whole, all good :slight_smile:

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And so it begins….

Glad you’re here.

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Welcome! I think you will find all the support and information you need here. Another great resource (not a forum), is dietdoctor.com.

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I’ve been on this forum for five years. Many of the members seem like friends now.


A few months ago? Well that is only…well, potentially a few kilos off the body mass tbh.

In no time (when you’ll look back, you’ll think, well that wasn’t so bad) you’ll have made positive health benefits and no doubt weight loss too.

Good luck.


Thank you all for your warm welcome. :blush:

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Welcome :slight_smile: I hope you will have a nice time on this forum and find useful information.
with regards to keto and low carb dieting.


That’s literally the definition of Reddit, it’s one of the most toxic places on the internet, there ARE some subs that are still half ok, but as a whole it’s a waste of time.