How do I upload pics to the forum?

(Kaitlynne) #1

I didn’t really know where to put it so I put it here. Any ideas on how to upload pics?

Edit: Thanks guys! I know now!

(Alec) #2

When you reply there is a button in the middle of the menu bar at the top, which looks like an arrow with a base. Press that, then you get the box below. Click on choose files, then find the pic from your library, then click upload. Make sense?

(Monique) #3

You use this button :blush:

(Monique) #4

Snap (again) :joy:

(Alec) #5

Team effort, you did the first step, I did the 2nd… can you re-order the posts so that yours comes first and mine 2nd? For the correct process flow?

(Monique) #6

I don’t know- I’m a baby admin. It works ok like it is luckily :blush:

(Khara) #7

I recently accidentally bumped this one and discovered it’s down here too. Sometimes a little easier to reach, if I ramble on too long and my top menu is covered. :nerd_face::+1::nerd_face: