Grading is coming up and I keep getting a fiery pain while training

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

I do kickboxing, and the club I go to, combine karate and kickboxing together, that means to grade up (basically move up a belt), I have to learn 2 katas, “Kion” and “Heian Shodan” along with basic kickboxing moves. I am meant to be grading at the 19th of December and so far, everytime I am in the original fighting position (bent forward left leg and straight back leg) my back leg feels like it’s on fire, almost like a cramp but not quite. It’s irritating and worrying as grading is coming up and I have to be able to keep that position until my Sensei allows us to continue to the next move, it’s gets really painful which leads to more mistakes and etc. Anybody have any solutions or maybe even some stretched to help?


You could have a look here to try & pinpoint which muscle/s then do a google image search for muscle specific stretches.


When I start feeling that weird almost leg and torso cramp coming on during yoga I dive across the room and swallow a Magnesium tablet.

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Do you think I need to top up on magnesium? Now that it think of it, I don’t take any supplements etc, my mum will make me start having them shortly though. Do you have any recommendations?


I just take Nature’s Best and I don’t have any recommendations. I’m still figuring it out, myself. I’m sure if you asked plenty of folks would tell you what works best for them.

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Thanks, I think my mum is going to take the task of getting me vitamins on her own hands, she’s always commenting on how pale I look or how I’m definitely not getting enough vitamins. What did we do to deserve mums, eh?