Getting back into shape for my wedding

(Anita) #1

Needing to get back into strict keto. I have been away for a year now, i have my wedding April 24,2021 and need to still get my dress altered. I am giving myself a timeline to loose at least 20-30lbs by begging of march. I know i can do it since ive done it before but i needed to vent on here. Today starts my discipline. I weighed myself this morning and im at ■■■■■■■ 200lbs. Heaviest ive been, so disappointed in myself but i know i can get back to where i was.

(Marianne) #2

Good luck; it is so worth it. You will feel great.

When I got married and before keto, I lost 40 lbs. in four months by WW and got down to my goal weight, white knuckling it and shear willpower. I was a lot younger then and was able to drop it relatively quickly. I bought my dress off the rack about six weeks before the wedding because I needed that time and was still losing. They weren’t happy with me at the bridal shop, but oh well. I gained the weight back in less than a year, however, I looked and felt so nice on my wedding day. I wish I had known about keto back then. I stood way more of a chance of keeping it off. Kept my weight off now for almost two years.

(Karen) #3

Good luck Anita. We will all look forward to seeing a photo of you on that special day xxx

(Robin) #4

I was tempted to chide you for wanting to get in shape for a wedding instead of your health. Then I chided myself. We all come to keto for various reasons, but the decision is usually based in our self esteem and a desire to physically represent our best selves. No one but you knows what will finally flip that switch. Sometimes it is a momentous occasion (wedding, reunion, heart attack). Other times we wake up and are simply ready to do and be better. Good luck in your weight loss, have a beautiful wedding, and a marvelous marriage.

(Susan) #5

Welcome back to Keto and best wishes for getting in shape for your wedding.

I wish you many years of wedded bliss. I think posting some wedding pics would be great too, I am sure that we would all love to see them.


Well, you have keto, your past experience, your huge motivation… And it’s very individual but when I still was around 180lbs (I never could get higher), it was so, so easy to lose fat on low-carb…
So I don’t worry about you, you can do it!
Good luck and happy wedding and wed life! :heart:

(Keith) #7

30pounds is a big target for your current weight Anita!
It’s good to set goals and wonderful when you achieve them so go for it :+1:
Will you be doing only keto? Or do you have a fitness plan also?