First Day of Dry Fasting

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

First up, I’m not doing dry fasting to speed up the process of losing weight, it will be the exact same thing I was doing the past week except without the water. I will have breakfast at 5:30 and I will be able to eat from like 4:30, but I’m deciding against it, I will start drinking water from 4:30 as that is when the fast ends but I don’t think I will eat because as I get more and more into keto, I just don’t feel hungry, I might do OMAD and just eat breakfast, anyway, after a dry fast, I’m usually unable to eat anything anyway. Like I said, this isn’t like the intermittent fasting or water fasts, this is simply a religious fasting, I was going to do it regardless if I was on keto or whatever, I think I’ll dry fast for 2 weeks until the holidays when I’ll just eat when I’m hungry. It’s interesting, we are taught from such a young age that 3 meals a day is what you’re meant to eat, and then if you’re on a classical “diet” then 6 smaller meals, but nobody ever tells you to simply eat when you are truly hungry but eat healthy food. I guess it is just forgotten as it usually leads to constant cravers and this constant snacks. I’m sure our ancestors were smarter than we think in regards to food. Anyway, I really need to get some extra hours of snooze because I just went into a daydream about cavemen arguing about whether keto is good or bad for the heart.


Hey-I just want to understand: you’re starting two weeks of OMAD, but no water/drinks between meals?


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So basically, every Ramadan, Muslims fast for 30 days, it is a dry fast so you don’t eat or even drink water from dawn to sunset, and then you can eat, usually though, when not eating or drinking for the entire day, your appetite gets much smaller, personally, I was only able to stomach a cup of water and a date at sunset. Which is why I’m inclined to do OMAD, since my appetite is a lot smaller anyway. I missed out 2 weeks of fasting during Ramadan and so you just catch up at any time, I prefer catching up in winter because the days are shorter and so it is easier to fast.


ah, got it! I think it was the timing that I didn’t understand (I was pretty sure that this wasn’t the season for Ramadan!).
Sounds like a good plan. Will you update on this thread?

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Yea, I’ll try to update it, right now I’m suffering from a headache but I’m not hungry, so it must be the lack of water, (I usually drink like 1.5l of water in a day) but I’ll just drink more water in the window where I can eat. Everybody just had dinner and it was a classical Moroccan favourite, couscous, unfortunately loaded with carbs but I was super surprised to find that my mum made a keto couscous for me with cauliflower instead of the couscous, she even cooked the carby vegetables separate to the one I’m gonna eat. So that’s waiting for me after sunset :yum:


I worry about you not drinking water all day but I understand it’s how it’s done.

Also, your mom seems so supportive so go give her a hug and tell her you love her. My mom would have NEVER!

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So it is officially the end of my first dry fast. I drank some water and I was actually not hungry throughout the day but I had a bad headache, im gonna start drinking a sh*t load of water from now till bedtime to be more hydrated for tomorrow. As for my dinner? Here it is;

Normally, I would eat loads (like maybe 1 and a half of this plate) of normal couscous which is a LOT more filling than cauliflower couscous, and then fall into a good coma and overall feel really bad later on. I was only able to eat half of that plate despite all the couscous being replaced with cauliflower. Barely touched the squash and only ate a little bit of the bell pepper. What astonished me the most was that the cauliflower absorbed all the lovely stock of all the veggies and the meat and so it didn’t taste like cauliflower, it actually tasted like normal couscous and actually had a better more enhanced flavour with less of the stock. And how can i forget about the meat? Those lamb chops were so tender, it would take the slightest pressure to slide of the bone, it would almost melt in your mouth and leaves you wondering how can a piece of meat be so tender, it was the most amazing lamb chop I’ve experienced. Overall, that half a plate was a whole new experience during these 3 weeks of keto. My sister and mum are already slipping into the food coma that comes as a consequence of couscous :joy: