FEB. 2021 Zornfast Feb. 18-21

(Doug) #21

Doing well - thank you - Collaroygal. :slightly_smiling_face: Beginning Day 3, feeling very clear.

I really have never done any IF, other than tending not to have anything for breakfast except coffee. I have a new doctor, and saw him for the first time 9 days ago. Almost 4 years after a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I’ve made progress, but not nearly what I should have. So, strongly motivated (for the present time, anyway) and here we go…

My blood sugar is pretty well controlled, but not perfectly, and I could still stand to lose 80 lbs/ 35 kg.

(Susan) #22

That is awesome Susan, congrats!

I worked a night shift last night and didn’t take a lunch because I am doing OMAD. They called me to stay 'till 3pm. No food. So here I am at hour 30 of an unplanned fast. I have stuff thawed and leftovers so I won’t go much beyond 36 hours, but happy Zornfast!

(Jessica Gray) #23

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I started fasting on Thursday and had no idea others were as well. This is my second fast. My first was 48 hours and then I chickened out due to a fear of refeeding syndrome. This time I am at 50 hours and intend to break it tomorrow sometime. So great to see others on here, and while I am late to the party, I am happy to read through and learn. Nice to “meet” you all.


(Doug) #24

Welcome, Jessica. :slightly_smiling_face:

While there are factors for refeeding syndrome, it’s a really tiny risk for most of us. A low BMI, like 18 or less, unintentional loss of greater than 15% of body weight in the past 3 to 6 months, alcohol or drug addiction, being a cancer patient or being hospitalized for internal medicine issues, little or no food for more than 10 days straight, or beginning with low blood levels of phosphorus, potassium or magnesium - these all make one more prone to get it.

Additionally, it is the action of insulin that is often the primary driver of it, so eating low-carbohydrate when you do resume eating makes an enormous difference as well.

I think this is a pretty good article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2440847

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

Welcome Jessica. Hope you reach your 50 hrs.
xsuebeex, glad you joined in.

Doug, Sorry your numbers aren’t where you want them yet. Skipping breakfast with just some coffee is acceptable as IFing. Unless it is loaded down with butter, cream, sweetener, etc. But just coffee maybe a splash of HWC, I’d call that IFing.

I am working on hr. 87. I wanted to do 80 this time but not hungry, so won’t break the fast til I am.

(KCKO, KCFO) #26

I am so happy, I didn’t have to break my fast til breakfast today. So I hit a new record for me 110 hrs. I ended up below my goal weight, not by much but I hadn’t seen that no. for a while

I also got my second round of the COVID-19 vaccine​:syringe::syringe:. And it is getting into the 50s finally.

What a great day this is for me.


Congrats then!

Meanwhile I couldn’t do a mere OMAD, oh well, it happens. In the end, I had some days with a very small eating window and the other days were even worse. I don’t know why I keep getting hungry lately but I will train until next month. I made my woe stricter than ever (but not less enjoyable), it should help with various things especially the nice long term satiation I loved when I had it.
I have been struggling with various things in the last years, now I really plan to have success at all of them. I never was more motivated. I am a very, very stubborn one and now I had enough.

(Today is already Monday but it will be OMAD, it’s almost sure. I had a good meal at 6pm.)

(Doug) #28

Well done, Collaroygal! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve got a terminology deal going here… :smile: To me, “IF” is intermittent fasting, like eating one meal a day. While technically that certainly is a fast, as any time when we’re not actually eating is, I think of fasting as a day or more, with “EF” being extended fasting. No big deal, though…

I stopped right at 4 days. During Days 3 and 4, I was more hungry than normal. I attribute this to hitting the elliptical exercise machine hard last week and this week, but would need more trials both while working out and not, to really nail that down.

I don’t think black coffee really affects a fast. Even with cream - there is so little in there… It’s philosophical, though - one could argue that “a little pure fat doesn’t affect things, since that’s what I’m using for fuel anyway…” :blush: Once in a while while fasting I will have some cream in coffee, but the vast majority of the time it’s black coffee or tea, nothing added.

The past 4 days were among my easiest fast ever. Felt really good the whole way through, and ‘easy’ is important. Despite what I perceived as hunger, I wonder - I’ve still got plenty of fat to burn, and the whole fasting thing for me is so overwhelmingly mental/emotional.

I have a younger brother who is much in the same boat I am - our problems are due to what we’ve put in our mouths… :smile:


Cream isn’t even pure fat - but if the amount is tiny, it surely doesn’t affect the things I actually can feel.
I still don’t consider eating cream (like 5ml in my coffee) proper fasting but sometimes I allow it as me and coffee, that will be a long war and sometimes my coffee is just not good without cream.
But I don’t actually need coffee so it’s really just luxury or slight addiction (I theoretically can say no, it’s not that strong… but I usually consume whatever I fancy) so it’s right I should be very strict with myself. But I don’t worry about if it doesn’t happen.

But if I had coffee with lots of cream… Say, a whole teaspoon or two… That could easily trigger hunger so I be better careful. It’s not like pure fat for some reason.
I know coffee with (or even without) cream works against hunger for people, it definitely not the case for me. It works against “eating because it’s fun and I miss something that some needless food/drink consumption could solve” though so it’s something. I used coffee when I wanted to wait a bit more with my meal many times but it only did something until I got hungry. Hunger is serious and almost always ends my fast. I am better at ignoring slight hunger now but it’s tiring so I wouldn’t want to do it for long regularly.