Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this


Are you drinking enough water/fluids. Gout can be caused by dehyration

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Totally ignorant. When I see brown spots disappearing from my skin, skin tone looking better than 10 years ago and hair thicker and darker and the only thing that changed is my keto WOE…

You are missing the whole point. How can I be “in starvation” mode adding butter and HWC to my coffee every morning, eating bacon and eggs and steak and salads with full fat dressings???

Yep - totally starved and deprived!!!

Edited to add: wasn’t obese to start with and definitely not now.

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I agree this post should be front and center. What is the process for making a post “sticky” within this forum? Would a link from the FAQ page suffice?

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You have to ask one of the admins.

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I’m also 52, been on the Keto way of eating for a tad over a month. Went through keto flu badly and came out feeling on top of the world. No significant weight lost the first 3 weeks, even gained some weight b/c I never drank so much water. I HAVE, however, been feeling great. Have super energy and the mood has even lightened up a bit - compared to the menopausal BLAHS. I feel like I am experimenting with my body with this WOE and getting my macros right. I’m shooting for 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carb but usually end up about 8% carb - I count TOTAL carb, so that might be lower if I calc NET carbs . Not sure what happened but in the last week I lost 3 lbs!? I’m sure some of it will go back on - trying not so much to monitor the scale and weigh only on fridays. I only have about 8 lbs to lose so I’m lucky for that, and mainly doing keto for the health benefits. Anyway, my point is … I haven’t felt on top of the world like I did after I came out of keto flu, however, since. BUT - as mentioned, my energy is up, my mood is better and i’m not hungry all the time - so this is a good payoff and I will consider this my “magical” keto feeling for now.

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Been Keto for a little under 3 months now. The most important lesson I have learned is, Keto heals what ails you. Not being obese means you probably don’t need to lose a lot of weight. This means that you won’t lose weight as rapidly as someone who is obese. Keto is a silent worker bee, busy fixing what’s wrong. Your good feelings are indicators of your successes. Good luck to you.


Increased salt intake can also help with constipation. Just as with Keto, you need to figure out how much salt you need - I take a total of 1 1/2 tsps extra a day - but once you figure it out, it could really help with constipation.

For insomnia, which I deal with, I find that I sleep really, really well when I’m fasting. It feels like the sleep of a child (I’m 59).

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Hi Saphire- since my last post I’ve only lost 5 pounds but a lot of inches. Clothes that haven’t fit me in 3 years now do. But I’m still bummed out about the glacial rate of weight loss. However I dis change my macros again to a higher level of proteins, lowered my fats and carbs even more. I’m eating 850 calories. Because I’m intermittent fasting as well the low calories don’t bother me at all. After I did that I saw the scale move and my body fat go down - I think the key was now that I’m Keto adjusted and really burning fat, getting my body to burn stored fat instead of the high dietary I was ingesting. I think the percentage of dietary fat makes a huge difference but each person is different and you have to play with your macros.

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Haha! I wish! In Canada it’s a pretty well known diet plan. It’s very expensive though and that’s why I stoped - plus I’m much happier on Keto.

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@Gabby, to be so devoted and yet not see weight loss is something I relate to.

I’ve been low carb with intermittent fasting for decades (mostly…), now keto in the last 18 months. I’ve lost a few here and there, but wasn’t able to get under a 31 BMI.

It wasn’t until I started to fast for 36 hours 2X/week, removed dairy, cut way back on nuts, and almost never imbibe alcohol that my weight (and body measurements) began to decrease meaningfully. ie. you gotta tweak the program to work for you. Fat, meat & veg make up almost all of what I eat, but I have the odd Keto ‘dessert’ and 'treats, too.

It’s now become ‘easy’ in the sense that I’m getting smaller month over month (~ 4 lbs/month. like clockwork), in addition to all the wonderful Keto health effects. It’s such a relief. I thought I wasn’t able to lose weight anymore.

I’m 55, post-menopausal, and been ~50 lbs overweight for 20+ years, so not living in ‘unicorn’ territory. And, I can’t even convey how grateful I am to have my hourglass figure back after years of my body shape becoming increasingly more ‘apple’-like. Hope that helps. Best of luck!!

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I’m 73 years old and have been doing Keto since January. I lost the initial water weight 7 kg in the first two weeks, but since then have been seesawing between 89 to 91 kg. I need loose 20kg. I think my fat intake is too high and also have gone off the WOE a few times. Once for two weeks while on holiday.
How do you cope when you are invited to someone’s home for a meal? I try eat carefully but find it so difficult. Any advise on how to handle social occasions?


I find the social occasions very difficult. It becomes really clear then just how different you are when you are Keto! I am gluten intolerant, so that actually makes it easier for me - I simply cannot eat a great deal of the carbs people serve. But then there’s sugar in the salad dressing, or they use balsamic vinegar or they cooked the meat with a sugar-laden rub…it is very difficult.

I work hard to minimize the damage, and then I fast the next day/days depending on how well I did. It’s not great, but short of saying no to all invitations, I don’t know what else to do. Expecting others to adapt their way of cooking for me isn’t an option as far as I’m concerned.

We entertain often, so when we have people over, we cook Keto and add a rice salad or something for them. No one seems to notice that we don’t touch the carbs - either that, or they don’t say anything. I make a Keto dessert, which solves the problem of dessert nicely.


Hi Stephanie - I am intrigued. Do you do water only fasts or modify them in some way? Thanks!

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Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for the reply. I feel the same, I also don’t want to say no to all invitations so I will just keep going.

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Arrogant yes. Troll, doesn’t really seem to fit the M.O.

[i got long winded here, sorry. It also meanders alll over the place. My apologies up front. Indeed, my writing skills suck almost as bad as disco]

I spoke with those I know in the body building community about keto before (ok, I’m making a big assumption that’s where he is coming from here. His comments do fit the M.O. for that).

As with pretty much ANYTHING, when you have the love of what you do, be it a hobby, a job, even your religion, you will usually go all in on it and constantly see problems with others points of view with their own loves.

I will use myself as an example. It’s the late 1970’s. Disco was on the top 40 charts everyday. My sister lived music, I don’t think she really had a preference. She listened to rock, CW, disco, and new age (whatever the term was for groups like Devo, I honestly don’t remember).

Then there was me. Her older brother by three years. I listened strictly to one radio station, WFBQ, Q95, I even silk screened my own T-shirt.

I hated everything disco. I think I might have silk screened the first “death before disco” t-shirt. How’s that for arrogance for ya? :cowboy_hat_face:

Anyway, my hatred for anything not pure rock caused me to not see what was in front of me sometimes. It sounded like disco, therefore it sucks. Rolling Stones came out with a song around that time. Sounded like a disco tune. Said goodbye to the Stones for a long time after that.

I was stuck in a mindset. It got to the point where I would disassemble my sisters 8 track tapes. I felt really bad after that. Ever try to reassemble an 8 track tape? That didn’t help my mental stability on the subject. I hated disco/new age/whatever my sister was into even stronger.

That stuck with me for many years. Decades. I actually hated my sister because of it. It took me a long time to get over it. Mostly by self examination. I was wrong, in so many ways. I think what brought me out of it was my profession in the USAF. I was an Aircraft Weapons Mechanic. Aka… a bomb loader. It was a job that took attention to detail to a whole new level. Talk about anal attentiveness. Risk management was your life. Literally.

As a troubleshooter, I was self trained at looking at problems from outside the box. That helped in countless situations. From fixing fighter jets to cars to computers and electronics, even relationships. More than once I had to talk a friend “down from the ledge” if you know what I mean.

Back to this thread…

So when I listen to someone from another point of view, I can empathize. I think that’s the right word. I can see where they are coming from.

I have had a lot of friends in body building world. They are just like anyone else. They see what fits their idea of how things should be. It’s hard to shake off a strong belief, especially when most of the world agrees with it. Such as, the Standard Diets. Medical “experts” agree on SAD for the most part. Look at what happened to Tim Noakes. He sent a tweet that turned the medical industry into a frenzy. They couldn’t comprehend low carb as being viable. Not to mention high fat. It’s just a side effect of being human. Our beliefs define who we are. None of us want to be wrong. But when you can honestly admit to yourself, that you were wrong, you begin to see it Things a bit more clearly. I did that many years ago, and I’m still doing that today. It’s a never ending struggle. It comes with its own rewards and pitfalls. The rewards unique to the individuals, the pitfalls, probably as well. My pitfall is second guessing myself. Even when I know what I should do, I sometimes think I shouldn’t. And make decisions based on what my brother or sister might do, well, because they’ve been through it. But I’m not them, and such decisions often don’t work out very well. Sticking to what I knew was the right thing would probably have worked out better. But then that can also keep one in the same death before disco T-shirt for a long time.

Wow… ok that went sideways.

Ok, so I see where he is coming from. We have tons of data showing that high carb diets work best for body building. But we don’t really. What we have is tons of assumptions based on “this is how it’s been done, and it seems to work”.

Then there’s us. We have tons of data showing… oh wait. We’re in the same boat right now. We have about the same amount of data really. There isn’t a lot of empirical data for us to glean from to prove our points. We have plenty of n=1 experiments, I’m a prime example, I cured my diabetes with keto, lost 55 pounds, feeling better than ever, but I can only cite my own case.

If you have read this far, I hope you haven’t come expecting some grand clarification. I don’t have that. Best I can do is suggest what I learned all those years ago. We’re human. Everyone is biased. We are biased to be right, or at least look right. Even without data to back it up.

The data for the ketogenic diet keeps coming in. We’ve seen the fall of the food pyramid. We’ve seen the fall of false science , I.e. Axel Keyes (iPhone won’t let me spell it any other way, so I gave up).

We need to remember, consensus isn’t science. Proof is science. Repeatable proof.

And disco still sucks.

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@Robert_Johnson I feel you are owed a standing ovation after that epic and insightful comment, especially if you typed it all out on your iPhone.

Bravo :clap:

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Thank you. Yes, iPhone. What gave it away? The autocorrects I missed to go back an correct the right way? :thinking:

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That’s what gave it away for me, LOL