Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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Thanks. The past few days have been energetic for me. I’ve had the energy to accomplish the procrastinated honey dew list… :slight_smile:

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I’m a newbie…to keto and this site…I’ve been doing keto for 3m and am feeling healthier and sleeping so mich better altho have only lost 7lb so far but I have food intolerances which the keto helped alleviate the symptoms. Altho friends and family say I look so much slimmer !! I had a coffee the other day in a meeting and was given normal dairy milk which has given me a runny tummy and pains…i use lactose free cream in my tea and coffee these days to reach my fat intake!! Lesson learned there !! Loving all of the amazing advice and support on this site :heart:


People also have to check themselves first with blood work if not relatively healthy to begin with.
Many people want to jump on the bandwagon and do this like anything else.(Netflix much?)
My wifes friend also wants to. But thing is ,shes not even trying hard enough to regularly diet and learn as much as she can . Hasnt gone to a doctor in years and barely eats right.
Keto IMO should be a last resort to fat loss .
Proper diet,exercise and bloodwork ensuring all micro and macros are met should be priority than band wagon jumping.

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It appears you are saying that a ketogenic way of eating isn’t a proper diet. If so, I don’t think I would be the only one who would disagree with this assessment.

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Why do you assert that? Are you trolling?

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Keto is the proper diet for many. It worked for several hundred thousand years for pretty much everyone anyway. Are you suggesting there’s a healthier way of eating? I’d be curious to hear about it, because I’m getting tired of eating steak and bacon all the time…:joy::joy::joy: sorry, I can’t even type that with a straight face

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Some day we will see piles of old bathroom scales stacked up at op shops everywhere like we see old computers and obsolete equipment.


You are correct on your observations.


Point I am making is that obese individuals go from eating typical SAD/junk diet immediately to keto instead of tapering down to healthy whole foods . Of course the diet is going to improve anything they suffer from. Not saying keto isnt whole foods,but from my training experience in the gym,health wise and healthy bloodwork without using keto due to me just eating healthy whole natural non toxic junk,I stick to my thesis and this is the same way I train my clients.

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So what part of keto do you believe is unhealthy, and what is the downside of going keto versus:

And what healthy whole foods that are out of the spectrum of a ketogenic way of eating do you think someone should be eating to get healthier?

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If you feel that way about Keto and your bloodwork, gym work etc is something that you are happy with, then why have you been doing keto for 2 months? I saw from your other posts that you have been feeling good on keto. Why is a diet that helps you to feel good a last resort?

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Thank you for this!!! My birthday was three weeks ago and I fell off my ketogenic life soooo badly. I haven’t gained but I feel terrible. Back to the grind tomorrow morning!!! I joined this group because everyone who started Keto with me has seemed to have given up. I can’t give up. My weight depressed me for far too long!!!

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I’ve had issues with food for over 35 years now. Not obesity, I never got obese until a few years ago, but rather problems with food and how I would feel after consuming certain things. Rapid heart beat, anxiety, upset tummy, palpitations, you name it. I have seen allergists who can find nothing and tell me while I am not allergic to foods, I am “sensitive” to them. All sorts of different foods. The closest I’ve heard for a diagnosis is that I have something called autonomic dysfunction. But I know I have done major damage to my gut over the years, I had C-diff that was misdiagnosed in the late 80’s. I had uterine cancer five years ago and now NAFLD with NASH. I am willing to take care of myself, and hoping keto is the long term solution.

But damn, as someone who came of age in the 80’s, it’s REALLY HARD to not fear fat. Sometimes I feel so bad and guilty when eating it. Although I don’t feel this way so much with olive oil, but dairy and other fatty things, incredible stress and guilt.

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Olives, avocados and nuts are options as well.


I am doing this as an experiment on a bulking phase for hormone maipulation/insulin utilization.
I feel the same as with my normal diet,but wanted to see if it was possible without carbs to gain muscle mass and strength. I’m not going to debate the whole forum on my thesis about keto after this and will no longer respond . And to answer others,no I am not trolling. I actually joined to see if anyone had done free test/dht/total test bloodwork while on keto. Thank you and have a good day everyone.


Ketosis is a starve mechanism by limiting carbs.
The body uses and loves glucose as it can and will even turn protein into glucose.
Keto is great for therapeutic reasons such as epilepsy but for the typical obese individual tapering down slowly into a lower carb is healthiest due to the insulin sensitivity.
Keto is a last minute type of adaptation for the body when carb deprived/starved.
Adaptations are great for surviving for a given period of time,but not for a life time.
I will no longer respond to any further questions regarding my thesis and training protocols.
Thank you and have a good day.

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Won’t answer any further questions??? You didn’t even answer the previous questions. :joy::joy::joy:

I agree with @Rajseth. You appear to just be a troll.

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And an arrogant one at that.

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Aren’t they all?