Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(Diane) #138

Interesting. My sister is a nurse and worked on a Med/Surg floor and then in Labor and Delivery for years, 12 hr shifts.


I was working as a midwife!
Crocs do (well used to do) a medical model with no holes and were made from an anti bacterial plastic/rubber.
Hospitals can be funny about uniform policy but I’d wear an extra baggy pair of scrubs and they weren’t noticed.
Good luck. I hope you can cure your sisters feet.

(Michele) #140

A few days over 9 months. Started early September 2017. My plantar had abated somewhat prior to starting. I suppose it’s gone from about 50-60% to nil in that time.

(Michele) #141

Also been very diligent no carb cycling or high carb meals in the 9 months. Also mainly IF and two EF of 3 and 5 days. So most changes have been due to standard keto. Haven’t used any ketone supplements either.

(Alison Belknap) #142

Please share your strategy? Quivering with jealousy.


I drank exogenous ketones every morning the first 4 or 5 months, not sure if it helped or not but I drank them. I got tired of wasting money on them and my weight loss has continued at the same pace since stopping so I dunno. I do continue to take 3 mct oil softgels every morning. I also do a lot of cardio (elliptical), usually 90 minutes a day.

(Emily) #144

Love this article! I totally am doing keto for health so my 15 lbs off only since Oct 17, 2017 ok bc no more hypoglycemic fades YAY! Except under stress, I have learned.
Biggest concern is my general and persistent fatigue and flabby muscles at 70 yrs. old and balance issues. Have a asked GP for referral to neurologist.

(Terence Dean) #145

Congratulations David, my wife and I saw “The Magic Pill” documentary and that prompted me to investigate Ketogenics as well, so if people have not seen this doco I would thoroughly recommend it. At the time my wife had just made the decision to eliminate bread from her diet and funnily enough this documentary confirmed to her that it was a great decision. Yours is a great success story in that it has improved your health and well being. Well done.

(Aimee Moisa) #146

In my town Doc Bernstein’s is an ice cream parlor. :slight_smile:

(Raj Seth) #147

Keto ice cream? :grinning:

(Bella) #148

SO needed to read this today.

going to bookmark this, print it out and put it on my fridge.

Find a man with a nice sexy voice to read it out so I can store it on my phone and listen to it before bed, in the morning, power walking…

thank you Mon

(Lisa D) #149

I started May 21 and dove in head first eating bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease, made all extras, fat bombs, bulletproof coffee, etc. I felt so drained the first 10 days, agitated, no energy, weak in my gym workouts, lightheaded, etc… full on Keto Flu. I stuck with the diet and no 3 weeks in feel on top of the world. Even, high energy the entire day, great mood, so much so, that I couldn’t sleep last night (with a 7AM trainer appointment today!) uh oh. I have gained 2 lbs - which could be all of the water I am consuming - and yes with salt/electrolite supplement. Not sure what is more important to me at this point feeling on top of the world or losing weight - as my initial goal was to fit into my tight clothes. Feeling great at 52 sure means a lot!!! Don’t despair if you don’t see results in the first few weeks. Give it that third or fourth week before giving up!! I still freak out about all of the fat I’m consuming, as a life long anti fat dieter, to be honest, but trusting the process. Hang in there!!!

Total keto fail, please help
I'm not loosing
(Mon) #150

3-4 months even!

(Lisa D) #151

great post! thank you!! agree on weighing once a week at same time. for me that’s friday morning before any weekend bloopers! :crazy_face: keep on keto-ing on!! :muscle:t3:

(Monica Piccirillo) #152

Arroyo Grande??

(Aimee Moisa) #153

Monica, there’s one in Downtown SLO now too, on Higuera! I live in Los Osos.

Ah, I just realized Doc Burnstein’s is spelled with a U, not an E.

(Monica Piccirillo) #154

I’m in Paso! I grew up in SLO. My first visit to Dr. Bernstein’s ice cream was in AG! Im an ice cream addict…well that and chocolate! Hugs to a local!

(Aimee Moisa) #155

Awesome! Hugs back!

Isnt tri-tip just the best on keto? :slight_smile:

(Jennifer F) #156

Thanks! I weigh in on Friday mornings as well, must be something about Fridays :smiley:

(Lisa D) #157

today!!! I think I’m going to hide the scale until just before I leave on my vacation July 14. Too many fluctuations this early in the game, for me!! Have an awesome weekend!! :wink: