Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this


It does and thank you. :slight_smile:

(Carole Sundeen) #118

I agree. I want to see ALL opinions. Then I can figure out what works for me. And, I see the things I am stressing about are happening to others as well. Let’s me know I must be on the right track. Thank you everyone.

(David Hill) #119

Loosing the weight was a pleasant side effect for me. I was at my rope’s end and was just about to accept my fate and pack it all in when I came across an interesting documentary on Netflix called the “Magic Pill”.
It opened my eyes and I thought I would look into it to see if this would be my last chance.
The documentary mentioned Keystones and Ketogenic diet (Lifestyle).
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2004 and had been going downhill ever since. Thing kept getting worse and worse, then I became insulin dependent in 2005. Then then 2006 peripheral neuropathy set in with each month increasing in foot pain with no relief in sight. The pain had become so severe that being maxed out on my Gabapentin was loosing ground. By the time May 2nd rolled around, I was so tire and exhausted I was sincerely considering to end it all. That’s when I happened across the Netflix documentary.
I immediate put into practice the simple carbohydrate reduction methods. The first thing that happened is that my insulin requirement dropped from 130 units 3 times a day to ZERO. Yeah, that’s right, you heard it ZERO!!! Then a few days later I had to drop all my diabetic medications. Then a wonderful thing happened. My peripheral neuropathy subsided to the point where there was no pain! And the side effect of loosing weight, the pounds were melting off every single day. Since May 2nd to now, I’ve lost an amazing 42 pounds!! That was not expected at all.
To date, I only take the recommended supplements and 1 diabetic diuretic pill. That’s the next thing to go as it’s side effects are more complex than the symptons it treats.
Thus far, I’ve been on the ketogenic lifestyle for 39 days, lost 42 pounce insulin free, neuropathy pain free for 29 days, off of all of my diabetic medications, dropped 3 pant sizes, 3 shirt sizes and feel so blessed. My skin infliction which I had for nearly 20 years is finally clearing up.
So, please accept my testimony that the ketogenic lifestyle has been my saving grace.

Best wishes!


(Anjum) #120

Just Wow David! You story is awe inspiring. Thank you.

(James H Shaffer) #121

Guess I am one of those “unicorns” down 160 lbs in 8 months :slight_smile:

(Donna) #122

Hi Rob
So true about men’s hormonal issues. I just this minute read an article on how testosterone gets converted to estradiol in adipose tissue by an enzyme (?) called aromatase. So, obviously, men with higher body fat make more “female” hormones, lay down more fat and end up with moobs (man boobs) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know this is probably old news to some but I was gobsmacked! :scream::blush:

(David Hill) #123

The only thing left to deal with is the insomnia and constipation.

(Susan) #124

Meditation and MCT Oil. :slight_smile: YMMV

honestly, these symptoms do not last. Your body will adjust, and by adjust I mean Heal! and as it does, these symptoms and many others seem to right themselves.

Patience. dang it. KCKO

(Jane) #125

I was lucky and lost 7 pounds the first week. However, I also attribute that to walking a whole lot more than I was before. Now I’m losing about 1 pound a week, but I’m okay with that. I think keto is the easiest diet I’ve ever tried, and I wasn’t expecting it to change my life overnight.

(Rob) #126

@Nutter1961 … if you were gobsmacked by what you read … imagine how “gobsmacked” a few of us are by the reality :-). You pretty well describe the problem … loved the term moobs! Now you can see why men aren’t comfortable talking about it and the condition isn’t well known. Men don’t generally like admitting that perhaps due to a series of events there are more female hormones running aorund in their body than they’d like to admit to.The very thought of “moobs” sends many men running to eBay looking for a home mastectomy kit. What was the name of that company that Wil E. Coyote was always ordering all that cool stuff from that he used to try and catch the Roadrunner? Acme? maybe they have something.

I started the Southbeach Diet last January because I was starting to develop moobs. i took comfort in the fact that I had heard many women complain that when they went on a diet the first place they lost weight was in their boobs. This should be easy says I. Not.

In all seriousness, it’s good that you brought up the information below. male hormone problems can turn into a death spiral (figuratively) of fat gain and a host of other issues due to the hormonal imbalance.

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #127

That’s incredible. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to go from that level of sickness to relative normalcy in such a short amount of time.

(Denise) #128

This is such awesome words of wisdom!!! Thank you! I so needed to read this. I am 6 weeks in, have lost 8 pounds total, have not lost any in the last 3 weeks but feel so much better! I am down 2 pant sizes even though the scale doesn’t show it so I have given my scale to a friend. Thanks everyone for sharing your journey and teaching us newbies. I love my keto life!

(John Cahill) #129

It is understandable to be concerned. However this forum, while I am new to it, is a great help. I started by listening to the 2Keto Dudes podcast.

Don’t worry about the weight loss. Just focus on the good food, tasty food, rich food! I find the hardest thing is to make sure I have enough Keto friendly food in my lunches, however look enough dinner and you have enough lunch.

Just eat. One of the best lines I’ve heard quoted on 2KD podcast is “eat eggs and bacon for two weeks” . Now don’t do that, some people just burn out on the same foods. I don’t seem to have that problem, especially with bacon and eggs.

Just make sure you eat a lot of healthy fat, some protein and little carbs. Ensure you get enough sodium, I struggle with this one.

It actually is easier with a local partner, friend, co-worker, etc. However you have people here who care and will help, hell you might even find there is a local Keto support group or some people close to your location.

John in N.C., USA

(Linda Culbreth) #130

Awesome post! required reading for newbies and every month thereafter!

(Stephanie Criner) #131

Don’t lose hope! I experienced something similar …no real weight loss until 3 weeks. Partly because I didn’t trust that I could eat as much fat as my macros allowed so I was overly restrictive.

A friend suggested I let go of my fat phobia and 55 days, 17 pounds lost, a pant size, my off switch is back, I can travel and feel confident in what I can eat and it’s not rabbit food.

I’m in.


Great post! First time posting! I really hoped I stumbled on your post 5 months ago when I restarted Keto. My very first attempt was in 2013 and I kept on falling off the wagon. I used to see all those Reddit posts displaying miraculous weight losses and I would just freak out when I stalled, believing that I am doing it all wrong. So when I restarted 5 months ago, my anxiety was at an all time high, thinking that if I am not losing 1-2 pounds a day, I must be doing something wrong. And the Keto flue, oh the Keto flue, it took me 4 MONTHS to begin to have some semblance of energy. I am talking about energy that would allow me to walk a block or so. So yes, I agree with you, “eating” is the best remedy and at the beginning one should forget about chasing calories. Honestly the best advice is KCKO!

(Michele) #134

I realised at the weekend my plantar fasciitis had not been in my awareness for quite some time.

(Belinda) #135

So I have been doing Keto for 4months now. I am pretty stricken with what I put in my mouth. I normally only do 20-25 carbs and have cut down on my protein. I now am experiencing what I think may be the beginning stages of gout!! Does anyone have any thoughts?!!! I appreciate your encouragement for I have only lost 9 pounds and I do need to get over the fear of fat for sure!!

(Diane) #136


Just wondering how long you’ve been eating ketogenically? My sister is suffering from plantar fasciitis and started Keto in January 2018.

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I had plantar fasciitis for years - I worked in a hospital with shifts 12 hours long and the commute on top. I tried all sorts of supports but was almost instantly cured by wearing Crocs.