Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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I think our age is a handicap, kind of like a failure to launch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good luck to you too Linda! I’d love to check in with you to see how you are fairing. Just stick with it.

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I’m hoping you get the health gains you need, the weight loss you desire, and can, in the future, have the variety you crave.



I really wish you would stop yelling.
Inside voice please.


Actually caps does denote SHOUTING. If you are looking for emphasis go for italics. The clue is in the fact you will be told you are emphasising text.

Sadly there isn’t a way to denote sarcasm yet :smiley:

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Sarcasm: just one of the many free services we offer. :grinning:


Obviously you haven’t seen this:


Mighty hard to do on this forum though. I’ve tried :wink:


I miss the lol emoji from FB :smiley:


If I was being pedantic, I would point out the irony of the error in use of punctation here :smiley:

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I agree that you should rely on your waist measurements, not the scale. However, for me anyway, I don’t think avoidance of whole foods is correct (not that you are saying this but some are). If you are working out, as many are, some fresh fruit and even whole grain breads in small amounts are preferable. I agree completely with not eating too many carbs because your body begins to store them but DO NOT consume too many fats because even though you are restricting carbs you still have to be cognizant of total caloric intake. Anyone who doesn’t will be very frustrated with their lack of progress. I read about these fat bombs that people eat. Those things contain a lot of calories.


Possibly, yes, although not much. Just be aware that most people will indeed think you are SHOUTING.

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Wk 1 - 1 lb
Wk 2 - 2 lbs
Wk 3 - 2 lbs

I’m envious of the unicorns but it hasn’t even crossed my mind to give up. In the race between the turtle and the hare, slow and steady won the race! .

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Frankly, I think the mother fucking blur tool is the best invention here. Thank you, forum gods! :kissing_heart:


Ha! Just don’t get on your high horse when people get pissed at you for shouting!


@Daisy good try!


Those people will do what they normally do when they are shouted at by loud rude people and move on to somewhere more pleasant.
Seeya :grin:_


Thank you for your encouraging kick in the butt, lol. I have been eating Keto since December but have not seen any real weight loss. In the meantime I had my hormones tested and was low in everything. So now four months into hormone therapy I am still not losing yet not gaining anymore but really appreciate the hope that these unwanted rolls will eventually come off. I needed that boost today.

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Can’t wait to see where you are at one year from now, I bet you’ll be thrilled :two_hearts:


Oh am I really really hoping so. :slight_smile:


On other question do you think eating more fat like fat bombs will help? I am for sure under 25 or more likely 20g carvs2/day and only 1 or 2 meals.

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I’m far from an expert, and can only speak from my n=1 experience (and that could be different to yours) which pretty much comes down to:

  • Eat low carb healthy fat foods when hungry
  • Stop when satiated

I don’t count calories, I don’t try to supplement fat (because there’s plenty in the food I choose to eat and on my butt :laughing:). If I’m ravenously hungry I eat, sometimes crazy amounts of food! Usually see a drop in size shortly afterwards too.

If you feel you need fat bombs, and your hunger is not satiated via whole foods, then yes- absolutely they could be of benefit to you. But if you aren’t hungry I wouldn’t eat them for the sake of it, if that makes sense?